Divya – Ek Teacher Ki Sex Story – Part 6

Last part, Part 5 of this story was published on ISS on 23-11-2013.

You have read that Divya arranged a girl from own school through school peon Nandu for her husband. But before her husband could fuck virgin girl three lady Divya, Usha ( wife of Divya’s colleague at school Vinay ) and Sonia ( maid of Divya) had hard core lesbian with virgin girl. Then in front of all other first Vinod ( husband of Divya) and then Vinay fucked that school girl. In evening when peon Nandu came to pick up girl Sikha , he fucked first Sonia and then Usha.

Divya desired to have sex with peon but he refused to fuck her giving excuse that principal of the school has warned against seducing and fucking Divya. He suggested Divya to get fucked by principal first and then he would also fuck her. Other side, Usha a very beautiful lady and wife of Vinay, she liked chudai by school peon Nandu and she asked him to fuck her daily. But Nandu said that he can fuck again only if his wife see Usha and permit to fuck her. Nandu said that he will keep Usha at her house next Saturday night. Usha agreed. That night Vinay and Vinod fucked three ladies Usha, maid Sonia and Divya.

Next day was Monday. Divya talked with Usha and said that there is another man who can give more pleasure than what Nandu gave to her. Usha agreed for fuck with man of Divya.. So Divya took a bus to reach tea stall and Vinay brought his wife to stall on his motorbike. Vinay was first to reach. He introduced his wife to tea stall Kaka & Kaki. They had just come and started arranging their shop. Both elderly one touched head of Usha and blessed her. Both said that they have never seen anyone so beautiful like Usha.

“ Vinay beta, Divya bitia ne kaha thaa kee tumhari gharwali bahut sundar hai, lekin itni sundar hai, ye Maine nahi socha thaa. “

Kaka said and put hand on her back. He began caressing. Old lady said that Vinay is really very fortunate to have wife like Usha and friend like Divya.

They talked and all along Kaka’s hand remain caressing back of Usha. She was blushing and getting embarrassed. Though she has agreed to fuck with man suggested by Divya but she was not believing that Divya wants her to get fuck by this elderly man in age group of mid 50s. Usha certainly liked Nandu and desired to have him in her cunt daily. She was doubtful that this old man would be even better than her husband and another man she fucked with so far.

Kaki set up burner and while she was making tea, Divya got down from bus. She came almost running. She first touched feet of Kaki & Kaka and then hugged Usha. She told about Usha to Kaka and said that he must give her everything as he has been giving to her.

“ Kaka, ye meri chhoti bahan Usha hai, dekh hee rahe Ho kitni sundar aur mast hai, issey bhee waisa hee khush karo jaisa mujhe karte Ho. “

Divya warned him that if Usha complain anything then she will chew his lawda raw.

“ aur meri bahan ne koi bhee complain kiya to yaad rakhkho, lawda ko kachcha khaa jaaungi.”

She took one cup from Kaki and while sipping tea said that they will come to pick Usha up in the evening. They finished tea and Divya tapped shoulder of Vinay and signalled him to drive to school.

“ chal raja, apni bibi ko yanha randi ban-ne do, hum school chalte hai. “

Usha was getting more and more ashamed and embarrassed by hearing such slang from mouth of Divya, a school teacher. Both Vinay & Usha started to go but Kaka pulled hand of Divya so hard that she fell in his hand. He said that he has been waiting all week along for her so he can’t let her go without eating her.

“Beti, pura week tera wait kar raha thaa, ab eise nahi jaane dunga…”

Divya resisted. She said that she will fuck with him in evening, it is getting late for school but Kaka did not hear. He pulled Divya inside hut and pushed door shut. Kaki told Vinay to wait for atleast an hour…

“ Vinay beta, ab kam se kam ek ghanta baitho, tere kaka kaa lawda Divya beti ke bur mey jakar kutta -kutia jaisa phans jaata hai. “

She talked with both , more with Usha and extracted information about them. Vinay said that his wife Usha is very cold whereas Divya is a fire. On other side Usha said that she don’t enjoy sex with husband, he is not able to arouse her . Kaki said confidently that she ( Usha ) will also like kaka like Divya does .

