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Hi everyone..Aditya here..hope you have liked my stories. Most of them facts and few are fantasies. Today I’m gonna tell you all a fact which was a fantasy for me!! Remember Dr. Sonal from last story!! Yes, its about her again..and about an erotic adventure.

After banging her for 2 full days in a posh hotel suite of Gurgaon we kept in touch through mails and chats. Both of us were hungry for each other. We used find some time occasionally. When her hubby was not there at home or at my place. We never missed out on a quick sex. On her stairs, in my apartment lift, in the garage basement. Once even in her hospital chamber on the pretext of consultation. One evening over the chat-

Sonal (S)- Addiii!! You have given my life a new start, a new beginning..my hubby likes me more coz of my jolly mood..but he doesn’t know, you the reason of my happiness.

Me- I cant tell how much I love spending time with you!! Your horniness is crazy!!

S- me too my love..You know what..i have a good news for you!!

Me- what ?? You going on another conference ?? should I book a honeymoon suite this time ??

S- No pagal..!! My hubby going to conference, abroad to Singapore for one week!! Day after tomoro.

Me- WOOWWW!!! This is blockbuster!!! Sonal, you’ll have a new husband at your home for 1 week!!! Your holes will not stop watering!!

S-Yess my love..I love you more than him!! Even when he fucks me, I think of only you..that gives me more satisfaction!!

Me- You don’t have to dream anymore. 2 more days and we will live like hubby-wife for 1 week..

S- HAHAH AHAHA…yeaaaahh!!! (Delighted, both of us)


Around 2pm, I arrived at her home. She opened her door with a big sexy smile hanging on her face. She hugged me tightly and smooched like no tomorrow. I too got engrossed in her while squeezing her sexy butts which made her moan loudly!! Then we separated as we started moving inside her home..

Me- When did your hubby leave?? You didn’t go to see him off??

S-nope, couldn’t wait to have you in my arms..couldnt wait to have your hammer dick in my pussy.. couldn’t wait to get my juicy pussy pounded by you!! (her sexy smile was telling the joy she was in )

Me- Hmmm..u r in for a crazy week!!

Soon we finished our lunch and got into our act.

She was wearing a skimpy night dress, with all her curves visible. Surely she was willing to get fucked royally. She was tempting me with her swinging butts, cleavage show & her sexy glances!! I ran after her playfully and grabbed her in the living room, falling on the sofa. I started playing with her neck, hair, boobs, feeling each and every part of her body. And she was moaning like hell!!

S- AAHH!! OOHHAA AHAHA AHAHA!! HANNnN AAADDIIII liccckkk meee there.. yessss you aree sooooo gooddd!! MY GAAWWDD!!

Me- SONAA…youuu aarrrreeee sooo soffttt..sooo juiccyyy…(touching her pussy) AHHHH AHHAH!! SOO swweeett you aree…

Just then the phone rang!!

S- (Surprised as it was her hubby calling) Hi janu..(meanwhile I was licking her nipple and squeezing the other one)!!!

Hubby- Hey Sona..open the door!!

S- (Scared like hell, pushing me off her) What!!! Where are you ?? You came back ?? What happened??

Hubby- Yaa, just open the door, I’ll tell you all!!

She was all panicked and so was me..

S- Adi..what should we do?? We shal be caught now!! Tell me!!

Me- GOODD!! How did he come back??

S- Don’t know, but u first hide somewhere..

Me- Where is your garage?? Is there a back door to it.

She ran with me to the back door & let me out of it..i waited in her garage. Then she opened her door still in near naked condition with just a bathrobe around her.

Hubby- took so long to open the door..

S- But how are you back ?? Your flight should have departed by now na..

Hubby- Yeah..but you know na how these Air India flights are!! At the boarding counter I got to know that its delayed by poor weather for 12 hours. So I came back for rest before the long flight.

She glanced outside, dark grey clouds were hovering and rain started coming down! She was worried about me and our plans!! Her hubby went into the bedroom and asked her for a cup of coffee. She was tensed, yet proceeded to make a cup of coffee for her hubby!! She came back with a coffee to her hubby,smiling. Soon after having the coffee her hubby passed out into sleep.!! YESS she spiked his coffee with sleeping pills!!

S- (Over fone) Hey darling, come up!!

Me- Is he gone??

S- you come up na!!!

The moment I re entered she grabbed me and smooched me!!

Me- He is gone ? Why did he come back.?

