Desperation Of My Friend’s Mother – Part 2

Hi readers I am sam from Mumbai, this is the story continues those who want to make a better understanding please go and read the previous part. So without wasting any more valuable time of yours. When I handed over the phone to aunty she saw the whatsapp opened and I had read all the conversation between her and her boss. I didn’t say anything to her as I knew I can use this as my advantage but I make hurry everything will be a mess.

So my life was normal whenever I was in ankit’s home I always try to locate her mom and if she come across me then hiding her face try to escape from that situation. I understand that she is ashamed and I had tried my luck. When she was in kitchen I make an excuse of drinking water so that I can go near her in the kitchen, I make a hit with my shoulder to her back intentionally but she didn’t utter a word and went out from that room.

At the same evening when I was doing facebook on my mom told me there is a call for you in landline, when I took of the receiver and heard that it was ankit’s mom. She told me “ kal 11 baje ghar ana kuch kaam hai “. I thought that finally my day has come and waited for the clock to tick on 11. When I reached her home. I rang the doorbell.

Aunty: hmm ander aao

Me: ankit kahan hai aunty

Aunty: wo bahar gaya h akash ko leke

Me: oh acha, kuch kaam tha aunty

Aunty: han tum betho, me abhi ayi

Me: (I was excited) ok. (She came)

Aunty: look sam ye bohot buri baat h dusro ka chiz ko padhna unke bina permissionka

Me: hmmm sorry, mujhe laga kuch important hoge to apko inform kar dunga

Aunty: jo v ho tumhe wo messages open nai karna chahiye tha, tum ghar pe v aise ho kya. Bina puche kahin v kuch v use kar lete ho. Mummy papa kuch sikhaye nai kya tumhe

Me: sorry aunty

Aunty: itne bade ho chuke ho manners nai h kya tumme, classroom me jane se pehle teacher se permission lete ho ya aise hi ghus jate ho bine kisi se puche..

Me: hmm permission leta hu,

Aunty: ridiculous, tumhe ye msg wala bat kise kise bataya

Me: kisi ko nai aunty, me kisi ko nai bataya ye sab

Aunty: jhut mat bolo, me janti hu tumhare age k bacho ko, sach sach bolo warna abhi tumhare ghar me call kar k sab bolungi

Me: I swear aunty kisi ko kuch nai bola, mujhe khud ko samaj nai aya kya karu ab me to ankit se is sab k bare me kuch bat nai kiya

Aunty: (in a nice tone) look sam, me a single mother hu or 2 bacho ko padha rahi hu. Or mujhe ye sab karna padtah apne job ko bachane k liye. Kyu ki mere pass or kuch option nai hai.

Me: I understand aunty, me ye kisi ko kuch nai bolunga

Aunty: thanks sam, I know ki tum samaj jaoge or iska kuch galat mean nai nikaloge

Then she hugged me tightly. Oh gof her boobs was pressing against my chest and I too hold her back and rub her saying don’t worry agar kuch hua to hum sambhal lenge, hearing these words she made a bit more pressure I was feeling her breast. That’s was awesome friends I can’t explain that scene, hugging your dream woman saying “me hu na”, sounding a bit filmy na. and when she leaves me kissed on my cheeks and said thanks beta.

I went my home and masturbated thrice on the same day and slept.

As I was a regular visitor in case of any small need like “atta khatam ho jana or kuch saman ate waqt le ana” I use to do such small households works as he is my friend and I love her mom too. One day she asked ankit to buy some vegetables from the nearby market, but he refuse to go and said to me “ bhai la de yar mera per dukh raha hai” and I agreed but when aunty came to me to handed over me the bag and money I told her I also need something “ mujhe us din jaisa kiss chahiye” and she said “saman lane k bad milega”.

Me: abhi chahiye warna me nahi jaunga, then she did 2 kiss on my both cheeks. When I returned back I went to kitchen directly and before I gave that bag I demanded the same and again I got 2 kiss. I was unable to hold my erection so I went to their bathroom to adjust my penis and saw her wet panty in the bucket. I hold that and smell for few seconds and that conversation came in my mind and the demand of boss THAT WET BODY PHOTO on the same second I took out my cock and start masturbating there and ejaculated a load of sperm there.

When I came out stood beside her in the kitchen

Me: aunty kya bana rahe ho (standing very close to her)

Aunty: kya baat h aj kitchen me itna interest

Me: han kyu nahi ho sakta kya

Aunty: khane me interest hai ya mere me

Me: kya aunty aap v na tang mat khicho

Aunty: are bol na kya hua sharma q raha h (suddenly she start saying me TU TA type)

Me: are nai aunty aisi koi baat nai hai

Aunty: matlab me interested nai lagti tujhe

Me: nahi aunty lagte ho matlab ap kis sense me puch rahe ho wo samaj nai aa raha

Aunty: tu abhi kis sense me masturbate kar raha tha usi sense me

I was shocked

Me: kya me kya kiya, me to kuch nai kiya

Aunty: kisi or kuch ullu banana, me abhi bathroom gayi thi. Subhe me apni panty dho k bucket me rakhi thi abhi wo toilet pan k pass giri hui mili or sath hi tera material v, atleast use kar k sahi jagah to rakh deta upar se flush v nai dabaya