“ Usha beti, Teri Divya Didi to ab yanha bahut dino se aa rahi hai…usse kaka bahut pasand hai aur tere kaka ko Divya aur uski bur sabse jyada pasand hai….wo kisee aur ko apni beti aur Bahu ko bhee 15-20 minat se jyada nahi chod pata hai, lekin Divya aur wo dono har baar kam se kam ek ghanta chudai karte hai….pata nahi kaise, tu bhee pura besharam Ho kar chudwana, tabhi pura maza aayega…”

Kaki kept giving her tips to extract maximum pleasure of fuck with kaka. Vinay was getting restless, he knew that it will be too late and his father in law , headmaster will scold them both.

Once Inside Divya undressed kaka first and began sucking cock. It got fully tight soon and Divya laid on flat without undressing. Kaka pushed petticoat with saari up above waist, pulled away panty and penetrated. Divya unbuttoned blouse and pushed bra cups up. Kaka began to pump in her usual way. Divya also began to enjoy like earlier time. Once having her favourite cock in cunt she was not in a hurry. She forgot about school and began jerking hip to absorb strong thrust. She told kaka to fuck Usha so much that she become his slave and start doing prostitution from that day itself.

“ kaka, dekha Usha kitni mast maal hai, ussey eisa chodo ko yanha se naa jaye aur aaj se hee uss se Renu aur Bindu jaisa dhanda karwao, saali khub paisa Kama kar degi…..”

She also feared and warned kaka that if for Usha, he will stop fucking her then she will get police raid done and all arrested for rape and prostitution. But while banging kaka assured Divya that no one not even Usha or any other woman can take place of Divya.

“ beti, Usha kitni bhee sundar kyo naa Ho, naa wo naa koi dusri aurat tera jagah le sakti hai, tere jaisa masti koi bhee nahi de sakti , koi kunwari bhee nahi…..”

They fucked in their usual way and after about one hour fifteen minute Divya came out while arranging her dress and hair. She held hand of Usha and pushed her in. She pushed Usha on nude man and immediately came out. She took few pcs of eatables what kaki made while she was fucking and pulled up Vinay. But Vinay said that as it is too late they should take leave. But Divya smilingly kissed Vinay and told him not to worry. She said that his father in law will not scold them. She knew how to keep headmaster happy. As such it is over a month that headmaster has not heard her slang.

Hesitantly Vinay drove her to school. All along the way she kept pressing boobs on his back and pressing cock over trouser. When they reached school it was 11.30, they were late by over one hour. Vinay was afraid but she told him to come to headmaster’s chamber. Both entered and Divya said,

“ sir, we are late because bike broke down on the way, please excuse us. “

Vinay did not see but HM saw Divya is seductively biting her lips. Headmaster told them that they should have informed but told them to go. Vinay went out first. Divya waited in anticipation . Vinay overheard,

“ Divya madam, please sit, I have to talk to you. “

She remain stood, waited for a couple of minute and hearing no sound she firmly placed her both hands on table top. She bend a little and for first time HM saw, not only full cleavages but top mound of breast clearly visible from top of blouse. Her pallu has fallen down and he was able to see flat belly , naval point and upper waist. It has no extra flesh any where. She just waited. HM also looked around and whispered what Divya was waiting for. He asked her to abuse her.

“ Divya, it is over a month and I have not heard your sweet speech. “

And Divya bend forward little more. He could see more flesh of breast, a 34 inch size breast. Divya could not see that his cock tightened under trouser. And Divya blasted,

“ matherchod tu buss meri choot aur chuchi ke naam par lawda hilata rah, apni randi betio ko chod, tujhe pata humey late kyo huaa, tere is damadji Vinay ne mujhe choda, lawda chusaya aur bur chata, tu betichod buss apna lawda hilata rah….”

Her face has turned red and she turned to go out of office but HM stopped her.

“ please sit, I have something important to talk to you. “

She turned back but remain stood with looking down.

“ please sit down” ,

She sat on chair but kept looking down.

“ Divya, you have sweetest voice I ever heard and when you speak such words not only your voice you also become more sweet…and I must say you have lovely figure.”

