Door Let Ajar – Way To Redemption – Part 3

Hello friends, this is a story again a continuation of what’s happening in Door Let Ajar – Way to Redemption, Door Let Ajar – Way to Redemption II. To the friends who are getting in for the first time this is a story about a couple where the husband is fond of a new neighbour lady and sex life and things rolling on. As we all know once we know the secrets of life then there will be no excitement or any reason for emotions let it be the sad ones or the happier ones, but as a practical person we know life always has its own turns which we are forced to accept. Most of the friends who are following my stories might never had a clue why did i chose this title for this story don’t worry fellas you will get the fact as this chapter comes to an end. Getting back to the story,

It was 6:30 in the evening I just woke up from a bad dream filled with regret my face was dull I was trying hard to recognize what the dream was heard the calling bell honking with an abstract look I opened the door and found out the best thing happening to me Sandhiya with a glow in her face hair neatly tied wrapped herself in a cotton sari standing stiff above her globes a sight still wandering in my dreams I stepped aside let her in closed the moment I was about to close the door she pushed the door to crank and jumped on me hugging me from my neck pulling me closer to her and smiling all the way showering kisses calling me dirty boy. My ugly dream and its aftershock has turned out to be a best moment in my life.

A sweet housewife not my property is showering kisses and acting wild like never before her face and her love in her eyes were taking me to a different place. I found myself started to react held her hips and pulled her crouch closer to my erect dick and lifted her a little bit and dropped her on the sofa she was kneeling on the sofa to reach my lips with hers and we both were enjoying each other’s presence like a day never after.

I just held her cheeks in both my hands and was smooching her just to show her there is love in me for her she was embracing me as hard as she can once she parted with the kiss I kept my hands over the pallu of her sari and tried to pull it down but it was pinned so had a thought to play with her pulled her off the sofa turned her and inserted my middle finger inside her blouse just along the border starting from her lower back where her midrib creates a gap from her blouse and started to move towards my right exactly opposite to the direction of her pallu pinned to her blouse. Slowly i guided my finger brushing her back along the side lines of her blouse and leaving small kiss at a regular interval as if filling dots after the line is drawn.

Now I have reached her shoulder and paused a bit I could sense her felling goose bumps all over her each and every time I kiss her she would arch a bit or leave a mourn or a gush of air from her mouth I moved in a bit closer so that she might feel my presence behind her but not touching each other except my finger under her blouse. At the shoulder I inserted my finger a bit deeper in search of her bra strap and widened the blouse exposing her bare shoulder clipped in by her tight bra holding the entire weight of her boobs kissed her exactly over the bra strap and started to move further down the hill, my dick was trying to make the second contact on her but I was trying desperately not to and moved front and reduced the gaps of the kisses along the trail which almost looked like kissing all the way

By the time I reached the top of her boobs and I tried to insert one more finger later dropped the idea as I felt twin spark might loosen the slow steady process yet the kisses continues and the sari staring to object my path and with some resistance i was going on by the time i have reached her full boobs paused a bit looked at her face she was beginning to sweat and her eyes were half closed and she was throwing her head to both sides for a minute i felt that she is acting like she being possessed i landed a kiss on her bare breast on top of her mound my lips plain lying on her boos and her hands clinched my hairs tightly she was planning to drop herself but did not and held my hair so strong i placed my tongue on the place where i kissed and gulped a piece of flesh in my mouth and started to suck it she gulped a volume of air and pulled me closer to her.

By continuing sucking her flesh and making her loud in her mourns i started to remove her blouse hooks my 240 days of sex from my first night i have never tried to remove a blouse pinned to her sari and that particular day i felt it was not a bright idea. I left sucking her and removed her sari and blouse made her to stand in her bra and petticoat i carried her in my arms to my bed room which has never had the scent of other women than my wife Keerthana nor other men than me first time Sandhiya entering the room with her inner garments and the thought was making my dick to pulse more trying to spit its venom rather than biting someone. I dropped her carefully on the bed and removed her petticoat she climbed over the bed and removed my shirt and trousers making me to stand in my boxers she found what was happening to my dick and playfully held it in her hands climbed over me and dropped near my ears and then i thought she might say something but felt the tip of her lips playing melloween with the lobes of my ear i felt excited and hugged her she gulped her tongue inside my ear trying as if to fuck my ear with her tongue i felt strange and let her do as per her wish in the mean time removed her bra and also lowered her panty and was massaging her ass.

