Door Let Ajar – Way To Redemption – Part 1

Hello Readers, this is kumar coming back with a story after a long time please leave your comments to [email protected]. This is a fantasy story of a wife getting involved into the drive of sex life.

A lazy Sunday morning i was rolling in my bed searching for my wife with my eyes closed found out she is missing and opened my eyes to checked the time to be around eleven called out for her and she replied from the kitchen ‘Get brushed coffee will in table within 2 minutes’ finished my morning calls and stepped out of my room yet my wife was missing out of my sight yet the streaming coffee caught my eyes and started to sip it and called for her again she replied that she is in shower.

Coffee really a fantastic friend to kick start yesterdays continuation to today’s presence the night before was rolling in my eyes usually we used to have sex only once or twice during week days in the weekend we would satisfy our self’s to the deepest content yesterday was special as it was the first night since marriage that she took charge and rode on me it has been 3 months from our marriage and she felt different yesterday super charged and was riding my dick to her strongest satisfaction.

Last drops of coffee entering my throat my desire to see my new set wife has increased i tapped the bathroom door and she replied with a question i asked her to open up she said no i insisted and she opened up at last she was standing in the shower my wife body naked droplets all over her body nipples starting to respond to my looks on her face bright and with a wicked smile honey colored skin shining she is 5″4 feet tall hair rolling up to her waist till the start of her round ass 32D round boobs standing firm a bit of flat belly which has grown after marriage she was splendid i just grabbed her and started to kiss her she was asking me with surprise what happen and why is this all of a sudden she would mourn in between and after a few kisses around her face now to stop her excitement and convert her to sex deserving lady i moved on to her week spot i started kissing her neck below her ears and i could feel a deep breath from her and her hands moving around my neck her weight resting on me she caught my idea and started to enjoy.

Gradually kissing her neck and moving down as the water flows into a funnel between her boobs i was following the track and starter squeeze her boobs and pulled her one leg around my waist i shed my clothes and started to jerk her making her to stand with the support of the wall and my waist and was receiving my banging she was excited and came soon this made me also to come after she once retraining from the passion pushed me out of the bath room, i walked out smiling and changed my clothes and was waiting for her she came in after few minutes and sat by my side leaning on to my shoulders enjoying the moods in the shower we both were kissing at times our neighbor disturbed our times and called my wife to her house for some alterations and she asked me permission for an hour.

This moment changed a lot more things in our lives. We were a consolidated family in our neighborhood as both our parents are settled in our native we don’t have as many customs we live by ourselves. Only a particular neighbor is a friend of my wife as they both are of the same age group and i haven’t met her or her husband, i dosed off in my sofa without any idea of whats happening around me. My wife woke me up by kissing me continuously i started to reply to her kisses annoyingly the door bell rang again i dint leave my wife but she pushed me and opened the door it was her friend again leaving the door half opened she was chatting with her and came back rushing towards me and completing the kiss.

She was uncontrollable pushed my hands around her and made me to squzee her and she was in mood for sure i made up my mind that i am not going to let her take all the pleasure why should wife have all the fun? i rolled her over making her lay down in the couch and caught her cheeks and kissed her lips and started to chew her lips and also removing her gown she was smiling in between and kissing me all over i pulled her up she came crashing over my body and i made her to stand and was inserting my finger in side her cunt parted her lips and started to finger fuck her she was jerking and squirting cling on to me and i made her to lean on the sofa with her ass facing me i wanted her to enjoy in her favorite position which is me entering from her back ramming in hard to feel my entire length inside her.

I was playing with my dick about entering her ass and her pussy and was about enter her pussy hard i had a glance from my corner of my eye towards the door and the sight was coinciding with my thrust that it became powerful my wife let out a grunt in pleasure and my eyes were fixed to the door “A women dressed in green color sari golden brown Color tone bright round eyes staring completely at us her face was sweating all over and she was standing with her hand held firmly to the side rail maybe it was what supporting her from falling she was in such a condition that she might have had a strong orgasm she could not take her eyes of us neither me my wife could not have noticed her as the door was hiding her.

My dick was pulsating with fresh blood a hot wet pussy griping my 7 Inches to the core and a wet pussy standing at a considerable distance asking to be rammed asking to be wasted i let her a smile i knew she is definitely going to taste my dick in her cunt and wanted to show her my dick i adjusted my wife who has lost every control and was enjoying blankly not knowing the new strength of her husband. The new intruder was bold enough to stare at the glimpse of my dick ramming my sweet wife and i wanted to show her more decided to take out and puffed on my wife’s ass and rammed in her again she responded with a jerk never knew how many orgasms my wife had usually we would change positions but today i was not interested and decided to end this pulled my wife back made her to lean diagonally like the English alphabet ‘K’ and increased my pace from behind and came in her. My wife fell back on me grunting her pussy over my dick enjoying the aftershocks.