He wanted to say ‘ lovely breast ‘ but could not dare to say.

Divya understood and looked down. She saw that pallu is still down and both breast are pushed forward towards HM. She tried to pull up pallu but HM interfered.

“ no one is likely to come, let it like that. “

Just one hour back she got fucked by kaka with knowledge of others but now she was feeling very much ashamed. She looked up in eyes of HM and said,

“ all other lady teachers are more beautiful and sexy than me. “

HM shook head,

‘ no one is better than you, neither any teacher nor any student. “

And he immediately added ..

“ my daughter’s marriage is fixed, I urgently want a bank loan for vehicle, I have to give vehicle to my son in law on next Monday only. Can you help me through your husband. ?”

Without telling she got up and came to the side of HM . She stood so close that his elbow pressed side of her hip. He did not remove hand, nor Divya changed position. Elbow kept pressing hip. She wanted some bolder move from HM. Now Divya was ready to fuck with this man, a man even older than tea stall kaka. She called her husband and talked about vehicle loan. She took a pad and noted down what husband dictated.

“ I love you dear”

Telling this she hanged phone. Now she bend and put her right hand across headrest of chair. As she expected HM’s head got rested on breast. She read out requirement of the bank.

HM could not stand heat of breast for long and moved head away from breast. She also pulled hand and moved away from her. She said that he should visit bank in person with all these documents early. But HM said that it will take some time to arrange all documents required by bank.

She started to walk towards door and for first time in around 4 years HM touched her. He held he hand.

“ thanks Divya, but please abuse me once again…..”

She pulled her hand away and caressed his cheeks,

“ kutta, ye kutia sirf meetha bolti hai, khane mey sweet nahi hai, chuchi ko Hath lagaoge tohaath jal jaayega…lawda bur mey peloge to lawda gal jaayega….lawda mey dum hai to aa jaa tere liye muft mey bur chiyaar dungi…..”

Telling this she walked fast out of room. She was going toward her class but heard,

“ heartiest congratulations Divya m’m. “

She looked and saw few teachers and few students standing near main notice board and staring at her. She also walked toward notice board but many shook hand with her & congratulated her. She did not reply, she didn’t thank any one . Then Nandu, that peon came and in front of about 20 persons he bend and touched feet. She pulled him up and whispered that last evening he fondled her cunt and now touching feet.

“ harami, kal choot masla aur aaj paaon chhoo raha hai. “

Then loudly she asked that why others are congratulating her and why he touched her feet. Nandu replied loudly that now she is Asst Headmaster of the school .

“ madamji, aap ka promotion Ho Gaya hai, aap Asst HM ho gaee hai…wo dekhiye notice. “

Divya could not believe her ears. She came over one hour late, she was with HM for more than half an hour and that man did not give her any indication. She walked to notice board. Others made way for her. She read ,

“….By order of competent authority Mrs Divya V Gupta , senior teacher is promoted to the post of Assistant Head Master with immediate effect. ….”

Notice was signed by

Chief Trusty and Head Master. It has date of the same day. Means notice was displayed that morning itself.

And she first charged Nandu that while he was knowing this why he did not inform her last evening. But Nandu held her both ears and vowed in the name of children that he did not have even faint idea of this. She read notice again and again. She thanked all who congratulated her. She shook hands and again walked angrily to the chamber of head master. She entered into chamber with thought of blasting HM for such a nasty joke. She thought that when present Asst HM is having atleast 3 yrs of job left how she can be promoted !

But seeing three more person seated around HM’s table she controlled herself. Seeing her entering all including HM stood up and all congratulated ,

“Divya ma’m many many congratulation, bahut bahut badhai..”

She concluded that it is not a joke. She is promoted. She walked and first touched feet of HM and then of existing Asst HM. There were two strangers in age group of 60-65 having grey hair and decent look. HM introduced them to Divya.

“Divya, meet our chief trusty Sri Agarwal & other trusty Mr Mukherjee. “

Divya did prannam to them and touched their feet also. Senior trusty said that trustees as well as HM and outgoing Asst HM are very much impressed by her performation. He said that they have done discreet enquiry from other teachers, many students and even parents and without any exception all said that Divya madam is best, beside your Mr Sharmaji has strongly recommended you for this post.

