Divya’s mangalsutra dangles between her boobs

Continuing the story. Rakesh was sliding the condom over his thick cock. Nitya was blankly staring at his cock with her fingers rubbing her pussy lips. Nitya’s juicy pussy will experience a different cock for the first time after her marriage.

Rakesh positioned his cock over the dripping wet pussy of Nitya. Nitya adjusted her back as Rakesh rubbed the heavy dick head over her pussy lips. Nitya’s pussy had never experienced such a thick nervy cock. Nitya started to sweat even with the AC running.

Nitya bulged her eyes, and her body jerked backwards. Rakesh slid his giant cock deep into her. Nitya uttered a loud moan. Puneet, who was eating Gagana’s asshole, stopped and looked at his wife.

Puneet left Gagana and seated himself next to Nitya. Puneet clasped Nitya’s hand into his hand. Rakesh pulled out his cock, which was fully drenched white with the cum of Nitya. He grabbed the heavy thighs of Nitya and guided his cock, pushing into Nitya very slowly. Nitya’s breath increased.

With her fairest milky hefty huge boobs, Nitya has thick sharp erect nipples. Her thighs spread for Rakesh was a treat to the eyes. I was with my long-awaited dusky hottie Divya.

I told her, “Ley, nanna nodi neenu beku anta Taali na reveal maad de. Yaake? Nange gottu ninge yen beku anta. Ley soole Divya haak kolle Taali na.” (Hey, In our introduction, you revealed your Mangalsutra by pulling it over your boobs. Why? I know what you want. Hey, slutty Divya, wear the Mangalsutra.)

Divya quickly grabbed the mangal sutra and wore it around her neck. Oh, yummy! Divya was just in a sleeveless blouse with the heavy flesh of her boobs oozing through the cleavage. Rakesh was moving his thick cock, feeling the warm and wet pussy of Nitya.

Rakesh was moving his cock in ultra-slow motions to the huge breaths of Nitya. Women will do anything and everything you ask while you satisfy their urges.

Divya looked like a wild horse. I pulled Divya, making her sleep on her side over her shoulder. I pressed my body onto Divya’s soft back. I parted the hair revealing the deep cut back of her blouse. I kissed Divya’s dusky back with my cock pressed onto her soft cushiony ass cheeks.

I was rubbing my thick cock all over the soft ass of Divya. Divya was moaning as my lips and tongue continued to kiss/suck her bare back. Divya uttered, “Ah, Madhan.” My lips caught the back of her ear and sucked, drenching it in saliva.

Divya’s moan made me wild, and I couldn’t wait any further. I quickly positioned Divya into a doggie. I grabbed jasmine flowers from the teapoy and clipped them into Divya’s short hair. I clipped the jasmine so that it dangled low through Divya’s hair.

I placed a pillow for Divya’s head to rest. Rakesh and Puneet stared while I was preparing Divya. Dusky tall Divya with her heavy thighs and perfectly shaped round firm ass cheeks were right in front of my eyes. I spread Divya’s milky thighs much wider.

My dick was rock hard with excitement to be inside this hottie. I tore open a condom packet and wore one over the hungry cock. Slutty Divya bent in a doggie with her Mangal sutra dangling around her neck and waited for a stranger’s cock to drill her. Guys, her ass cheeks were so sexy.

On my left, Rakesh, who was fucking Nitya very slowly, had increased the pace of his cock. Rakesh was pumping Nitya with huge forceful shots, with his thick cock tearing her sensitive pussy. Nitya was expressionless, with her hand tightly clasped by her husband, Puneet.

Nitya’s moans were louder now, “Ah,” while Rakesh’s hard cock was hitting with huge force. Rakesh vulgarly told, “Nodo Puneet ninna hendthi heng sukha anubavistha iddale nanna tunne jothe” (Puneet, look how your wife is being pleasured by my thick cock).

Saying this, Rakesh grabbed Nitya’s huge boobs and pumped his cock harder into her pussy, “Ah, Nitya, Tagooo” (Ah, Nitya, take my cock). Hearing Rakesh’s vulgar comments, Puneet became horny.

Puneet grabbed Nitya by the hair and started kissing wildly over her face. Nitya uttered to Rakesh, “Yaa, stop maadbed.” (Yaa, don’t stop). Rakesh was fucking Nitya madly with her husband kissing her juicy lips.

Gagana moved and started eating and sucking the thick dark nipples of Nitya. Nitya had sexy boobs, and her wide dark nipples were very attractive. Any man will go crazy to eat those nipples. Those huge jugs shook with every pump of Rakesh.

I slid a condom over my veiny cock staring at the dusky ass and thighs of Divya. I positioned my cock and rubbed them over Divya’s ass hole and pussy. I rubbed Divya’s pussy with my saliva-drenched hands.

Rakesh was tearing the pussy of Nitya with the sounds of his cock hitting her pussy audible. With Nitya’s words, “Ah, don’t stop.” Rakesh raised her small legs. Rakesh pumped her pussy harder and harder.

Nitya continued to breathe louder with words, “Ah, I am gonna cum, Rakesh.” Nitya stopped her moans, indicating she had an orgasm. But Rakesh continued to pump her until he shot his cum. Nitya was sweating with her pussy savaged like never before.

I stood and pushed my cock deep into Divya’s dark pussy, which travelled downward into her pussy. I quickly pulled out the cock, “Ley Divya beka hele?” (Hey Divya, you want my dick?)

Divya, “Ah, Beku. Haako Madhan. Yaako tedge? Haako uff.” (Ah, I want. Poke it, Madhan. Why did you remove? Poke it uff).

Me, “Ley suule, ninna ganda istu maza kodalva” (Hey slut, your husband doesn’t give this much pleasure). Divya, “Illa kano haako” (No. Poke it). I positioned my dick head and drove into her deeply. She was moaning louder, “Ah, Madhan.”

I pressed my two hands on Divya’s round soft ass cheeks, driving my cock slowly. Divya’s mangalsutra jerked and moved like a pendulum hanging down her neck with every insertion. I instructed Puneet to come in front of Divya.

I told him, “Only her Thali (Mangalsutra) is dangling. Her boobs are still hidden in her blouse.”

Puneet, “Do you want me to open it? Do you want to see the boobs shake with your fucks?”

Me, “Yes, Absolutely yes.”

Puneet quickly undid her blouse and bra. Heavens, huge dark boobs fell into the open. Puneet reached, grabbing them with his small hands and squeezing them. I pressed my thumb over her ass hole and continued to choke my cock into her warm pussy.

Puneet had a medium-sized cock that was erect again. Puneet Kneeled in front of Divya and tried to poke his cock into Divya’s slutty mouth. I continued madly pumping my thick cock into Divya. Every forced hit made Divya’s Thali (Mangalsutra) and boobs swang/shake.

I noticed Divya’s audible breaths. Her earring was dangling with my forced drilling. Divya begged me not to stop and bang harder. I grabbed her small hair and fucked her nonstop to orgasm.

The story continues to more wilderness.

In the next part: Gagana pulling Puneet for a cowgirl fuck. Gagana shows her hunger for sex by driving Rakesh crazy. It ends in a lotus position sex with him. I am going back to complete it to maximize the pleasure of Puneet’s wife, Nitya.

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