Desperation Of My Friend’s Mother – Part 1

Hi readers, I am Sam from Mumbai, please forgive me for my grammatical mistakes. Let’s come to the story. My father is a business man actually we have a construction firm, I too also engaged in that since I was a teen. The story which I am going to narrate is a quite long but hold patience because “sabar ka fal mitha hota hai”.

When I was in KV after 12th I continued my studies on same school and on the very first day I saw some new faces on the class many new girls and boys too. One of them was very popular his name is ankit. I want him as a friend but due to the presence of hesitation of starting a conversation to a newer person I lost the chance. Don’t think that I am gay, hell no I am purely straight and I always get attracted by girls only. One day he introduced himself and within a short span of time we became best friends. Like school boys we use switch our cycles, roaming here and there, bunking classes.

One day we planned for bunking school and he told me that “we will play playstation in my home instead of roaming outside the city and after school time you go to your home” I was very fond of playing videogames and sadly I don’t have any of them. I always use to play it in my father mobile that snake game of nokia I knew many of you also use to play that game. Okay coming back to the story I got attracted towards that offer and instantly said yes to him but I have a hesitation in my mind and ask him that “yar tere ghar pe to sab honge, kaise khel payenge tere papa kuch bolenge nahi ?” he then said to me that his dad was gone long before, he live with his brother and mother. His mother works in a company and leave house at sharp 9.

After which we were going to start our program. So I left my home at 7 am and reached his place at 7:20 am I knock the door and his brother opened the door and told me “bhaiya aj school nahi ja payenge unhe bukhar hai” I smiled at him and thought that video game program is ON.

I said to his brother “can I meet him” he allows me enter his house, that house was quite good as they don’t have their own house they rented a 2 bhk type house in a colony and lives in there. His brother name is akash.

Ankit : akash , kon aya h ..?

Akash : sam bhaiya aye h school k liye. Ap jaoge ya nahi..?

Then I told to akash you do your work let me check him. He was getting ready for his school. I entered his room and ask him “ plan kya h” he then elaborate the whole situation that he is doing a drama to miss the school and I am staying here to help him.

Then a woman came in his room with a towel wrapping around chest up to knee. I turned my head and saw her and she suddenly saw me and run away from that room to another room. I ask ankit “ kon thi ye” , he then told me angrily “ sale thi matlab, izzat se bat kar. Mummy thi meri”. Oh dude what a lady she was, she must be in her 35-37 age looking like an atom bomb. Imaging a lady with light whitish skin tone, wet hairs, cute face, and a nice pair of boobs that too wet. I got an erection suddenly.

Then I realize I have come here to play video games. After some time we started of reading books to show that we are actually studying. Then after some couple of minutes aunty came.

Aunty : beta abhi tabiyat kaisa hai..

Ankit : pehle se better feel ho raha hai

Aunty : me akash ko school me chord k office nikal jaungi, tu apne khayal rakhna

Ankit : han mummy ap tension mat lo sam hai mere sath.

Me : Namaste aunty

Aunty : Namaste beta. Ise thoda dekhna han (she meant ankit)

Me : of course aunty

Then aunty off to their office with akash. We played videogames KING AURTHUR it’s a ps2 multiplayer game. Then around 11 am ankit went to washroom for the daily routine. At that time I was browsing his desktop and I saw their family album, he got a very nice collection of their photographs. On that folder there was a new folder. Only aunty photos were packed by that folder. Immediately I copied that folder in my pen drive.

On the same day after 10.00 pm I plug that on my desktop and saw that pics. OMG aunty was so hot I can’t describe. Imagine the figure of bipasha with Ayesha takia’s boobs. I masturbated thrice that night and slept like a baby. I am a old reader of ISS and read many stories of son fucking their widow mom mostly. Then all of these thoughts change the way of thinking which I earlier use to have for aunty. Then I started to visit daily ankit’s place only because of her mom. Seeing her is like a seeing a live blue film. The way she use to swing her ass in the saree and the deep neck cut blouse which enhances her look into a bold woman. It became a regular exercise to masturbate in the name of aunty.

One fine day weather was a bit cloudy after school we were off to home and before reaching his place suddenly rainfall started and I decide to wait in his house for some time until rain stops. After 10 minutes aunty came from office totally wet from head to toe. The saree was stick with her body and exposing her figure.

She wore a black bra that day which was clearly seen due to the wet blouse and on that portion in which bra was not covered up the silky skin was visible. Her cleavage was shining due to water dropping from neck to the breast. My dick was rock hard I was unable to control myself. i forgot my house and started focusing on aunty ass. The saree was stuck in the ass crack and shows the shape of her ass.

When she started walking from drawing room to bathroom. OMG the way both the asses were shaking i cum in my pants. Really friends I hadn’t seen such view it was more than a blue film. I started praying that please god don’t stop rainfall and luckily it started increasing its pace. it became 4.00 pm then aunty told me you should call your family that you are safe and it might be late. Aunty gave me their cell phone I wnt outside and called my mom.

Then I checked galary she have some sexy photos there. A selfie folder was also the and that what called KHAZANA. She has taken selfie with bra and panty only on different poses. Some of them in Red some are black, blue etc. after sliding some photos then I saw a nude photo with bare breast hiding her pussy with hand. I was like “are behenchod pura randi dikh rahi hai “ I thought of copying that pics but unfortunately I had forgot my pen drive that day. And then a whatsaap message came from “BOSS : jaldi se apni wet picture send karo “ I was shocked. Purposefully I opened that message and they were chatting dirty talks like

BOSS : aj kya pehna hai ander

Aunty : black bra panty, jo tum la diye the

BOSS : acha zara me v dekhu, kaisi lag rahi ho meri choice me

AUNTY : picture

BOSS : bohot sexy lag rahi hai, sach bolu to bina bra panty k or achi lagti hai

AUNTY : chal hatt

Meri to gand fat gayi ki kya karu. Then I suddenly returned mobile to aunty. And told her ki “boss ka message aya tha” she unlocked her screen and saw that I had open whatsapp and read her conversation. She hurriedly went to her bedroom. And not came out rain stops and I went to my home.

That’s all for today, in my next part more excitement is coming. So forgive for this boring episode. Please mail me your valueable suggesions and commnts on my email [email protected]

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