She was told to sit but she shook head and all saw tears flowing on cheeks. Others looked st each other and Divya managed to speak,

‘ I don’t know how good or bad I am but why I should replace our Sharma sir, he is so good, I consider him as my father..he is still having over 3 years of service left, he should be promoted to HM , not me…I can’t replace Sharma sir, I will resign, leave this school. “

She said , sat on chair and began to sob with head hidden between arms on table. They again looked at each other and all smilingly nodded. She sat near to Sharma sir. He put hand on her hairs and began caressing,

“ Divya beti, you need not be sad or sorry for me. You don’t know but I have already resigned from the job as my son has forced me to stay with him in US for my treatment. “

Divya was not knowing that he has resigned.

“ what treatment, what happened to you….? “

But man ignored her question. HM took over and said that Sharma sir is getting released on coming Saturday so she has only 5 days to take charge from him .

Now there was no doubt. She wiped her eyes, stood up. She folded hand and said,

‘ sir, I am very much thankful to all of you for instilling so much confidence in me. I will try my best to come up to your expectation , none of you have any complain from me. “

There were smile and appreciation on face of all others. They nodded and wished again ‘all the best to her.

No one else but HM was amazed to see Divya. He was unable to believe she is the same lady who can speak those fucking words so freely. Now HM made up his mind to fuck this sexy lady before it is too late. He was hopeful that because of this unexpected promotion and her freeness with him, Divya will easily agree to fuck with him. He was right.

She took permission to attend a class and they permitted. She came out and saw Nandu there. She searched through her hand bag and became sad. She pulled Nandu away .

“ Nandu, abhi mere paas rupya nahi hai, kal tuney muft mey mujhe bahut masla, maza liya, jaa juldi se sab teachers aur staff ke liye sweets le aa…mauka nikaal kar lawda chus dungi….”

Nandu smilingly nodded and whispered,

“ pahle jaldi se headmaster Saab kaa lawda chuso aur chudwao, baad mey mera chusna.”

Gate keeper did not hear what they talked. Nandu went away and she went to her scheduled class. First one in the class to congratulate her was Shikha, the girl whose virginity was taken by Vinod previous day. Divya blessed her by touching head and whispered that

“ we do not know each other. “

Girl understood and nodded.

Beside earning Lot of money Sikha herself enjoyed a lot. She particularly liked Vinay’s fuck and lesbian act of Divya. She wanted more from both of them.

Divya was very very happy. She never thought that she will become Asst HM just in 4 years that also without fucking with any trustees or HM. She thought of giving opportunity to HM to fuck her. She decided that if trustees desires, she will fuck with them also.

“ ab to HM se chudwana hee parega…trustees bolenge to unsey bhee marwa lungi.. “

Her best friend Abha also congratulated her. Moreover she wanted to know that why she and Vinay came late, whether they fucked but she did not get chance as whole day some one or other kept coming to Divya. Before final bell she spent over one hour with asst HM but he acted & behaved like a good father only.

After school got over Vinay drove her back to tea stall . Except Usha , all were out. Divya enquired and daughter in law of kaka said that Usha is entertaining now a customer . She said sadly that people are not ready to pay her even 500/- but they paid Rs 2000/- happily to Usha. Divya distributed sweets and gave news of promotion. Kaka lifted her up. He requested her to stay back but she did not agree. After sometime Usha came out with her customer and Divya hugged her tightly.

“ Bol randi, mere kaka ne tujhe swarg ghumaya kee nahi….”

And Vinay became jealous of hearing his wife. She said that she will stay here for few days more with kaka and family .

“ Didi, mai abhi kuchh din kaka ke saath rahungi….”

Vinay insisted her to come back home but Usha did not agree. She wanted more of kaka as well as other’s Lund. While they were talking another man came. He gave 2000/- to Usha, who in turn gave money to Bindu and walked inside hut with that new man. Divya pinched Bindu and Renu,

“ saali, tum dono meri bahan se dhandha karwa rahi ho aur apni choot ko aaram de rahi Ho,, chal jitna din Usha yanha rahegi, tum dono mey se koi iske ( Vinay ) ke saath rah. “

Divya talked of swapping of either of girls with Usha. Kaka was unable to refuse Divya.He fucked Usha thrice that day, she did not take him for more than 20 mins. Though Kaka remain unsatisfied with Usha, for Usha kaka was real man, even better than Nandu. She wanted more of kaka & kaka thought of offering this beautiful lady to his son and few of his real friends whose females kaka had been fucking.