She felt satisfied with my ear and moved on to my neck and started to kiss me moving down tracking her lips over my shoulders to my chest she moved further down to my boxers and removed it. She held my dick and opened my skin to see the pop head and placed it in her mouth i thought she might blow me but she started to tease me by sucking and kissing only the pop head i tried to ram into her mouth but failed she was in so much control. She saw my face and about the time i was about to come she broke the blow job and laid down on the bed wide opening her legs without wasting time i jumped upon her and held both her hands above her head and pinged on to the bed and rammed her pussy with all the fierce and this was the first time i heard a huge grunt from her she was arching to kiss me or pull me to her but i just made my dick contacting her pussy and left her entire body detached. I have never had such a sex even with Keerthana. Galloping sounds from her pussy wall griping my dick was filling the room and i was fucking her with such a rhythm her legs locked around me i head a murmuring from her that she might come any minute even i was building high and we both came together immediately i fell over her she embraced me like a crying child we both we catching our breaths and it was like a different place. We slept without our knowledge me on top of her with my dick inside her.

A pleasant tone made me to wake up my phone was ringing it was my Wife Keerthana i picked her call lying over Sandhiya naked beneath me we both had a chat for nearly 10 minutes discussing about our daily routine and the care she needs to take during pregnancy and all at last i asked her for a kiss and i never knew it would be so powerful that my dick has grown to its full length and has started to shag inside Sandhiya for she was awake and kissing my chest, the idea of my wife kissing me over phone and Sandhiya kissing me for real all naked threw me to new heights and started to bang her with unknown force she tried very hard not to let out her sound and muffed the bed sheet in her mouth. I spoke to Keerthana without and suspicion and hung up the call, threw the phone away and turned Sandhiya over me and lifted her a bit and banged her from below like a piston she was making all sounds and came for the second time she asked me to slow down but i couldn’t find my orgasm nearing so kept on ramming her my speed was increasing from time to time she has stopped mourning and was shouting grunting all body filled with sweat groping each drops and flowing down to her pussy and then to my body.

Her cervical bones were so sexy that her compressed breath made it visible her stomach was going in and out, her breast was heaving as like feeling vibrations her eyes wide open ball round hair loosened scattered all over thighs feeling week asking me to finish off sooner i caught her both her nipples in air and squeezed her boobs so hard that tears came from her eyes so as her third orgasm this was the most heavy of hers she literally tore down like a paper and fell over me i did not want to pursue her more so i stopped mid way and let her rest over me she was all tired her eyes looking at me so dead i could not understand any feeling from it. I touched her cheeks and winked at her she came closer to me and kissed my lips and told me never had she dreamt of having such a sex. It was everything for her we both were chit chatting for some time as like finishing our rustic first night sex loosing inhibitions.

I saw her regaining her strengths and carried her to the hall she asked me for a night gown which i gave from my wife’s collections and walked into the kitchen made some bread and omelette with a cup of smoky coffee. She enjoyed the coffee and the dinner in my lap with both of us playing and toying with each other. A moment of silence occurred she was lying on my chest and me sipping the coffee enjoying the mixed aroma from Sandhiya and also from the coffee both are seducing me to its own in toxicity.

Sandhiya’s mobile was ringing it was 12:30 late night she answered the phone with a shiver it was her mother on the other end she was crying and we were not clear of what she was telling after some time she calmed down and said that sandhiya’s son was bit by a snake and is in serious condition they are at the hospital and the doctors were not replying properly. Sandhiya couldn’t recognize what was happening she started to cry and both the women were crying i was hugging her and trying to console her but she was uncontrollable. She hung up the phone gaining some strength and dialled her hubby he was shocked and said he would return back immediately and asked her to reach her native somehow. I picked her changed our dresses and we both started off in our car i asked her to call Keerthana and let her know the situation and ask for my favour i received a call from Keerthana immediately accepted her request and thru shed the accelerator as hard as i can.

