Doctor Gives Mom Anal Training

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Hi guys, this is Nosha returning for the final time with another installment of how I witnessed my mother’s indescretions. After accidentally seeing her with Mitra uncle, I had set her up for a gangbang with my driver and his friend Abdul. That had developed into another gangbang at Abdul’s garage the very next morning and I heard even Abdul’s two sons got a healthy share of her. After that morning I had noticed red marks around mom’s upper arms and shoulders when she wore a nighty. She was also walking like she had a stiff back. So I told her to go to our family doctor Dr.Bandhan. He had often helped me out with football injuries and I knew most of mom’s problems was also because of all the guys playing with her footballs. So she went one day. After a couple of hours she came back looking very fresh but tired. She said that the doctor was giving her physiotherapy sessions to help with the pain. So she would have to visit his chambers everyday for the next two weeks.

Everyday she went I saw wearing her tight blouse teeshirts and her ankle length skirts and I secretly x-rayed her bengali milf figure. Everyday after a couple of hours she would come back looking happy and tired and she would crash to bed for a few hours. This went on for two weeks and then she stopped going. But only three days later, her back acted up again and she called Dr.Bandhan to set an appointment in his chambers. But apparently he told her that he would come over to our place, provided I was there. I was a little surprised when she told me because I expected he would want me OUT of the house, considering how happy he had been making my mother for the last two weeks. But I said okay, set it up. He said that he would be there in fifteen minutes.

So mom went into her room to change. Just as she came out wearing a perfectly white salwar suit with a white pajama, the doorbell rang. I went and opened to see Dr.Bandhan, a short portly man with a handsome long moustache. He seemed happy to see me and came in. From here on, dialogue.

Bandhan: Nosha beta, nice to see you. Where is your mother?Mrs.Chobami?

Mom came out of the kitchen with a glass of cold water for the doctor and we all sat down. Mom sat next to me on the couch and Dr.Bandhan sat opposite to us.

Bandhan:Mrs.Chobami, your back is hurting again?Mom: I’m afraid so has been a little worse since morning.Bandhan: Hmm…I was afraid this would happen if we stopped the physiotherapy so early. I think we have to resume it again.Mom: Then when should I visit your chamber, doctor?Bandhan smiled at her and then he smiled at me.Bandhan: MrsChobami, will you please stand up?Good…now come over here.

Bandhan put his arm around her waist and pulled her down on his lap right there in front of me!

Mom: Doctor, what are you doing?! That’s my son!I was simply too shocked to say anything, but I think the sight of my mother clad in perfect white, in the grips of this confident doctor, was giving me a bit of a hard on.

Bandhan: Mrs.Chobami, please calm down…I am only offering you a solution that I think you will like. Please..this is all for your good health. Am I right, Nosha?

I could only nod. I wanted my mother to get better.

So Bandhan said that he had a proposition and he would only speak for two minutes after which both me and mom could have our say. This was already starting to sound kinky and as so obviously, as the current man of the house (dad overseas again!) I said yes to it. Mom only put her head down and finally eased into Dr.Bandhan’s lap.He wasn’t doing much, only caressing her back and shoulder.Bandhan: Nosha, I will be honest with you. Your mother is a very sexually active woman. Are you aware of this?

I pretended that I knew nothing of this sort.

Bandhan:Mmmm….your mother is a very charged up woman, not her fault your father is away all year. So she looks for different ways to fill her holes, your mother. She had fucked over twelve men in the week before she came to see me. Can you believe? That is almost more than one every day! She told me about what happened in the garage..she told me how they repeatedly double penetrated her after lubricating her asshole with motor oil. She enjoyed that one immensely, but it had hurt her back very badly. Now I knew that your mother will keep having this problem, because she wants to fuck different men and most men want everything from a goddess like your mother.I could see mom smile faintly as she heard all this.Bandhan carried on while I listened: So I decided that your mother obviously knows how to use her pussy very well. But her ass is not very well trained. So for two weeks, I set about training your mother’s ass for penetration. Go ahead…ask your mother, ask her about how I used all the special gellies and creams to help her and how she handpicked the dildos that I would gently squeeze into her asshole inch by inch until she had no problem taking a standard six inch dildo up her ass. In two weeks I had trained your mother for anal sex. But it looks like she misses the practice.