They discussed and daughter of kaka consented to stay with Vinay in place of Usha. They waited. After Usha came out with customer two other customer came. They also wanted Usha but as they did not have enough money they had to go with Bindu & Renu. Both went together and when they came out it was all dark. Vinay drove Divya & Renu back to city. He dropped Divya at a crossing and took Renu to his house. Divya had invited both of them to have dinner and also spend night together.

Divya reached home and informed husband and maid about her promotion. Vinay and Renu came but after dinner they went back home. That night Divya kept thinking about her promotion and did not fuck with husband.

From next day onward Divya again started travelling in bus. Though conductor was same, young man having same name like her husband Vinod, driver was changed. Instead of any young driver this was an elderly bearded man in age group of 55-56 . Though his hairs were turning grey he was not wearing specks. Beside he has good built, better than kaka and previous driver who fucked her. Conductor became very pleased to see her. She took her usual seat beside bonnet. Conductor finally came and sat beside her. She did not object when he pressed her thighs with his thighs and kept it pressed till they reached school. It was again hectic day for Divya. She finally told her friend that since last Sunday she has started fucking with Vinay but she said that he is not good enough for women like her.

“ Abha Didi, Vinay bus theek thaak hai, wo school kee jawan ladkiyo ke choot ko thanda kar sakta hai, khush kar sakta hai lekin hamare jaise randio ko nahi. “

But that teacher Abha desired to have sex with most handsome man around.

“ Divya, dekh tera yaar waise to meri oar dekhega bhee nahi, tu bolega to mujhe chodega, mujhe kam se kam ek baar uss khubsurat mard se chudwana hai.”

Divya agreed but demanded something in return.

“ Chudwa dungi lekin mujhe kya milega , mujhe kya dogi….”

And lady agreed to give her own virgin daughter to Divya for her husband. She expressed apprehension that her daughter is getting attracted toward Nandu and may soon fuck him.

“ waise bhee Nandu juldi hee meri beti ko chodega, saali uss se bahut jyada chipkane lagi hai”

Divya invited her friend with daughter at her house any day .

“ chal jub Mann karey beti ko saath lekar aa jana, Vinay maa ko chodega aur mera gharwala Teri beti ko, lekin baad mey jo jissey chahe chodega. Taiyar Ho ?

And lady agreed to swap daughter with Vinay.

Though Vinay insisted She took same bus during return journey. She became free with conductor and while getting down at her stand conductor invited her to have a cup of tea with them. She nodded and thought of having a quick fuck with that boy of restaurant. She took them to same restaurant. She saw boy and in presence of all she pinched his boy. He guided them to a family cabin. Boy became very pleased to see her. He hoped to fuck Divya once again.

But that evening she behaved a very decent lady with her guests. With her sweet talk she extracted from both how much she could. Conductor Vinod was married with one kid baby. Driver was Anwar having 3 wife and altogether having 8 daughters and 3 sons. Divya could guess that conductor Vinod wants to fuck driver’s youngest wife and all daughters. He was telling again and again that all daughters & youngest wife of driver is very beautiful and attractive. Driver did not object even once. She was seated in front of both men. After end of half an hour she sent out both telling that she would come after few minutes. Conductor asked and she confirm that next day also she will travel to school in bus only

She waited and soon that boy came. She ordered,“ mujhe ek mast lawda chahiye lekin pahle dekh ke aa kee dono Gaye kee khade hai bahar. “

Boy came to her and both kissed passionately. He squeezed breast and went out. He returned after few minutes with plate of eatables and cold drink. He said that both had gone away. He unbuttoned blouse and squeezed breast. He told her to be nude.

