Doctor Dairies – Losing My Virginity To My Neighbour Aunty- 1

Hello friends, Let me introduce myself. I am Gautam Nanda from a place near Hyderabad. I have completed my mbbs and presently doing an internship. Life is quite boring in studies just with books and patients. I am of 6 feet having physically fit body. Therefore, I give relaxation to myself by giving the pleasure of many girls and women. In my previous story, I told you how I gave pleasure to Madhumita. (Doctor Dairies – Losing my Virginity to my Neighbour Aunty- 1)

I have received many messages and thanks for them. Some requested me to tell me the story of my virginity losing. This is my second story. The Heroine of my story is Shobha Aunty (original name). (Anyone interested in chatting, fun or need advises, can message me in Gmail [email protected] is my account.

Shobha aunty is a hot desi Brahmin lady, who is 37 years of age, with a height of 5’5”. She was fair in colour with good looks. She was having a sexy figure of 36 32 34. Her boobs are big, may be her daughter sucked them more.

We used to live in New Delhi and I was a student then, studying in my first year of senior college. I am the only son of my parents. They used to give me lots of love and care. We used to live in3rd floor of an apartment. Shobha aunty used to live on the 4th floor directly above us. She was very friendly with my mom. I never had bad intentions for her. She used to come to our home and we used to visit theirs.

Once my parents have to go to the village for some work and I was alone in home. Mom told Shobha aunty to arrange for my food. Next day morning, I didn’t go to college. I was watching tv and suddenly signals went off. I went to our terrace to check the direction and orientation of the dish antenna and was seeing downwards. Shobha aunty was on her balcony having her tea. As I was looking downward, I saw upper part of her beautiful melons and the cleavage running into her boobs. It was an awesome view. I was fully hard in my pants. Aunty was not having her chunni. I was watching her from above and suddenly, she saw up. I was little embarrassed.

I greeted her. Myself : Namaste AuntyShobha Aunty : Namaste beta. Kya kar rahe ho upar? (What are you doing above?)

M: kuch nahi aunty, TV antenna check kar raha tha. (Was just checking tv antenna)

S: Thik hai beta. Aaj college nahi gaye kya? (Ok. Did you not go to college today?)

M: Nahi aunty, aaj college jane ka man nahi tha. (No aunty, today i was not in a mood to go to college?)

S: Thik hai beta, ghar aake chai pee lo. (Ok, come to home and have some tea)

I agreed and went to her home. Door was already open and she was sitting on the sofa. She called me inside and asked me to sit. And she went inside to prepare tea. I was watching Tv. She came to me and bent before me to serve tea. I was almost statue to see her. Her upper boobs were almost visible. She was not wearing her bra, nor wearing her chunni. I was able to see her cleavage. My pants turned into a bonner. She noticed this, gave me a smile, and called my name.Then, I and she were having tea. We were chatting normal things. She was alone in her home. Uncle was in his office and her daughter was in her college. She was also studying 12th and used to come to me to ask doubts. Shobha aunty started asking me about college life, coaching and other stuff like gf and all.

S: Aur bolo, koi gf hai kya? (And say, do you have any gf?)M: Nahi aunty, koi pasand hi nahi ayi. (No aunty, I never liked any girl)

S: Aise kyu? Kya pasand aata hai ladkiyo mai? (Why? What do you like most in girls?)

M: Kuch khas nahi. Padhai, Dikayi aur nature (Nothing much. Good in studies, looks and nature)

S: Mujhe to lagta hai tumhe aur bhi kuch pasand hai. (I think you like some other things too)

And started to smile. I also started blushing. Then, we were generally chatting. Aunty went to the kitchen and this time brought juice for both of us. She bent forward again to show her assets. This time, instead of glass, I pressed her boobs. She was startled and the juice felt on her chudidar at the level of boobs. She stood up and started to be angry. She was giving me a piece of lecture and I was almost felt like screwed. She went inside the bathroom and started to wash herself.

I thought to myself. This is a do or die situation. I went to Bathroom and it was not locked. I straight away went inside and held her from back on her waist. She started to say something, but I was not interested. I started to take my hands up and started pressing her boobs. She was slowly moaning and saying “Chodo mujhe gautam. Aise hum nahi kar sakte. Saloni ka ane ka time ho gaya hai” (Leave me gautam. We can’t do this. It’s time for saloni to com). I understood shobha aunty is also interested. I started to press her boobs more; I took her outside bathroom and took her into the bedroom. I laid her on the bed and removed my t-shirt.

She was also co operating. I moved her chudidar up and started sucking her boobs. She was moaning and saying “Gautam, aur chuso inhe, subah se teri nazar mere mamme pe hi hai. Aur chuso inhe, Khaa jao” (Gautam, suck them more. From morning onwards, you were eyeing my boobs. Suck them more, eat them)

Then, I was sucking her left boob and then moved to her right boob. She was moaning with pleasure. Before I can move more, calling bell rang. It was her daughter Saloni, who disturbed our romance.I will continue what all happened. How I had a complete romance with Shobha aunty and how I got the chance to fuck Saloni too. Readers, please give your reviews on facebook [email protected] . Any girl, Bhabhi or Married lady interested in chatting, friendship or advice in Hyderabad, Bidar or Gulburga can message me on facebook.

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