Saying this, he took one hand to mother’s crotch and spread her legs open a little so I could see. He pried the chunky legs a little more and then tightly clasped the pajama against her swollen crotch. I could see her dark bush poking through the thin white fabric.Bandhan: Your mother is so horny, she has given up wearing bra and panty also..see? She is enjoying this chat also, see?

Sure enough, within seconds the juices from mother’s pussy drenched the pajama part covering the crotch.

Bandhan:See Nosha, this discussion is turning out just the way I was hoping. Nosha, take off your pants. You are having a very big erection.

I could not disobey the man…I slid off my shorts and my own cock sprang into view, an eight-inch thick black cock. But mom couldn’t look at me..she was only looking down and smiling coyly.Bandhan: Nosha, I am going to give your mother anal training again today, but this time I want you to watch.Mom: What?! You can’t expect him to watch that!

Bandhan:Mrs.Chobami…calm down, he is your son only…no stranger! He came out of your body. What is the shame in him seeing his real birthplace?

Now Nosha, I will use some dildos and I will also fuck her personally. I need to make sure her problem is solved. While you watch, you are free to masturbate..go ahead! But I want you to learn how to pleasure your mother so that she doesn’t have to fuck so many strangers! Okay?

Again, I could only nod. Now my hand was on my cock and I was waiting for my own mother’s porno party to start right in front of me. Doctor told me to bring his bag to the table and I did, it was heavy. He told me take out all the dildos I could find in there, and I pulled out around seven different kinds.

Bandhan:Nosha, today you will choose the dildos your mother needs, okay? Saying this, he unzipped his pants and mom sat down on the floor to start with her blowjob. She pulled his cock out from his underwear: it was a short but extremely thick monster. Already in mother’s hand it had started to throb to full erection. Then she started blowing our doctor right there in front of me. From this side I could only see the back of mom’s head going up and down and the expression on doctor’s face as he put his head back with his eyes closed. When he saw me, he immediately understood the problem. He pulled her head back and told her to take off his pants and underwear completely.

Once he was naked from waist down, he stood up and came and set next to me on the big sofa. Now mom had to turn around and face me if she had wanted the doctor’s dick. As doctor put his arm around my shoulder, mom immediately sat down again and focused on putting her mouth around his cock again. I must say, to see my mother give a blowjob to another man from this close distance was too amazing..and she is so much better than half the pornstars. She was working her lips tightly around his thick cock and sucking pretty loudly too! She started to carress his balls with one hand when doctor took the other hand and placed it right over my cock! At first her fingers gently wrapped around my penis and slowly slowly started to stroke me too. I was in seventh heaven as my slut mother was giving me a handjob while blowing the doctor.

Bandhan: Nosha, your mother loves to suck..don’t you Soma?Mom made a sound to mean yes because her mouth was full.Bandhan: She likes to get a shot of cum in her mouth. She told me that only gets her engine started!

Mom didn’t say anything but her grip tightened around my cock as she rubbed her thumb over the tip.

Bandhan: Nosha, normally for double penetration training my driver Nilesh used to help us. He is waiting downstairs if required…but I am thinking today, maybe you want to help me?

I couldn’t believe my ears and even more shockingly mother only started blowing doctor harder..I think I said yes..!

Bandhan:Great! Soma, today your own son will be partaking of your lovely body..great,na??

For the first time mom made eye contact with me and she looked up at me with those big slut eyes like she wanted a real pounding. Feeling courage, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head over to my throbbing cock…after seeing so many guys enjoy it so much I also wanted the experience to get sucked by my kinky slutty mother!Mmmm..guys, how can I describe the feeling?? Her lips felt so soft and thick and she kissed the head and then she french kissed the tip from where a little juice was coming already! Slowly slowly she put my entire cock inside her warm mouth and started sliding her tongue along the length. Her lips felt airtight and were perfectly lubricating my cock so nicely. Then she slowly swallowed my dick and that was my cue to hold her head and fuck her throat a little…the sound of her gagging was so pleasing! I could see she was still playing with doctor’s balls and running a finger along the cock. He was also enjoying the show of my mother sucking me like a top class randi.

After gagging on my cock for a little while longer she moved her attention to doctor’s cock and started blowing him in earnest and fast. I got an idea and went to the fridge. I got a couple of beers and came back and handed one bottle to the doctor.