“ rani, nangi hokar baith mai 2 minat mey aata Hun..? “

She obeyed and undressed fully. Boy returned back in 3 minutes and this time she laid over table. It was only of 4ft of length where as she was 5’4” so her knee onwards remained out of table. He also undressed and straightway jumped over her. She raised both legs and pulled it towards her breast. Boy held her shoulders tightly and penetrated.

“ apni randi maa ko choda ? “

she enquired whether he has started fucking mother. Boy banged hard and said that since he fucked her first he has fucked mother 7-8 times. He said that her mother is very happy with him and succeeded in convincing father to share wife with him….

This was their second fuck and this time boy was fuckingng her much better than previous occasion.“ haa raja, tu badhiya chod raha hai, bahut maza mil raha hai meri bur ko…..”

She enjoyed, jerked hip and said that she wants to fuck with a long , very long & thick cock.

“ beta tu bahut maza de raha hai, lekin mujhe ek lambe, khub lamba aur mote Lund se chudwana hai….”

And boy asked ,

“ kitna lamba, kitna mota…”

Divya said that she wants to get fucked with cock over 10 inch long and thicker than her wrist. Divya replied ,

“Kam se kam 10 inch lamba aur mere haath ( wrist ) jaisa mota, koi hai…”

Boy kept pumping and said that he will have to find one. He could not pump her for long and in about 6-7 minutes he filled her cunt. She hugged him and said that she liked him but it is uncomfortable to fuck here on table and small room. And she offered him to come to her house every Saturday afternoon . Boy became happy. Both dressed. She arranged her hair and boldly came out of restaurant. Though this boy’s stamina was not good enough for her She certainly has started liking him.

On Wednesday , Divya reached school and headmaster called her immediately. Her classes were allotted to some other teacher.

She entered and sat on chair just opposite him.

“Do you have some real work or called me again to hear choot and Chudai. “

She has forgotten that just two days back this man has talked with her about a vehicle loan from bank where her husband was working. HM smilingly told her to abuse him as bad as she can.

And she started.

“Haramjaadi, kutia kaa pilla…Teri maa ne hinzra ( eunuch ) se chudwa kar tujhe paida kiya thaa…jo itni mast maal ko dekhkar bhee tera lawda khada nahi hota hai, mujhe to lagta hai kee tu gaandu hai, ghar mey apne bete se aur yanha Nandu se gaand marwata hai, tere saamne choot bur kholkar khadi Ho jaaungi tab bhee tera lawda khada nahi hoga, tujh jaise namard se kya sharmana, dekh meri jawani ( she stood up and pulled her Aanchal down below waist.

She bend forward and with left hand she unbuttoned blouse and showed him bra cups holding tight spongy boobs) Kutte kaa pilla tere jagah par wo tera budhdha peon bhee hota to abhee mujhe patak kar chod deta….Bol mera maal badhiya hai yaa Teri beti kaa…”

She suddenly sat down and arranged pallu to cover both breast. She did not look at visitor. But that visitor could not hear or see anything and beside he saw Divya seated just opposite HM at a distance. He did not have any doubt. While he was leaving Divya gave him a broad smile. He went and Divya said firmly,

“ sir, one day you will defame me and I will have to suicide. “

He got up, took a folder and told Divya to accompany him.

“ Divya , come with me , we are going to your husband’s bank. I want car on next Monday.”

Now Divya remembered about their talk. He watched her while she buttoned blouse and HM whispered,

“ I have never seen anyone more lovely and sexier than you….”

She got up and whispered back,

“ fuck your daughter Usha once and you will not feel like watching me or anyone else. “

She went to staff room, informed her friend and returned back soon. Both sat on rear seat of an ambassador, school vehicle allotted to HM. Both made a distance from each other and talked very less. They reached bank in one hour. All staff and officers were knowing her, they all wished her and she responded smilingly.

Vinod accompanied wife & HM to branch manager, a rank of Chief Manager. He was hardly of 40 yrs and Divya has met him only once so far. Vinod introduced wife again and HM and told him the purpose of visit. CM nodded and told Vinod that he will take care. He walked back to his seat.

CM heard headmaster and Divya & saw documents they brought. He looked few documents keenly and pushed those back to visitors. He said that due to less than 3 yrs of remaining job and salary bank can not sanction loan as required by HM.

