Dream Came True With Anusha Bhabhi

Hii Everybody. It’s Madan here. Presenting you my new saga of Love Sex and Glory. So you know me well by my previous sex story threads those are:

Dream came true with Mami – https://www.indiansexstories2.net/incest/dream-came-true-with-mami/Dream came true with Ashwini aunty – https://www.indiansexstories2.net/couple/dream-came-true-ashwini-aunty/

To be frank, I am writing this new sex story for the love and respect you show to me in the past. The writer will become a good writer when he receives the feedbacks. So all credit goes to you!!PS to new readers: Though there will not be any connectivity with my previous stories, I recommend you to read my previous stories to know the intensity of my writing.HeHe enough of self-praisingSo let me begin my new sex storyHey, another thing is, who are not patient and need short stories, this is not a right story then. Because I explain minute things too in the sex story (Some doesn’t like lengthy explanations, so informing in prior)

So I said about my Degree time affairs with you in previous writing. After completion of my BCOM degree successfully and cracked National level PGCET for MBA with a good ranking. (I was good in academics by the way). So it was a call from top MBA college of Bangalore.

Yes, Bangalore! I had visited the Bangalore very few times with friends and once with Ashwini aunty. So I was bit nervous and worried about the BANGALORE LIFE!

As I didn’t have relatives in Bangalore, It was difficult to get in the process of College Admission and arrangement of accommodation. By the help of my close friend I finished the admission and stayed in his friend room for few days.

The new college, new lifestyle, new routine, and new environment literally made me dumb. I was though happy with the happenings, I didn’t like the room stay with my friend’s friend as it was far from college. And you know me, I need privacy too!

So come out for discovering a cave in the concrete Jungle. As Bangalore people don’t entertain the strangers like other small city people. I was fed up in the searching room. Some will not fit in the budget, some I don’t like. So struggled 3 days for an independent room.

The evening I was roaming like a mad in a street near to my college. I found a house where there were not even chances of having independent rooms. One 32-year-old guy was closing gate and he saw me,

Owner: Just raised his eyebrowsMe: Hii sir, Actually I joined ********** college and searching for an independent roomOwner: Why independent room?Me: I came a long way to study here. I don’t have any friends here. So I need an independent room.

The owner saw me keenly like the police are seeing suspected thief. Don’t know what was running through his mind. He took a minute to respond and said come in.

I followed him and reached the end. Actually, behind his house, there is a nice room with sitting out and attach bathroom. I was shocked to see that room because I never expected room existence there.

Owner: How is the room?Room was too good, spacious and rich. I just liked it once I saw. But I was thinking about the rent in mindMe: It’s good sirOwner: By the way, my Name is Kiran PatelMe: Oh myself MadanKiran: Actually I have not given this room for rent before. Bachelor’s will ruin the health of street. So I never entertained that. You said you stay alone and you don’t have friends. So thought of showing you the roomMe: Ya but rent?Kiran: No before that you assure that you stay alone and no friends entertainedI was ready to promise to get that room and I said okKiran: Rent 5000. Advance 25000Me: Sir I get PG with food at 6000. I can’t give that much. I am a student. And Advance is also problemKiran: So what’s your numberMe: Rent 3000. Advance 10000Kiran: No it doesn’t work out for me. SorryHe started moving towards the gate and I was in confusion.Me: Sir rent 4000 and advance 15000He took a minute and said “Ok fine. You are a student so I am agreeing. Tomorrow give advance and shift your things to room”Me: Ok sirKiran: By the way, I need a Xerox of your Aadhar card too!Me: Why sir? Aadhar!Kiran: I need it for my documentation.

I was happy for the room and took his number. I packed my luggage and went next day after calling him.

He asked to enter his house. The Nice house it was. Nice sofa, Flat TV, and much more ambient. I sat on the sofa. I gave advance and Xerox of aadhar. He gave me a key and asked to get into my room.

Arey, he didn’t even offer me a glass of water. Hey, I forgot to tell you, He was Marwadi from Rajasthan. Good looking but not so mingling character. He said he has a stationery shop near the college. I felt like he is the money minded guy.

I took keys and entered the room and arranged it properly.4 days passed and I was adjusting to that area, food, and roads.Sunday morning 8 PM Kiran knocked the door. I opened it and He said, “My wife and her brother will come today from Rajasthan. I need to go shopping. So can you hand over the key to them”? I agreed and received the key.

I just fell asleep after receiving the key. Someone knocked the door at 9.30 and I opened the door.

16 Year guy: Hii. I am Pavan, saala of Kiran jiju. Key???Me: Oh one sec.

I hand over the key and stood near the door. I can hear a mother is talking to her 6-year-old kid about something. That sweet voice was an attention grabber. But I couldn’t see her as from my main door, owner house door is not visible. That was a ray of hope for me!!