Me: I kept quiet for seconds, and didn’t said a word. I was getting outside

Aunty: kahan ja raha hai

Me: thoda bahar se aa raha hu aunty

A: kyu ineterst khatam kya khane se

Me: nahi bas thodi garmi h isliye

A: itni hot hu kya me

Me: smiled (I knw she is not angry) han

A: acha ye baat hai

Me: app gussa ho kya

A: gussa, guss kyu hungi

Me: jo sab hua abhi

A: its ok re, ye ek natural phenomenon hai. Scientifically body ko iska jarurat v hota hai

Me: ap v karte ho kya

A: ye kuch ho gaya

Me: kyu aunty ap itna kuch bole to kuch nai, me puch liya to jada kar diya hai na

A: are ho gaya gussa kyu ho raha h,

Me: bolo na ap v karte ho kya

A: han kabhi kabhi

Me: acha. Kaise karte ho apne us office k boss k help se ya fir khud se v ho jata hai

A: dono, tu kaise karta h

Me: me to kisi ko yaad kar k karu to hi hota h warna nahi hota

A: kise yad kar k karta h

Me: pornstars, teachers, aunties

A: matlab mature ladkiya pasanad h tujhe jada

Me: han ( I knowingly told her all these)

A: jaise abhi kiya mere liye

Me: I was shy

A: uff sharam to dekho ladke ka

That was all and I ran off from that place because ankit was screaming my name from his room. And we go outside for some work and I went to my home. I was busy for some day and unable to go to aunty’s place. But I was regularly masturbating using that photos of her. Then I went to her one day ankit was not there so I thought it can be my lucky day. I went inside without knocking the door and aunty was lying on her bed in front of her cooler.

Due to the speed of the air her maxi was flying and a balloon was formed in front of her waist due to which there is no chance that she can see me as I was in front of her. Aunty was wearing black color panty with small flower print on that, I waited few minutes at that place to capture that scene in my mind. I had a huge erection on my pant and a tent formation had been started.

I went few steps back and call aunty in a loud voice so that she can hear my coming. She got up and told me that ankit is not here and I smiled in my mind” isliye to me ayah you”. I said oh to fir me chalta hu. She said that you can wait for him in his room if you want to. I agreed to such a lovely offer.

I went to his room waited for some time and after 15 minutes came outside and went inside where aunty is lying and but this time she make her dress more appropriate. And asked her what is she doing?

A: kuch nai bore ho rahi hu

Me: me v, kya kre

A: beth baat karte h

Me: ok

She talked about her office talks and work pressure and blah blah ( sach me bht bore kar rahi thi) but I always trying to come to that boss wala topic so that she can explain her situation how they came to such bold things.

Then suddenly she ask me Ek baat puchu

Me: han aunty bolo na

A: wo sab chiz dekh k tum era character ko kis type ka samajta hai

Me: kis chiz k aunty

A: wo bearish wala din k liye

Me: oh, nahi aunty me koi doubt nai karta apke character pe. Ap akele itna sab kuch kar rahe hain. Ek mother father dono ka responsibility nibhana koi chota baat nai hai. Or maine filmo me v dekha h ki boss log apne staff ko aise treat karte h. jo v kiye ap apne job ko bachane k liye kiye I understand and I appreciate your affords. (I told all this to make her a bit mor emotional)

She come and hugged me tightly and kisses all over my face forehead, cheeks nose, eyes. In every part of my face. Yeah I was really expecting for a situation but like this and so fast I never imagined.

I also hug her tightly and rub her back upto her upper hips up to down continuously.

A: thanks for understanding. Me kabhi nai sochi thi koi ye baat samaj payega,

Mujhe dar that kahin log mujhe prostitude na samjhe

Me: kaisi baat kar rahe ho aunty. Aisa kuch v nai hai

She came closer hold my hands and bowed down her head on my shoulder, I hugged her from my other hand up to her face. And dared to kiss her on her forehead.

Then she hugged me more tightly I tried to remove my hand and hold her from my both hands. She make her head rest on my chest and I laid down on the bed. She then came a bit upwards and tried to make her comfort resting her face above my shoulder beside my face. I looked at her and kisses on her cheeks.

Then she kissed on my cheeks. I kissed on her forehead, she did on mine. I kissed her on her eyes and she did on mine. I kissed on her chin and on nose and she also.

Then we both knew only I place is left. I hesitate on making such a bold step. Then my lady came and she make the move came near my lips and I knew it was a green signal. I touched her upper lips from mine. Then she tried to suck my lower lips. And we came to a rhythm we kiss like a couple for minutes. I didn’t count how many. We came side by side holding each other and kissing passionately.

That’s all guys. Make me encourage to write it more briefly. Anybody can mail me girls lady women I don’t mind and yeah all of my brothers too. My mail id is

[email protected].

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