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Hi this is Amit again. I wanna share another interesting encounter of mine which is true and happened 2 years back. I’m 34, 5’10’’, wheatish, athletic built with attractive eyes. I live in the western suburbs of Mumbai in an apartment having plush interiors and cool sea breeze filling the rooms. I’m on the 12th floor and have a few friends and acquaintances in the society. Amongst them was a woman who was on the 6th floor, called Dr. Rekha, 40, fair, decent looking, average built, doctor by profession, married, but having problems with her husband.

We used to greet each other often in the society and became good friends and met in a group for parties etc. We were quite free and did a lot of adult talks and exchanged non-veg jokes in the group. She was quite free by nature and helpful too. Little did I know about the fire inside her. She was Konkani and friends, Konkani women are damn hot. We used to exchange msgs on the phone too. I never had any sexual intentions for her …never did I ever think on those lines. I learnt later that she always had an eye on me since the time I shifted in that apartment.

One day when I returned from office I found her nervous near the entrance. Her mobile was misplaced and she was very worried and couldn’t recollect where she dropped it. I started searching, first in her house, then around but no luck. Finally I asked her the car keys and searched in the car, although she had done it properly. However, to my luck I found the phone fallen between the seat and hand brake lever. When I retrieved it she was overjoyed, thanked me and hugged me tight also gave a peck on my cheek. I blushed and said u are welcome. She said ‘how can I thank u as u have helped me even in the past’. I modestly replied that its ok and its my duty as a neighbour and friend. She said she will treat me someday and winked. I didn’t realize what she meant then as I didn’t know that she was a sex starved cougar.

We continued exchanging msgs and bumping into each other when I returned from office. One day while we were talking, she gave me some looks and hinted me on her desires using double meaning. That evening I masturbated thinking of her for the first time and also had sex with my wife, imagining her. Next day onwards we chatted more and the topic revolved around sex and our preferences. Then she revealed that she always liked me from day one as I was young, friendly, good looking and helpful. Things moved from one to another and we were chatting real hot stuff, discussing our sex life, positions etc.

Then one day, I had taken an off as I had some passport work. She also had come home early and pinged me. She learnt that I was alone at home. We both knew that this is a right time. She sneaked in to my apartment wearing a pyjama and thin top, I closed the door. We looked at each other like never before. I was in my shorts and a T and I could see loads of lust in her eyes. She came closer and held my hand then kissed me on my lips, I reciprocated and in no time we were hugging and kissing each other deep. She said ‘Oh Amit, I longed for the smell and touch of a man, u are so hot’. These words got me excited and I had an instant hard-on.

I caressed her back and kissed her all over. My hands ran down entering her pyjamas and squeezed her bare ass. She let out a moan, pounced on me and kissed me wildly while running her hands on me and caressing my hard cock. ‘I can’t wait anymore’ she said. We got on the couch and continued licking and kissing each other. I removed her top and pyjamas n she removed my T. She was in a red bra and a thong…seeing this I got even more excited and thought that she is really a cougar. I removed her bra and saw nice round boobs with dark aerolas and erect nipples. I wasted no time in placing my mouth over them & sucking one by one. She moaned louder and told me to suck them more. She removed my shorts and I was nude. She pushed me away and observed my cock and exclaimed ‘Oh God, its amazing, suits your personality’ and started caressing it.

She held it like a pro and moved it sensuously. I felt so good and was playing with her tits. She touched my balls, cupped them, rimmed my cock and pressed gentle then hard. I was never so hard. She bent down and took it in her mouth. I let out a big groan ‘AAAAHHHH’. I tell u …I have never experienced such a suck in my life. She was awesome….man, the way she licked and sucked would put most porn starts to shame! She literally sucked all inside stuff of my cock, like an ice cream hungry kid. She said she just loves to give head. I never heard a woman say that before.

She sucked me for 10 mins, rolling her tongue over, taking me deep in till her throat, nibbling on the tip and when I realized I can’t control, I pushed her back. She spread her legs and I saw the cleanest pussy ever. She had done a laser treatment and had a glistening pussy, free from any intrusions. Wow I said to myself and touched it. It was dripping! I licked her gently which made her wriggle. I kept licking her clit and gradually pushed my mouth onto it and started eating her. She moaned and moaned loud, pulling my hair, scratching my back and said, ‘ yes Amit yes….nobody ate me like this before…do it baby do it… I‘m gonna cum big time’. I kept doing it and also inserted 2 fingers in her and moved them. She went wild, grabbed my head and screamed loud. I felt her juices exploding out and she rubbed her pussy against my face. She came heavy. She got up, kissed me and again sucked me for a while till I was rock hard again.

She said ‘ Amit, baby, I want u to fuck me…and fuck me real hard…I’m dying for it’. I place my cock on her wet pussy and pushed it in. My my…for a 40 year old, she was tight! She looked into my eyes as I stroked her and she licked her lips, giving me the wildest of expressions that even a pro wouldn’t have. I stroked her deep ..she wanted it harder. I obliged her by doing the way she wanted it. I sucked her boobs meanwhile and she licked my ears n neck driving me crazy … I increased my pace, she placed her palms on my ass.. pushing me deeper and lightly spanking . She went ‘Oh fuck.. Oh fuck.. Oh fuck…Im cumming again!!’….and there she came clenching her teeth and screaming, digging her nails in my back.

I lay on the bed and after a minute she came n sucked me again. She sucked so well that within the next minute I was hard again. She asked to cum while she sucked me. She told me ‘I have yet not seen such a handsome cock… I wanna see it shoot!’ She moved me faster, sucked hard , caressing and playing with my balls, licking my groin. I couldn’t control longer & shot my load in her mouth, she removed me and placed it on her boobs, where I unloaded the rest of me. She spread it all over her boobs & told me ‘u are so tasty man!’

We cleaned up and got dressed. Rekha kissed me & said ’Your wife must be having a gala time. Thanks for de-stressing me & giving me the fuck of my life’. While leaving, she indicated me of a threesome sometime, with a friend of hers. I’m eagerly awaiting that day….to take on 2 pussies together. Do write back on stuckon69 at gmail dot com and lets have some real fun.

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