I gazed through the door and found the bright women missing, my mind started to recover the scenes and i guessed she might have been the neighbor who was repeatedly annoying me from the morning. We both dressed up and had a quick lunch and hit the bed hard.

It was again the calling bell which woke me up my wife was sleeping heavily and i attended the door with my bare chest kissing and brawling marks all over me resultant of the tedious sex activities. My eyes were enlightened as i opened the door the same lady standing at the door surprised to see me attend the door stammering on what to say she inquired me about my wife i offered her to come in but she was hesitant finally she gave a deep breath and calmed herself and told me there is a party in her house tonight for which she wanted us both to be present. I agreed with pleasure and closed the door.

I could feel my dick straightening up again gaining its pole position i went back straight to my wife gazing her half covered in sheets and the rest in awkward positions i slowly moved over her and she opened her eyes kissed me and asked me have you not satisfied yet i replied with a kiss and she asked me to wait till night, if not she might miss the party i let her go and while getting up from bed seeing my dick standing hard she gave me a heartwarming blow job. This was a special moment as it was making me prepare to have second women in my life. I came quickly and she asked me to get ready i asked her where and she told me about the party which i was invited just now by both my women at that moment.

Friends this day i had to make a mark in my calendar as the following events made it so such a day full of entertaining sex. We both got dressed and went straight to their house door was open there was a bit of crowd i guessed it to be their family members. It was the 1st birth day party for their son.

The party was proceeding and my looks always searched for my heroine with my wife beside she was busy like a bee attending all the family members her husband and her son at times she would have a gaze at me cake was cut dinner started and she came straight to us welcomed us and apologized as she was busy and she led us to the dining hall which was her terrace my wife at front she following and me at last i found a gap when no one could have noticed us and pinched her hips it was the bare portion from the sari side she was wearing a cotton sari and it was doing the needed job perfectly she dint react as she was chatting to my wife constantly and the second chance i pinched her again asking to attend me she turned back with a smile and straight look.

I confirmed she is going to bed with me. We had our dinner and i was having a seat in the terrace my wife went with her for she had to introduce her family members after quite a time the terrace became empty i heard anklets sounds that someone was climbing the stairs i thought it was my wife to my surprise it was her i stood up walked straight to her and stood just in front of her she was staring right through my eyes i asked her about my wife she told she is playing with her son i grabbed her waist and pushed her to the wall she was gulping huge amount of air in her lungs making her to sweat hard i was just holding her tight and was gazing her eyes as if trying to receive any confirmation slowly i moved my free hand towards her hips i felt her breathing go big.

My hands reached her mounds over her sari i did not want to lose her and was just playing with her she smiled at me and pressed my hand hard over her boobs i straight away bent to her shoulders and started to kiss her neck below her ears the same spot as to my wife she mourned and hugged me hard she was enjoying it and let me suck her like a vampire we both parted suddenly as we heard a male voice calling Sandhiya she ran down like a rabbit and i took my seat again. My wife came back and we left to our house i couldn’t see her then after that night.

We reached back home my wife started to kiss me right from the door and she fulfilled what she told before we left we had a soft sex and she slept in my arms. The right time i was about to close my eyes my wife’s phone beeped a message i was curious and read the message it was from sandhiya she was inquiring about the things in party were comfortable i replied back that my wife Keerthana is fast asleep and i am awake she asked me if i could come to terrace i replied back in 5 and walked out of our house closed the door without any noise and walked upstairs towards the terrace i looked all around and she was not there so i sat near the stairs and i saw a figure walking towards the stairs in the dark she came near me i asked her to sit in my lap she pushed my head smiling and sat beside me i asked her has her husband slept she never replied i pulled her close to me and started kissing her.

She was wearing a nighty and with a front opening Zip i let the zip fly down and started to explore her boobs her boobs were firm and juicy i had a doubt and let her nipples in my mouth and started to suck it as of my confirmation she was milking she let out a mourn and was hugging my head towards her boobs i pulled her over my lap and raised her nighty over her hips and removed my trousers and made her to sit over it. This was not a romantic introduction for both of us we just wanted to full fill our desire right past this afternoon i pumped her hard as while sucking her boobs she was mourning and started to breath heavy i asked her if she is cumming she just nodded her head and i asked her to suck my neck as i did her in the evening so that we can come together she did so and we both came together with each other feeling the shiver vibration and the cold air breezing though the naked parts of our body as like our first sex.

She clung on to me for some more time and then kissed me and left leaving her phone number to me she told me that she liked the way i fucked and it was something different in me than from her husband she could not differentiate as she loved him. I assured her that i will not spoil her love as i have a lovely wife too but that doesn’t mean i will not distant your pussy from my dick we can have fun simultaneously be good wife and husband she agreed and left back home.

I silently seeped into my wife’s hug and had a great sleep. This continued moving our life’s to a great extent which i will continue in the next parts kindly feedback me to [email protected]

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