Desperate Roommates Turn To Lovers – Part 1

Hi guys! My name is Paul and I am 20 years old. I wanna share with you an incident that took place some time back in my life. I am currently doing my engineering in a Mumbai college. Since I am not from here I have to stay in a hostel. This is an incident that happened between me and my roommate. My roommates name is Jack. He is also 20 years old and happens to also be doing engineering in my college.

Since we are from the same college we see a lot of each other and as time passed, have become very good friends. We hang out and lot, laugh and talk about everything. He even told me he was bi curious but i didn’t tell him that I was also bi curious and wanted to fuck him, guess I was shy. Now there was one thing the both of us had in common and that was the inability to get girlfriends. No matter how hard we tried neither of us ever succeeded. There were times where it wouldn’t bother us and there were times where it hurt.

So this one day, I come home in the evening from the gym and when I enter the room, Jack is sitting on the sofa all depressed. So i go to him, sit on the sofa and ask him, ‘what happened?’ He says, ‘one more girl said no to me and I am feeling so lonely today, I can’t even get a girl and right now I’m horny and feel like having sex. I feel so sad. ‘ I felt bad for him and since I was feeling horny and always wanted to fuck him, I said this is my chance.

I hug him and tell him, we don’t need girls, we can fuck each other as hard as we want! He was shocked, smiled at me and said, ‘can we be girlfriend and boyfriend? Will you fuck me? ‘ when he said that, my cock got hard. We smiled and slowly our lips came close to each others and we locked lips. We got tongue tied and started kissing passionately. As we were kissing, my hand went into his pant and caught his 6 inch rock hard cock and simultaneously, he grabbed my 6 inch cock. We were lip locked for almost 15 minutes and at the end of the 15 minutes, we were fully naked and he was on top of me. He said ‘let’s go to my bedroom’ so we got up, caught each others cock’s and went to the bedroom.

When we were in the bedroom, he went on the bed and said ‘fuck me as hard as you can! ‘ I climb on top of him, put my cock on his cock and start rubbing our hard cock’s together. He wraps his legs round me and we hug and lock lips and keep rubbing our cock’s against each others. We both start moaning in pleasure. I said i can feel your vein rub against mine and he said, I can feel your vein to baby. I said baby I’m going to cum and he said me too!! Let’s cum together and as soon as we said that, we both cum together on each others cock’s. We looked down and it was all sticky and wet. He looked at me and said, ‘baby I did that for u’. I smiled and said, ‘ baby we did that for each other ‘.

We then decided to 69 each other. So i turn around and put my sticky wet cock in his open mouth and his cock went in my mouth. We sucked each other real good and swallowed all the cum from each others cock’s. It felt awesome. I turned around and we lip locked again, licking the cum of each others faces. We smiled at each other Coz we knew what was going to happen next. Without saying a word, we both get into missionary position. He down and me on top of him. My cock is at the entrance of his asshole and before I enter, he says ‘baby cum in me ‘. We kiss, get lip locked and I slowly push the head of my cock into his ass. He moans. I pull out and push it in again and keep pulling and pushing till my entire cock was in him. He had such a tight asshole it was awesome.

We then start fucking. Holding each other tight screaming fuck! Fuck! Fuck! We were both moving as one, together back and forth. I could feel my balls bang his ass each time my cock went all the way in him. I was going so fast I couldn’t even stop and then i could feel it, I knew I was going to cum! I said to him ‘I’m going to cum! ‘ and he said, ‘cum in me baby! ‘ I hit my cock in his asshole, trying to push it as much as I can in him and then we both just froze! And he says ‘baby you cum’d in me, I felt it! ‘ I pull my cock out of his ass and all the cum starts dripping out. He then smiles and says, ‘baby I love you ‘ I couldn’t believe he said that and without thinking, I said back ‘ I love you too ‘ and as we said that, both our mouths just opened up and like magnets, we got lip locked. We lay there, for almost 40 minutes, just rolling on each other, letting our sticky cock’s touch and rub against each other, hugging and just making love to each other. We just couldn’t let go of each other.

Later on we decided to go down and have dinner at a small fast food joint. Both of us smiling at each other waiting to get back to the room for round 2.

Then suddenly this woman walks up to us, she looked like she was 50 years plus. She walks up to us and says ‘ so you two enjoyed yourselves? ‘ we looked at her confused, till she said ‘ I’m your neighbor from the opposite building. Your window was open and I saw everything from the time you two got in bed till the time you’ll got out.’ Wow I mean what could you have said after that right? We were in shock! Literally frozen. So when we went back for round 2 at night, just to irritate her, we purposely kept the window open and light on for her to see and we both fucked each others asses that night.

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