By the time we reached there the doctor has declared the boy was brought dead it was a 6 hours drive to her village from the city and the women i knew few hours ago was not there now i see only a mother filled with grief and regret. I slipped away slowly and passed the news to Keerthana and was waiting for her hubby to return. This guy walked in the entire crowd saw his son’s dead boy and started thrashing his wife for not taking good care of him the entire crowd had to stop him and the rituals happened. The next day sun shined sandhiya’s husband claimed that he cannot live with her any more as it might haunt him all his life she ran away to kill herself all these drama was happening i was supposed to be a silent spectator and be a member of the mob nothing more. Sandhiya was not even looking at me, I spoke to my wife about all these happenings and she was sorry that she knew Sandhiya very next to the limit she know me they both were such good friends and worried that she couldn’t be there to support her when she is in need of the most i calmed her and let her not worry and ended the call i turned back to see Sandhiya standing next to me she tried to smile a bit but her grief wouldn’t let her she thanked me for all that i have done for her and also said that i will be remembered by her till the end of her days as i was the last person to make her happy.

I wanted to hug her calm her in my wrap but there was nothing happening i claimed to leave and asked her to give me a call for anything and started my drive back home with all the happenings running through my mind my phone was ringing to see my in laws calling me my wife has developed delivery pains and i cut the call drove as fast as i could its nearly a 10 hours drive from Chennai but after reaching to sandhiya’s place it will take only 3 hours and i was there at the right time my wife was to be taken inside the operation theatre the held my hands and i kissed her forehead for the 1st time in our marriage life she was crying that she was afraid i calmed her and told her to be strong and everything will be fine.

We waited for nearly 2 hours and i have slept sitting in the waiting hall someone was trying to wake me up and with a hard endeavour i woke up and it was the hospital personalities asking me to sign certain papers telling that my wife needs to undergo surgery in order to deliver the baby i was frightened and walked to the hallway and called Sandhiya and conveyed the matter she relaxed me and said it was a easy business delivering with surgery so no need to worry. Nearly after 3 hours the nurse maid came out with a boy child claiming to be my son i enquired about Keerthana she replied that she is under critical situation as there is one another baby inside her and the doctors are trying hard to save both.

My eyes filled with tears and held my baby boy in one hand and sat right next to the door i was waiting eagerly for someone to come out of that door and tell me my wife is alright it was another half an hour the longest of my wait the same maid walked out with another baby girl and handed over to me i asked about my wife she collected both the babies from my hand and asked me to go and see inside but warned me that she is still critical and cannot be sure how she will survive.

The shock i have never felt in my life a pain from within asking you to cry shout not knowing what to do questions rising from all around my head my entire family behind me started crying shouting names of all the gods something very filmy i opened the glass door to see my wife breathing in with the help of a life support machine life has given me problems and situations where i have felt lonely cursed myself but this is different i had happiness and strength only after i married her and the feel of this beautiful lady waiting for me had given me strength none the less a drop of tear fell down her cheeks i kissed her hand and left the room i collected both my children and was waiting in the hall my in laws came crying claiming that Keerthana has passed away. I closed my eyes and tears started rolling my cheeks and images of the past two days starting from the night me and Sandhiya were together to the very moment was flashing through but it did not stop the next image was me walking with both my kids and a women came running behind me calling my name i turned back to see and i woke up again these were the same images from the dream i had before Sandhiya walked into our house the other day, but the women calling my name was still unknown with the suspense mocking me i decided to follow my destiny i walked with down the road and i heard a voice calling my name the voice became louder and louder i was feeling someone breathing heavily behind me with a doubt i might know this women i turned back to see Sandhiya.

Well Friends this will be the end to this story squeal this might not be a very sexy story just wanted to pen down the happenings flowing through my mind. Expecting your valuable comments and feedback’s, anyone interested in sex can reply me to [email protected]. Ladies in and around Chennai expecting your replies too.

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