Dirty And Filthy Sex With A Client In Delhi Followed By Massage

Hi this is my another story which I want to share with other readers. I am part time massuer from Delhi and cater the needs of females in Delhi NCR. I am educated, decent. I dont claim to have six packs but I have set of skills which make a female satisfied like anything. I am good at massage, whether for pain or erotic massage or a whole body massage which relaxes every inch and I have tongue skills with which I can lick and suck for hours together. My dick is big enough to fill all the holes. Comments suggestions and offers from females are welcome on [email protected]

I recently received a mail with regard to my first story and this lady is a regular ISS reader. Her name is priya, 34, married with a kid and lives in west Delhi. She contacted me and praised me for my story. We began talking and soon we shared contact numbers. She wanted a massage and fuck at her home. So he husband had gone for a business meeting and her only kid had gone to her mothers place. So it was saturday evening, I reached her home.

She opened the door and there she was. My dick gave a salutation after seeing her. She was an intoxicating beauty with a perfect figure, wheatish to very light brown in color, very maintained slim and a killing smile. She offered me a glass of water and she sat beside me. We chatted here and there and she pulled by my hand to her bedroom. We soon began caressing each other and smooched. I ate her mouth sucked her tongue and kissed her face. She opened her mouth more and more and we were eating each other as if no tmorrow.

She told me that she is sex starved and she wanted me to bang her as many times as possible during the full night. We took out our clothes and in no time we were naked. I admired her beauty and began smooching again. I went down and sucked her boobs one by one. I took each boob in my mouth tried to take full, and sucked them hardd. I licked each nipple hard and gave small bites all over her boobs. She became frenzy and asked to pump and suck more. I sucked her boobs for almost 20 minutes without stopping and her pussy was oozing her juices. Her boobs became red. I slapped her boobs, pumped them kneaded them together ahd she enjoyed every bit of it.

She pushed me and ordered me to lie on floor. She at once came and sat on my mouth and I began licking her madly. I licked the juices coming out of it and slurped using my tongue. I projected my tongue outwards in such a way that she sat on me taking the tongue inside her pussy. I was tongue fucking her and she was moaning very loudly. I kissed and smooched her cunt and clit as much as possible while I held her buttocks. She sat on my face for around 15 minutes and she rubbed her pussy on my face and mouth very hard. She made me breathless and I gasped for air many a times. But she was not ready to listen.

She went up standing and I began eating her pussy like a dog between her legs. I inserted my two fingers in her pussy and began vigorously fingering her. I fingered her as fast as I could and I beat her upper part of pussy with my hand many times. I fingered her very very fast without stopping and she released liquids like water flowing from tap. She ordered me to open my mouth and I drank as much as I could gather. She cummed heavily and she became more frenzy.

We smooched each other more and more and she said she has squirted after a very long time. Now she went into doggy and I pushed my dick in her pussy and pounded her hard. I fucked her pussy hard and soft, hard and fast. I held her waist and fucked her nicely. I caressed her whole back and pumped her boobs from below.

I took her hair and rode her like a cowboy. She took out my dick and began sucking vigorously and I began fucking her face. I knew she wanted to get real dirty and messy. I told her if she has chocolate syrup. She got syrup and I poured over her ass and pussy. I began licking her asshole by putting my face between her ass cheeks in doggy. I licked and rimmed her asshole more and more. I went down and started eating her chocolaty pussy. I ate both her holes together.

I at once pushed my dick in her asshole and with few thrusts it was in. she was moaning hard and loudly. She was crying screaming moaning and abusing me with her choicest abuses. I was fucking her asshole faster and harder. I held her waist and after few thrusts I cummed in her asshole. I had taken out my condom before as she want a bare skin anal fuck. After I cummed. I opened her ass cheeks very wide and her gapping hole was creamed with my cum and chocolate syrup. I started licking her asshole and whole of the ass and licked every drop of it from her asshole. She wanted to taste the same so I with some licks smooched her and she also tasted same.

With many licks we enjoyed the cum and chocolate filled with sweat. She wanted to urinate now and she ordered me to sit between her legs. I sat and she began peeing on my face. While she was peeing I slapped her pussy many times, licked it and fingered it inside. I drank her urine. She also wanted same so I somehow managed to pee and she took it inside her mouth and some fell on her face. She didnt want to get cleaned and we licked each other in 69. we ate each other more vigorously and this went on for about 10 minutes. After this she wanted to be more dirty. I took a banana mashed it along with mango and rubbed all over her boobs thighs and pussy and face.

She rubbed along my chest face and dick. We started licking each other like dirty animals and in no time we licked ourselves dry. She licked my dick and fucked her face while she sucked on it. She lie on floor and I licked her pussy filled with banana and mango and licked her dry. In same pose I fucked her in her pussy. It was all messy and slippery and I fucked her hard and fast. I took her leg and put on my shoulder and fucked her. After about 10 minutes of fucking I cummed all over her face and boobs and she drank some of it. She told me that whenever I do cum I should cum on her face and mouth. We kept on licking sucking and fucking for the whole night.

We didnt sleep till 4 in the morning and we fucked almost 10 times during the night. In the morning, as deal I gave her a nice whole body massage and we took bath together during which I fucked her again. She requested me to stay for the day also so that she could get more fuck. After insisting, I stayed for the day also. We stayed nude and didnt wear a single piece of cloth. We again became very dirty and messy and for the whole day we were in cum urine chocolate and what not. In the evening I left her place and she handed me a packet which contained more than I expected.

Comments and suggestions are welcome. If someone wants to have my service, please do email me. [email protected] is my email. Cheers and keep fucking

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