Didi Takes Pity On Younger Sex Starved Brother – Part 1

This is a story of my pitiful sex life was to unexpectedly change, I am a 18 years old boy and have never had any real life sexual experience with girls this is because I have a very shy nature partly because I have been protected so much by my widow mother and 2 older sisters.

My mum is a hardworking lady running a small business concern and has been a widow for last 10 years, she got married quite young and must have been a very attractive and pretty girl with good figure and complexion. My father died at an early age in a road traffic accident which meant that mum became the leader of the family with 3 small children to support.

For the last few weeks I am thinking to look for a kind hearted aunty to help me get over this sexual shyness and fear of sex which surrounds me. I am a stellar student and best athlete in my school year and as such have a good body and very well developed dick for my age, I have been masturbating on a regular basis since that is the only way to get some sexual relief and pleasure. You would think that having 2 older sisters would be a great thing but it is not easy being the youngest member of the family. My sisters are Anita 20 and Rani 22 both unmarried. Our house is not so big and has 2 small rooms for sleeping and a general room for eating and cooking. My mum shares one room with me separate mattresses, and my sisters’ sleep together in the bigger room with 2 mattresses.

One day I was really feeling desperate I thought I would do a crazy thing and advertise for an aunty to teach me about sex and help me get over my shyness, I know it sounds weird but I was feeling low and as I wrote the advert I was fantasizing and ended up with a long list of sexual experiences I wanted to be taught from the aunty like sucking boobs and blowjobs and fucking, all sorts of porn things with cocks and cunts that I had seen online so many times.

As I daydreamed, mum called me from her kitchen to go and pay few bills and also to pick up some food stuffs. In my rush out I left my computer on with the incomplete advert on screen but I shut my room door and went out. Unknown to me while I was out Rani my sister needed some computer paper and went to my room and saw my screen with the advert. When I returned home it was like normal with me alone as usual and my sisters helping mum in the kitchen.

Later at dinner mum announced that she had to go and see her own older sister who was in hospital in the next city about 100 miles away and that she would take Anita with her since she did not want to travel alone. The plan was they would catch the night express bus and to reach in the morning and then stay there for 4-5 days while mums sister recovered. Mum instructed Rani that as the eldest she was now responsible for running the house and making sure I had food on time and my clothes washed for school each morning.

It was 11pm when Rani shouted to me to go to bed and sleep as she had to sweep the kitchen floor up before taking her bath and going to bed. I went to my room, changed and then started to play games on my computer as I usually did as well as looking some free porn pictures.

Suddenly my sister Rani, dressed in her long nightie, opened the door and started to shout at me and yelled at me all sorts of harsh things, I was shocked at her outburst and sat frozen at my computer table. Rani came to the computer and saw the porn I had been looking at and she slapped me on my head and then told me I am a very bad nasty boy, Rani shouted louder and told me she had seen the advert I had made up and slapped me again on the head, it was the shock of being slapped that made me cover my head and dive to the floor. I was so overcome that I started to cry saying parents never hit me and now you are doing this first time to me. Really I cried so much and wished mum was around to protect me.

Rani my Didi looked at me and must have felt sorry for me because she sat on the floor next to me and put her arms around me and tried to comfort me. Saying brother why your make advert up like that to look for aunty to teach you about sex and shyness. For that I was angry and sad she said and comforted me by stroking my head which had been the target of her anger. Didi said she was sorry for slapping me and asked me to forgive her.

Sitting next to me Didi told me that tonight as my older sister she wanted to teach me all about sex and looked at the advert I had made up and said she would cover all the wants that I had listed, there was no need to advertise for an aunty when your Didi can do all for her bro. Rani looked at me and told me to go and wash my face and change into vest and dhoti and come and lay on the mattress next to her.

