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We were in a room. I moved to the bed, sat on it. She came and sat near me. I caressed her cheek kissed her forehead. She blushed. Dimples formed when she smiled. She was dark but stunningly beautiful. A jet black hair was up to her hips which had the best curves and her tummy was flat.

She was slim and was wearing a frock and a blouse. I took her and made her sit on my lap. I held her waist, it was a handful and traced my fingers over her tummy. She let out a gasp and held my shoulders and her stomach was moving inwards wherever my finger went. I planted a kiss in her cleavage.

We both stood up and I hugged her. My torso was bare and the feeling of her blouse brushing on my chest was amazing. With one hand I caressed her butt, with the right hand, I held her tight. The feeling of her soft palms moving over back and my chest was sizzling. I decided to give her the greatest pleasure.

I took a rope and tied a knot around her hand, with both hands tied up, I tied the other end to the rails above. I tore her blouse apart. Her breasts were dangling around. It perfectly fit into palm. She had an average sized dark areola and a nipple poking out like the tip of a ball point pen but was bigger than that. I was crazed by this, I slowly moved my hands over her neck and then over her breasts and tipping her nipples, circling it. She let out a gasp and I clutched her cute, little, spongy, silky breasts. She moaned, at the very instant, I hunted her lips, started savoring the juicy dish. We engaged in a lip lock war, while I marauded her breasts.

She giggled within my mouth. I moved my mouth downwards, kissing her chin, Adam’s apple and slowly I ate her breasts. I sucked her nipples like as if it was no tomorrow. I sucked it so hard that I would have come out of their seats. Now I did the same to the other prey. She was moaning all through the scene.

I moved down kissing her stomach, groping her hips and suddenly put my tongue into her navel and my free hands now were pinching the ball point tips of her breasts. Her breasts were not sagging now after the treatment, it was erect as a stone, but was soft as a pillow.

Without taking time, I removed her frock. Pussy hair was visible. It was not like a bush but was like a grass spread around. I moved my hands through her pubic hair. She was breathing heavily, and her breasts moved in a rhythmic motion. That was some sight. I untied her. I lifted her and put her on an inclined couch which had rails at the three sides. I placed her comfortably. I lifted her legs and tied it sideways, such that her feet and her butt were at the same level. Now her pussy was directly open for me to plunder its juices. I tied her hand to the rail on the top. Now she was like a frog nailed to the board, waiting to be bisected.

Now I let go off my innerwear to remove my tool to bisect her sexuality. It was a decent six in her and was thick enough to make her cum. coming to her pussy, it was a masterpiece, with her clit inching out. The labia was slightly darker than her skin. The walls were red. The hole was small and that was what I wanted. The stream was flowing out of the cave already.

I licked her love hole. She moaned like a hentai slut. I took her clit into my mouth and started sucking it. Meanwhile my left hand was circling around her labia and the fingers of my right penetrated her. All three was simultaneously done. She was gasping and breathing like a sprinter who had just finished running. I did this for around five minutes and then gave a French kiss to her sweet, yummy, juicy love hole. Her eyes were pointing upwards to her, leaving only the white part visible, so, she was in heaven.

Now I took a small butt plug, which is of 2cm thickness, very small, but very long of about 10 inches. I slowly inserted that to her second hole after oiling it with my fingers. She was feeling the steel touching her intestines. The butt plug was not of uniform shape. I had semicircular groovings in it and was thick at portions which is near to the vagina. So when I fuck her, she can actually feel the same pleasure as if double penetrated. I fucked her ass with that for 10 minutes. I put on a clip to her clit. I used my right hand, tongue, teeth to simulate her to the fullest possible extent.

Then it happened. She was already arching her back, rising her small, erect, dark boobs. Looking from below, it was two small hills between those her face like a sun rose suddenly due to the building up of her waters. She squirted like the liquid surging from a big syringe. I was ready opening my mouth. I collected it and transferred it to her mouth, which was busy moaning heavily. She drank some of it and once again took some of it with my tongue. While my hands once again played with her sponges. The stage was set, she was craving for a decent fuck, which I understood from her eyes. I bent over her, placing the head of my tool over her gate. I held her cheeks, caressed it. She smiled. Oh God! That was cute! And the dimples, God! I would do anything for it. I kissed her slowly, while I was breakingthrough her gates gently.

She could feel her walls stretching, due to the groovings in the plug, she had the effect, and the thin wall separating the two pathways inside her body was crushed between the steel and my tool. What a feeling that was! My meat was gripped by her walls arousing it even more. The insides were moist and it was sensational. She was having a great time, being pinned down and getting fucked is one feeling that gives her the utmost pleasure. I slowly removed my lips to hear her

moans, she was crying out my name said to fuck her fast. And I did. I slightly lifted my hips, thus making my rod rubbing against her clit and crushing her wall against the steel even more. I could feel the groovings. I fucked her with all my might. She was literally crying. Tears rolling down her eyes and she was moaning too. She was gripping my meat with her pussy and my tool was literally simulated by that steel, everything resulted in my sudden orgasm. After fifteen minutes, I could feel the build up inside me. She was also experiencing the same, judging by her moans and her heavy breathing. Suddenly it happened, I gripped her hair and literally bit her lips and unloaded my life inside her.

It would have hit the upper walls and some would have gone into her womb. I took my dude out, he was tired for sure. I untied her, she was exhausted. Although I would get an erection after a few minutes, I decided not to do anything. I lifted her and moved to the bed. I placed her above me and switched off the lights. She slept like a baby after all the hard work, hugging me. I hugged her too, and her breasts were kissing my bare chiseled chest. Her face was on my neck. Her breath felt wonderful as it went past caressing my throat. Her tummy rubbed against mine. As she was short, her pussy ended up above my manhood. Her silky legs ran above my hardened one. As I said, I got a rock on, after few minutes, but Isimply masturbated and dozed off.

I woke up the next morning, I was shocked. She was not above me and around me. The room was different. I felt something moist on my thighs, I lifted my bed sheet and loads of my thick white fluid were present in my bed sheet and my thighs. My mom shouted from the kitchen asking me to get ready for college. So I got off the bed thinking of my adventures last night. I wanted her to come back tonight, but I knew it was not possible. I got onto the college bus thinking of her. Something was weighing me down. I was not able to be attentive in the class. I didn’t feel the urge to analyze the assets of other women. My friend was absent that day.

So I had no one to share my feelings. And then she came, the very “she”. I was stunned, it was as if she came exactly from my dreams. The teacher asked her to introduce herself and she did and the said the following words “Hi friends, my name is Aditi…..” the other words just fell on deaf ears. I gasped at her, my heart pumping fast, my brain was in an utter state of confusion, the world stopped spinning and I felt that I have attained the purpose of my life. She cameand sat very next to me. I came back to my senses. She said “Hi, I am Aditi” and gave her hands, the very hands which caressed my torso last night, and the very hands I tied to a rail and the very hands which hugged me.

I gave her mine by saying “I know”. She laughed. OMG! The same laugh which got my wicket last night, when I was about to fuck her and the same dimples!! I was thinking of kissing her telling that I love her more than anything in the world and I want her by my side all through my life. I was literally staring at her till the bell rang. We were walking together till her home.

I went home and….. no words to express……

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