Divya looked at HM and saw that he has become sad on hearing CM. She put her left hand on upper thighs of HM and pressed. CM could not see this. He was staring at her. He was meeting Divya only for second time but from the first time he saw her in a party some 7 months back he kept dreaming of fucking her. If he wanted he could have sanction the loan but he wanted a deal with Divya. His thought process broke,

“ Sir, please tell your loan officer to help us in filling form, we don’t have much time. We have to return back to school.”

Both startled to hear firm and determined voice of Divya. HM also turned and looked at her face showing anger.

“ but……” CM started to say.

Divya interrupted him.

“No if & but, please get us form and call your loan officer. “

CM was last to antagonised her. He pressed bell, peon came and he told him to give full set of vehicle loan application and send loan officer in. Soon loan officer came with loan papers. Seeing him Divya got up.

“We will fill up form and come back to you…”

She told HM to come out. CM quietly watched sensuous hip movement of Divya going out. He whispered after they went out,

“My God, I want this lady under me…no one can be better fuck than her…ufff…how hot she is ! “

He caressed cock over trousers and waited. He told peon to get cold drinks or tea, whatever they like , to visitors. It took over half an hour to fill up the form. Loan officer attached all document and came inside with Divya. Loan officer informed that they are not offering any collaterals or personal gtee.

CM took document and signalled him to go out. Now he was only with Divya seated opposite to each other. While CM looked through documents she said firmly,

“ I want vehicle to be delivered to sir, positively on coming Monday. “

CM heard and looked in her eyes.

“ it is too less a time beside your sir is not offering any collaterals or personal gtee….”

She also starred at him and ensured that her saari, pallu are at right place.

“ so…”

CM looked around and after satisfying himself he showed his weakness to lioness. He pushed his right hand forward and held her right hand kept on table. She did not pull her hand away. She guessed what is coming next , an offer , a deal. She was ready to give favour in exchange of sanction of loan.

“ well, it can be sanctioned without any collaterals but you have to give something in return. “

He began to stammer. He has sweat all over his face. Divya understood that CM wants her, wants to fuck her in exchange of sanction of loan.

“ wipe your face, you are sweating and blushing like a school boy. What you want from me? “

He pulled away his hand and took out napkin from drawer and wiped face. Both remained silent for 2-3 minutes but it seemed like hours.

He took deep breath and said that since he saw her first in that party he has become mad for her, not only at house but in office also he thinks of her only. He took out his wallet and pulled out a photo and shown to her. Divya could not believe. It was their unannounced visit to bank.

Even she was not knowing that she will have to visit bank that day. So she had to believe that this man is carrying her postcard size photo, certainly taken during that party where she wore chania & tight choli. Top mounds of boobs were visible and choli was certainly giving a very sexy look.

“ I believe you are married. Your wife might have seen this pic of mine you are keeping in your wallet. Give me that photo.”

She said and pushed hand towards him to snatch photo but he put it back swiftly in the wallet and wallet in back pocket.

“ I want car to be delivered on coming Monday.”

She again said firmly and this time he acted boldly. He took her hand in both his hands. He pressed it hard and said boldly.

“ I want you to be my woman, my wife…”

She kept looking in his eyes. He waited for her response but she remained quite. He dared further,

“You open up to me on next Saturday and come bank on Monday for documentation and for taking bank draft. “

He agreed to sanction but he wanted her to fuck with him before giving of draft. She again remained quiet but pulled her hand away. She kept looking at him. And he made final offer,

“You will get Rs one lakh on first of every month and in return you have to spend few hours with me in a hotel every week. “

She got up suddenly. She bend forward to him with both hands put firmly on table.

“We will come back on Monday at 10 for collecting draft and thereafter you come to my house with one lakh what you promised. Entire afternoon my body will be yours but only for once. No weekly business. And I don’t give anything in advance.“

She turned back to go , she walked to door and turned back before pulling door to open.

“And remember, if we don’t get draft of full loan by 11 on Monday, I will complain to your higher ups that you wanted me to fuck with you as a precondition for sanction of this loan. “

CM kept on looking her going out of room.

