Divorced Man’s Sex Journey – Part 1

Hi, I am Ram from Hyderabad male 38 divorced ,6 feet wild looks with beard and mustache and somewhat fat and highly passionate in sex, I got divorced at age of 30 due to sex weakness of my ex wife and my life became horrible after that ,it took 2 years for me to come out of everything and I was heavily hungry for sex ,2 years I ha dent masturbated at least for once and I am so horny and hungry I need a female whoever it is and wanna cum badly

In our home I leave with my old parents and we use to have a maid of same age as me and her hubby is working in dubai ,as my eyes went on to her I thought she can be easy target and she is black in color and having sizes of 36 34 40 and I love huge big ass which tempted me and that day there was no one in home ,my parents went to some function and I was only there.

She came and started her routine work she use to do all sort of work and later at last she use sweep the floor and use to wipe it with wet cloth ,so I wanna seduce her at that same time ,by the time she was coming to my room I wanted kept a porn video in my tv which is big one 42inches and I am all nude stroking my thick black tool and she first felt shy and also stunned to see such act form me and she went beside my door and knocking it as if she haven’t seen anything .I wanted without covering I said manjula come in and now she was feared I haven’t covered it

Manjula:sir what are you doing

Me:come on manjula its normal why you dont do urself with fingering

Manjula:sir sir (she was unable to reply for my direct questions)

Me:come on manjula do your work

Manjula:ok sir

As she was sweeping I can see she was eyeing on my dick and I wanted touching my balls in front of her,she was about to leave the room I hold her hand and I can feel her high heart beat and I pushed to bed and started kissing her she felt some un comfort but slowly she was coming into grip of mine and I slowly started to kiss her and in no time I made her complete nude

Now seeing her stunning beauty I asked her I think your also hungry from more time ,she said yes sir my hubby ha-dent visited from 2 years and I said you dont have any affairs apart from hubby,she said I use to have sir but he too left for Dubai for work ,so it was perfect time I seduced her and now as hungry dog I was sucking her boobs and she started moaning like hell

As I seen her excited reaction to oral sex I thought no one have done her with tongue in her pussy and without thinking I went to her pussy for my wonder which is very clean and I started a french kiss with her lips and she was shocked it was her first time someone was licking her pussy and she was enjoying it to core and saying sir I am unable to bear it and I asked no one did to you,no sir it was my fantasy to get licked and as I was hungry I licked her until she released her heavenly juices and I licked those all

Now she was heavy satisfied and I asked her to suck my dick and she kept some irritated face and said I haven’t done upto now sir and I dont have habit to do so ,then as to impress her I havent forced her this time and started to fuck her as it was after long time early I have cummed

Days are passing on and I am happy with her fucking every time as we get chance and we got a complete week this time as my parents went to holy trip and I told to pack her cloth come to my home for week and she came and while we are enjoying this time she had told me one thing,sir same like me another women is there who also want you ,hearing this I got angry first and I said ,are you disclosing our relation every one and scolded her and said you can leave and dont come to me again,she was upset and got feared and started to beg excuse by saying I thought you can get more pleasure

Then sex manic in me started and I liked it to have another then I have asked her who is she,she said a widow women who is leaving in next colony were she use to work and we both are more like friends and is hared what all kinky an knotty things you use to do with me and she use to get excited hearing all this and she asked to arrange a meet with you

Then I said tell her to be ready as she leave alone and tell her to get ready as shuag rath ki rani and I want to have her in different way ,my maid immediately called her and I have also spoken with her in phone and that night she invited for dinner and I was so excited as I haven’t seen her and thought she would be average

That night I haven’t went to her home casually wearing short and t shirt which made her little upset but to my surprise she was stunning beauty with bra laced blouse and blue colour saree with perfect assets and I thought no one have touched her and I felt thank to my maid and to my other surprise she was also there arranging our dinner table and was laughing seeing my expression of lusty dog on my face and she was seeing me only in lusty way and fatly I had dinner while having it I was making comments of her beauty to excite her ,she was saying about her life and her hubby died recently and she had no kids and her age is 30 ,her name is sridevi and her sizes are magnificent perfect 34 30 36 and I cant take my eyes from her ass I love to hear comments and no suggestions as it is my real story not a fantasy one, my mail id is [email protected] dont forget to comment bubye catch you in next story

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