S- Nope he is sleeping in the bedroom!! (Both of us walked o the bedroom. He was deep asleep.

We both were ecstatic. We jumped onto each other and smooched again!! It was a fantasy to fuck a lady in front of her hubby. She too was excited with the prospect of getting fucked by her lover infront of her hubby. The storm was growing stronger and harder outside, so did on the inside!! I forced open her bathrobe beneath which there was nothing. She too ripped away my clothes. Pulled down my undie and started sucking my hard dick!! She was doing so with delight, leaving me in absolute pleasure..

Me- Sonaaaa..you are marvelous..keep sucking it baby..drink it..drink my baby..

She was licking my balls and kept doing to & from movement on my dick. I grabbed her head by her hair and pushed my dick really inside her mouth!! She gagged but kept going. Soon I came with a groan!! She was gulping it down with little bit oozing out of her mouth. She stood up with her eyes looking deep into my eyes, she licked the last drop of my cum from the angle of her mouth!! Sexyy!!!

Again we smooched.. Soon I carried her to her bed where her huby was sleeping I laid her there. Started sucking her big boobs like a hungry baby!! & fingering her at the same time.. She was moaning like hell, not bothered about her hubby lying next to her, who was lying like dead!!

S- AAHHA AHAHA..slowlllyy my lovee…suck it like peach..like a succulent mango!! AHHAHH..youu are naughty my love!! AHHH..you getting hard again..fill me adii..i want you inside me soon!! AHH!!!

Me- don’t make so much noise..he will wake up!!

S- I have given him 3 times the normal dose of sleeping pills..dont worry..he wont wake up till 10pm in the night!! You just keep loving!!!

Me- OHHH you naughty bitch!!!! You are a whore!!! I’ll make you my slut!!!

S- I’m already your slut!!!

Me- AHHH!!! Spread your legs my Queen!! LET your king take you on a ride to heavens!!

I turned her around forcefully and stretched apart her legs. Just like a whore is treated!! She was enjoying it like anything. I plunged my cock deep in her pussy and she started ramming her pussy like a horse..

S- OHHHH !!!! NOOO…myyy Gooddd…fuccckk mee (at the top of her voice) Yeahhhh fuckkk me darling like a bitch I’m a dirty bitch of yours!! I wish I had 6 dicks like yours to play with!! Fill all my holes!! ( Sonal had told me, it was a dream for her to become a whore for one night for 6 guys together)

I was pouring all my energy into it.. She was grabbing the bed sheet!! The bed was shaking like earthquake..But the real earthquake was in her pussy!! But I was bothered she will wake up her hubby!! Her loud moans were masked partly by the strong winds blowing outside! I lifeted her to near her window!! I turned her around and started ramming her from behind. She was facing the window and her face was the reflection of myy performance. That of satisfaction!!

S- you are a stallion..your dick a piston!! Its pumping all the juices out of me Adii!! Fuckk me AHAHAH!! Fuckk mee!! AHH!! Fucckk mee!!! AHAH AHAHA!!!

I increased my pace and finally in next few minutes came inside her. Both our cum was leaking from her pussy. I lifted her to bathroom. I washed her body under the shower. We kissed and cuddled under the shower. After another hour I banged her in the kitchen when she was preparing something for dinner!!

Then she went to wake up her hubby . He woke up and trust me, he had no idea what was happening around him!! He simply had dinner and left for airport. This time Sonal called and confirmed that he has boarded the flight. Then again I took Sonal to bed.. This time it was much more romantic. Both were naked as we entered the room.

Then we stood in the centre of the room looking into each others eyes. I showed her a beautiful pearl necklace. She was gleeful seeing it. She turned around and I put it on her neck!! Then I filled her forehead with sindoor!! Then we smooched each other again and started our act again!!

S- From today I’m the wife of two Men!! I love you for Sex and love my waste hubby for security of my life!! I’ll bear two child, each from both of you!!

Me- Yeah baby!! We shal have a lovely kid out of this illegal yet sexy relationship!!

I again pierced her pussy with my hammer like dick and she arched her body like a bow!!! Another half hour of immense banging and we dropped dead for the night!!! This was just the beginning of our Sexcursion. For next 7 days we were hubby wife in all aspects!! Even I fucked her when she was speaking to her hubby over phone!!

I hope all my fans and friends will like this story..obviously some part of it is fantasy. But most of it is true!! Ladies, don’t forget to give your comments and compliments on [email protected].

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