“ bitch is not only most sexy to look at she is very intelligent also.

He thought and knew that he has to do as Divya wanted.

She boldly came out, met her husband, talked to loan officer and few other staff. She came out with headmaster. Again they sat on back seat but this time they sat at a hand distance. HM was apprehensive of sanction. So he said that loan may not be sanctioned. He now said that he has approached few other banks before but all refused to sanction because of his less service.

Divya looked at him angrily and again put hand on his upper thighs and countered him that why he did not tell her before. She said in low voice so that driver will not hear. It was non AC car and with loud sound of engine it was not possible for driver to hear them.

She blamed HM that why did not tell her about required term loan before. she said that had he told about required loan 4-5 days before she need not have to fuck with that manager.

“ roj office mey bulake gaand marwate ho, pahle mujhe bolte to kya mai tera lawda chus leti…4-5 din pahle aate to mujhe uss harami manage se chudwana to nahi parta…”

HM was hearing him smilingly. After telling as above, she lifted hand from his thighs.

“ don’t worry sir, I personally know 1-2 senior officials..I will talk to them and we will get draft on Monday positively. “

She said very confidently but HM was not sure. She has read CM’s mind and she was confident that even with one fuck with her CM will sanction loan. She was happy that beside getting experience with new cock she will get good amount of cash. Both remained busy in reading some periodicals and HM offered her to drop at home.. But Divya saw time and thought that they would reach school by end of tiffin time. She said so that she want to go to school. Telling driver to go to school she closed eyes.

Hardly 5-6 minutes passed and HM pulled her hand and she startled but did not open eyes. HM has put her hand on his bare cock. He was making her hand to hold cock tightly. Her heartbeat increased. She wanted to fist cock but she let her hand loose.

She already had decided to fuck with HM and trustees but she never imagined that HM will act so boldly & so early.It was around one O clock of noon, there were good traffic on road and still HM wanted her to fist cock. Then she felt that news paper sheet has covered her hand. Means HM has put news paper on her hand so that no one can see that she is holding cock. She heard,

“ Divya, please fist it, I was dying for this moment since you joined this school 4 years back…please do…sahlao, chuso, pani girao….”

And she felt his hand on her cunt over clothes.

He first caressed softly and then began squeezing cunt over clothes. Her hand turned into fist and began moving slowly over cock. She did not turn her head to see cock, in fact she turned head other side. But she measured cock. She has fisted it tightly and concluded that it is quite think may be thick like cock of kaka.

She moved hand from root to tip few time and felt that it is not long as she want. It was long like length of husband Vinod and Vinay , around 6 inch only. Seeing that Divya did not resist or oppose HM took more of cunt pad and pulled one thighs of her towards him. She pushed thighs towards him. Now he can fondle cunt easily. She heard what she was expecting from him since she joined this school 4 yrs back.

He pushed head towards her and whispered,

“ Divya I want to fuck you, I can’t wait more.”

She did not reply. She pushed hip forward and widened thighs further apart from each other. As she expected HM pushed hand inside saari and began caressing cunt. This time bare cunt…

“ I will give you money, lot of money but please fuck with me. “

He begged and she stopped fisting. But she kept cock tightly in her fist and began caressing tip with her thumb. Otherside man was doing what he could.

He fondled cunt mercillessely and could feel that it has become very wet. He pushed himself nearer to him and with other hand started pulling clothes up above her legs. But she pushed his hand away. Not only this she pulled her hand away from cock and pulled out his hand from cunt. She pushed towards window away from him. She looked out and had a smile on her lips.

She saw her favourite tea stall and told driver to stop car.

Driver stopped car and while getting down she looked at HM and told in very normal tone that she has to meet her friend here . She banged door shut . HM did not even try to stop her. He told driver to move on to school. HM thought that Divya did not like his advance. He cursed himself that instead of trying to seduce her he straightway moved to hardcore action.

HM concluded that Divya is not cheap slut like other lady teachers of school who he has fucked not once but repeatedly. Though Divya’s friend has said that she is not fucked by HM, she was fucked by HM and trustees before she got appointment letter.

Why Divya got appointment in this school and got promotion without getting fucked ?

Wait for next part ……

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