When I returned to the room the lights were dimmed and Didi was laying on the bed calling me to come and rest next to her. She asked me about my problems and why I was scared to make girlfriends and that she would slowly teach me about a woman’s body and feelings. She told me to turn towards her and kiss her on the lips and to hug her, I hesitated but she was strict in her voice and told me that if I want to be a man I must learn from her. I turned and put my lips on hers and pressed, Didi’s tongue darted into my mouth and I copied what she was doing, she placed my hands on her nightie and I could feel for the first time real boobs and the nipple, she opened her nightie and her boobs, yes massive boobs, fell out and I pressed them with my hands and still continued kissing deeply into her mouth.

Didi, pulled away from my lips and pushed my face down to meet her boobs and stuffed her nipples into my mouth and whispered to me to suck and enjoy the sweetness of my sister. The sensation I was getting was electric, my whole body was heating up and my heart was pounding away. Rani was moaning and moving her body in a passionate way and her legs were wrapping around my body frame. My dhoti was hiding my bulge but Didi’s thighs were rubbing directly on top of my bulge, obviously she knew she had aroused my dick which was trying to rise under the dhoti.

She pulled my dhoti open and my dick sprang up like a coil under pressure. Her hand found my dick and balls without any effort and then she suddenly stopped what she was doing and looked down at my hardening dick. Bro, OMG!! What have you been hiding all this time from your big sis? Your dick is huge and thick, it seems to be at least 8 inches long and is still getting harder by the second. I did not say a word, I could not believe what was happening with me and my big Didi. She grabbed a tape measure and her eyes widened more, bro you have a dick 8 1/2 inches long and nearly 6 inches thick around. I smiled because I always knew my dick was huge in comparison to other boys of my age, all other boys would stare at my dick when we were taking showers after sports.

My Didi was amazed and her mouth opened and took the top of my big dick in and the next 4 inches followed without problem. My very own Didi was giving me my first blow job and it felt great. She sucked and sucked and squeezed my balls so hard I cried out in pain but happy with that feeling, being first time for BJ I was getting excited by the second and my semen jetted out into her mouth and overflowed on to her face and boobs and clothing but she did not stop sucking until every drop of my semen had been devoured. Bro your cum is so sweet and energizing to me I want to suck you off whenever I have chance to do so. Didi played with my huge cock and pressed and squeezed it continuously trying to force out few more drops seeds to lick up.

Didi looked at me and held my face in her hands and pressed it right into her hairy pussy, her pussy was wet with her excitement as my face now rested right on top of her cunt lips. Bro you need to suck my pussy now and taste the honey drops that are flowing from my love hole now. My tongue was exploring her cunt lips and clitoris and sucking up Didi’s love juices, this was my heaven really I loved it and sucked harder as Didi started to moan and under my nonstop oral invasion of her most private parts! After few minutes we were both exhausted and rested on the pillow cushions.

Didi went quiet now and seemed to be deep in thought, after a few minutes I asked her why so quiet Didi what happened did I do anything wrong? She smiled and told me that she was still a virgin and never had sex with a man before now, she told me that she had many dreams of having sex with me but hesitated because I always seemed to be in depressed moods. But now Didi told me that the time was now perfect for her and me to lose our virginities together and become man and woman this very same night.

Without any more talking Didi removed her nightie and I was soon naked next to her, my rod was still at full size and was ready for action. Didi’s cunt lips were well soaked and I lowered myself onto Didi and my huge cock soon found her love hole. Because Didi was a virgin the opening was tight and I had to push harder to get into it, she moaned so much but I knew it was moans of joy and desire to be serviced by her bro’s virgin cock. I pushed more and more and my dick moved slowly and surely in to its place.

By now 4-5 inches had penetrated her hole and she we were moving together to get maximum pleasure and excitement. Didi was moaning and groaning as and I lasted for 5 minutes before she screamed to me she was cuming and I too shot my hot load of sticky seeds into her hot love hole. My whole body jerked and jerked as I lost my virginity to my loving Didi. We lay together and relaxed until my huge cock returned to its normal size and slipped out of her dripping cunt. If you enjoyed this story please let me know, my email is [email protected].

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