Doctor: Hahaha..Nice idea Nosha!So are you liking the experience so far?Me: Yes doc..this is amazing.

Doctor: Your mother knows I like it when she sucks me fast and hard like this…oh..oh..god, Soma…easy baby..

As I sat down, one of her hands instantly went to my dick and started stroking it again..She was not going to let either cock rest for a second.

So while I and doctor drank beer, the mother sat on the floor and sucked both our dicks. I had finished mine but the doctor had only drunk half the beer and kept the rest aside.

Doctor: Nosha, now get down behind your mother and pull down her pajama.

Mom raised her ass and was now in a doggy pose as she sucked doctor. I bent down behind her and started to undress her bottom. I could see the crotch part was soaking wet, her pussy must have been leaking. As I pulled it down, I was immediately greeted by her big ass cheeks and her hairy pussy drenched in her juices. Without saying anything I buried my face in her curly pubic hair, the smell was so strong and attractive that I rubbed my nose on her wet pussy lips.I wanted to be suffocated by it. Before I knew it, my tongue was darting in and out of my mother’s cunt and I was loving the taste of her juices. She was also moaning more loudly now, but her mouth was still full with doctor’s cock. Her pussy was so hot I could feel it on my tongue.I got the sense that she would need a fucking pretty soon. The doctor grabbed her hair and pulled her head off his cock and slapped it lovingly on her face. Then he took his beer bottle which was still half full and he put his cock inside it and cum exploded out of his cock inside the bottle. He shook the bottle and the cum mixed nicely with the beer.

Doctor: Soma, time for your protein shake.While I was still enjoying the taste of my mother’s pussy, the doctor put the bottle in her mouth and made her drink it bottoms up…god, she was being treated like such a filthy slut! As she gasped for a breath doctor again pulled her by the hair and ordered her to suck him to full hardness again.

Doc: Aaahh..yes Soma..suck hard now, suck it nicely…how does your son’s tongue feel in your pussy?

Mom:Aaahhh..uunnh..It feels good..Hearing her I got very encouraged, so I grabbed her ass with both hands and sent my tongue even deeper inside her cunt. I could feel her walls quiver and her cum was flowing into my mouth. I did not want to waste a single drop of mom’s cum, so I made sure I licked her pussy completely clean.

Doc: Nosha, now I want you to get her ass ready. It’s your mother’s be careful, okay? Haha!

I took her huge ass cheeks in both hands and pulled them apart to reveal her grey asshole. It was completely hairless but it looked so tight. Instantly I got a jolt remembering spying on Anju uncle pound this very same ass. I put my nose against it and the stink alone sent me to heaven. The smell was a little bit of shit and definitely some other juices as well. When I put my tongue on her asshole, it immediately puckered close. I decided to take my time with I put a finger in her wet cunt and rubbed her walls to get enough juices on it. I pried her ass open a little wider and slid in the lubbed finger…god, it was so tight inside her ass! I had no idea how we were going to fit a cock in there!

But slowly slowly I moved the finger in and out till I felt her ass respond. Soon, I had slipped in a second finger and mom was moaning too loudly as doc’s cock went in and out of her mouth. This first-hand experience of watching my darling mom in action was getting my cock really hard.I couldn’t believe I was going to fuck her too in a while. At long last when I felt both the fingers slide easily inside her asshole, I decided to get a taste of it too..It felt a little dry, but the skin was very sensitive and the taste was yummm…The doctor had taken his fat cock out of mom’s mouth and he brought one of the toys and gave it to me. It was a chain of balls on a stick..the balls got bigger downwards the stick.

Doc: Now since you two are going to be fucking a lot after this, it’s important to develop communication..okay?

Me: Ye-Yes…whatever you say doc.

Doc: Now..Mrs.Chobami, Nosha is going to insert the stick inside your ass.You two need to talk to each other and tell him when he has to stop.

Mom: Okay…

Me: Ma..are you ready?Mom took a deep breath and said: Yes beta..put it in..but gently.I rubbed the stick against her asshole till it opened up again and gently I pushed in the first three small balls. I rotated them inside her and then gently screwed in the fourth.

Me: Ma..are you liking this..?

Mom:Aaah..Nosha,slowly..slowly,yes..that’s it..Doc: Haha..yes, talk dirty to each other, please.

Me: Ma tells me what you want me to do with the stick.Ma:Aaah…ahh..go ahead beta, put in another ball..aah!Me: Ma..your pussy is dripping.Ma:aah..uunh..It’s all for you shona.

I slid the stick in and out of her butt and got a taste of her cum. I was loving it so much that I kissed her thick labia till she squirted some more fresh juices in my mouth.Me: Ma..take off your kameez.

Ma: Doctor ji..please take it off na.

So while my mom was still down on all fours like a bitch and getting her holes serviced by me, the doctor pulled her kameez off over her head and her heavy breasts and tummy swung into view. I reached over with one hand and felt her breasts..they were big and heavy like coconuts, but soft and filled with warm milk.Ma:Play with with my nipples beta..uff..

Me:I am going to push in another ball..okay Ma? At this point I realized she was so horny that I didn’t need her I just went ahead and pushed in the sixth ball. I squeezed her breast hard like I always wanted to and mom moaned very loudly in ultimate pleasure. Her asshole squeezed so tight that the last ball poked out. Like the perfect motherfucker, I pushed it in again so that her ass would be prepared for doctor’s therapy..also because I was so extremely horny exploring mom’s holes.

Doc:Very good Nosha! You have done very well…your mom’s ass is getting primed for fucking..Now come here and let me fuck her pussy!I was reluctant to pull my tongue out mom’s cunt, I was loving the taste so much..but I guess I wanted to see doc’s fat cock fuck her more.So I switched positions with the doc and he immediately pulled her hip up towards his cock. He rubbed it on her crotch a little and then pushed it inside. I could see the expression on mom’s face get more erotic and moist with sweat. As doc slipped in his fat cock her lips parted more and more. Unable to resist I bent down and kissed her lips..she was in so much heat that she immediately attacked my tongue with hers.

As I smooched mother, I could feel her every moan inside my mouth as doctor fucker her doggystyle. But I was feeling very greedy and more than anything, I wanted to put my dick where the toy was…in her ass. Doc sensed my intentions and grabbed her hair from behind and pulled her head up.

Doc: Nosha..put your dick inside your mom’s mouth now.I stood up again and I saw mom’s open eyes fixated on my hard cock hanging over her face. She put out her tongue and flicked the tip and gave a lick down the length of my sent shivers all over my body!

Ma: Put in my mouth now Nosha…

I rammed it inside her mouth and felt the back of her throat as the complete dick was inside her mouth now. I held her head and started gagging her to doctor’s fast rhythm..The sound of her choking on it was very hot…I could see her eyes turning red and I pulled out and rubbed the dick on her face…her lips..her cheeks. It was dripping with her tasty saliva which was still dripping from my mouth. As mom gasped for breath, I saw doc pull the toy out of her ass. I went behind her and saw her ass was now gaping wide, waiting for a cock.Me:Maa..can I fuck your ass?

Maa: Mmmmmhhh..oh yes beta..but slowly..very slowly.I wasn’t able to control it any longer, experiencing my mother’s sluttiness, so with both hands, I grabbed her fat ass cheeks and positioned my cock over her asshole. I pried her ass open and gently thrust my cock inside her extremely tight asshole…even after the toy, it was so tight that I had to push very hard to get in..Mom was now moaning very loudly and openly, it made me even hornier. I picked up the pace and mom’s moans were now a little painful, I didn’t care.I wanted her to feel the pain a little.after all, I was fucking her ass!

Me: Maa..your ass feels really good!

Maa:Aaah!Aahh!Ohh..beta,please slowly beta…Aaahh!Me: Nah maa..I only want to fuck your ass hard now..saying that, I started fucking mom’s ass even harder and she was yelling in pain now. I could see a doctor was getting extremely turned on by this hardcore incest show. He took the toy that was in her ass and put it in her mouth.

Doc: Yess Soma..suck the balls..suck them..taste your own ass.Mom’s loud moans were now muffled but I could feel her asshole quiver everytime I went inside her tight butt.

Doc: Doesn’t it taste nice Soma? I know you love the taste of your own know we all do.

Saying this, he thrust it in and out of her mouth and mom was making slurping sounds too…she was making both me and the doctor even more and hornier with her dirty randi behavior. Doc could not handle it anymore and decided to replace the toy with his dick in mom’s mouth. It was his turn to gag her now and boy I could tell his fat cock was jamming her throat badly. When he pulled out she coughed out a lot of saliva and precum on the floor. I just kept on fucking mom’s ass nice and easy…

Doc: Soma…time for the final part..are you ready..?Mom: Aaah…Ooff..Aah..I don’t know..aah.

Doc: I think you are ready…you want this to happen now, don’t you..?I felt a shiver run down her spine as my thighs collided with her buttcheeks. I guess doctor and I was finally going to dp my mom! I parked my cock inside her ass while doctor climbed underneath her. I pushed her waist down till her crotch was rubbing his cock..mine and doctor’s waists were perfectly sandwiching mom’s. Doc took his dick in his hand and rubbed it over her cunt for a second before sliding it up her love hole.

Mom:AAAAAAAAHHH…OOH GODD! It hurts!!Doc:Aaah..aahh…easy Soma..easy…’ll like always like it…

Ma: Doctor it hurts..!Both your dicks are so hard!Aahh!Ahh!The first two minutes mom was screaming in pain as I and doctor gave her some double penetration..but neither of us was going to stop..we also kept sliding our dicks in and out of her holesMom: Please..please..both of you are fucking me so hard…oh god…Aaah!It hurts so bad…

Mom was still screaming, but it felt so hot inside her was the best feeling in the world! The doctor was leaving bite marks all over her neck and breasts, but he decided to smooch mom in order to shut her up. I could feel his cock fuck mom’s pussy furiously too..Slowly, the muffled screams turned into moans and I could feel her body tightening into climax. We fucked her like this for two more minutes before she came in a magnificent orgasm and she gave doc the longest kiss. Doc pulled his dick out and rubbed her cum all over her forest.

Doc: Nosha beta, my turn to fuck your mom’s ass now.

I gave one last push inside and mom let out a crazy moan..when I pulled out, her ass was a gaping hole. Doc had no trouble fitting his fat cock inside within seconds in her asshole. This time he grabbed her hips as they were in doggy position, and he started thumping her hard!

Mom:Aah!Doctor ji..please slowly!please!!Aahh..Aahh!Doc: Chup Soma…just shut up and take it like a randi..YEAH!Mom: Doctor your dick is too fat for my asshole! Aah!!Doc: Nosha, shut your mother up!

Her face was at my knee I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head up. I looked into her eyes as she grimaced in pain from the hard anal and I rubbed my dick all over her full soft cheeks. Then I pulled her head back while I inserted my dick inside mom’s open mouth. Then I firmly held her head in place while I fucked her mouth and doctor was fucking her ass in full force! But the expression on mom’s face had changed completely..her eyes were closed and she was now moaning in extreme orgasmic heat. The doctor leaned forward and squeezed her breast hard.

He kept rubbing the nipple to get her even hornier. He was even biting her neck and chunky soft back! He fucked her mad for a few more minutes and then he came inside mom’s ass.He made sure the entire cum was inside her he grinded her like that.Mom was also unable to hold it any longer and she started squirting like a fountain..doc massaged her pussy and drank a bit of her squirt.After she was done catching her breath, she looked up at me and pulled my dick out of her mouth.

Ma: Beta I want you to come in my mouth now..okay?

Me: Oh yes…mom just please put it back in your mouth.

And then she gave me the pro blowjob…I felt her tongue run furiously over my dick and her saliva was all over it..she was even massaging my balls with. Finally, I deepthroated her at my climax and I felt the cum explode from my dick inside mom’s mouth, I had never felt so much cum flow out of me, but when I pulled out my dick, it was still dripping from her lips. She finally crashed on the floor and dozed off to sleep naked and covered in our cum. Doc had already dressed up and even collected all the toys he had brought.

On the way out, he told meDoc: Now Nosha, I hope you will take good care of your mother’s needs.

Me: Of course doc, anything she needs..she will get it from me.Doc: Good! I will come over from time to time to check on her lessons..and maybe next time, my driver can also join us?Me: Doc I can’t wait for that…I want to see mom handle three dicks!He gave me a smile and went away. I was finally understanding that he had completely unlocked the world of incest for me. Mom’s lovers would have to wait..I was going to rule her pussy now!

Well, guys, this is the end of the series on my Bengali mom Soma and her sex episodes. I really hope you enjoyed it a lot.

I want all of you to write back at [email protected] and tell me about how you would like to fuck my mom Soma..I love to chat dirty about moms and girlfriends in detail, so please write! 🙂

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