Actually, their house is to the main road and my room is exactly behind the house. I mean the owner house is exactly between the main road and my room. Telling this point to clear thatFrom my room main door, I can see the main gate n who entersFrom my sit out window, I can see the kitchen window of ownerFrom my room window, I can see the Bedroom windows of the owner.

From my toilet, I can see the clothes and vessel washing place of the owner. I hope I had given you the complete map!

I know I know, you will be red-faced by now by my lengthy yy introduction. This will be a one-time explanation which is the base for the story. I believe this will help you for the HD imagination.

Let’s start core sex story.

Pavan, brother of unseen lady started coming to my room as he was in need of games, songs, and some electronic stuff. He was just 16 year who has recently finished his 10th. As I was alone I became close with him and I used to copy songs and films to his mobile. He used to tell about his recent Rajasthan visit and the marriage function. He showed the photos in mobile too. I was just seeing the photos formally and suddenly one beautiful lady drew my attention. She was in red grand saree and so beautiful.

With all due respect, I need to tell something about Marwadi men and women. I don’t know what made them so attractive. Especially the women. So so pretty and beautiful.

I asked Pavan, who is this lady. He started laughing and said its, my sister. He means she is the wife of the house owner. Asked the name and he said ‘Anusha’.

That’s it. My mind became blank and without his knowledge, I copied all photos from his mobile to my Laptop. I sent him after some time and started checking each and every picture. The overall event was covered on that album so fewer pics of Anusha bhabhi were found.

I started thinking about my previous sex encounters and new entry of Anusha bhabhi to my lust land made we masturbate that night.

Morning 10I got up and realized that I missed the first period of college which was from 10 to 11. The thought of attending 2nd-period soI woke up and finished my routine work and about to start the bath.

Bangle sound!! I just saw from the bathroom window. Oh my god!

It’s Anusha bhabhi. In white sleeveless nighty. Keeping cloth filled bucket near the washing rock. She is beautiful… and Hot too!!. She looks like actress Priyamani but extremely fair than her.

Let me explain!

She is a beautiful lady with so much of hotness. Her age may be around 28. Long black hairs, Nice eyebrows, juicy pink lips, apple-like cheeks, She is neither slim nor fat. She is perfect in her size. She might be 34-30-36. Her white nighty is so shiny and thin. Deep neck, sleeveless nighty.

She adjusted herself to wash the clothes. One more thing you may be knowing, These people work hard and spend less. Though they have own house, they don’t own washing machine. Whatever it’s my luck

She sat on a small stool to wash the clothes. Wowww she just adjusted the nighty to not make it wet. Rose till knees. By this time my cock was touching the wall. I was going crazy by the view and action of Anusha bhabhi. I have not even talked once to her but I went too far with her in imagination. While she cleaning, her boobs started jumping. I just couldn’t control and started stroking hard. She just bent a bit more to off the tap and now I can see the half of her boobs are trying to come out. I just couldn’t control and splash over the bathroom wall as a Shubharamb!

Now my intention was clear. Anusha bhabhi ko patalo!But it was not as easy as I think. She was reserve minded. Very difficult to get in contact. So I started using Pavan for more information. He used to tell about his family, his jiju, didi and special events.

I started to give a build up in front of Pavan to grab her attention. I even intentionally went near the cloth washing place to get a chance to talk. She hardly talked to me. I was like a hollow man for her. I mean invisible man. She was not even seeing me. But my routine job of seeing her beautiful body while she is cleaning clothes and vessels continued. I used to see her working in the kitchen too through the window. Her face was so tempting and any boys tool will get ready for drilling.

I used to play nice songs in the morning when I get up. Coincidently those songs were favorite songs of Anusha bhabhi. One evening, Pavan came with another mobile in hand and asked to copy that playlist. I asked whose cell it is and he said it’s his sisters. I just took the cell with so much of happiness. One thing I observed that someone is standing near the owner’s bedroom window and listening to us. Obviously, it’s Bhabhi who is listening from her bedroom.

Me: Which all songs you want?He was busy in playing games in my mobile. He was not that sharp and asked to copy whichever the songs like.Me: Ok then I will copy whichever I like.

I was expecting a reply from bhabhi from the window but she didn’t say anything.

I just copied few songs which I played in morning. One great idea struck my mind that time. I just copied her messages (In Nokia phone, you can copy text msgs from inbox) Videos, Whatsapp folder, and camera photos. It was around 2 GB and asking for 20 minutes. I was counting every second and offering him chocolates to keep Pavan busy. After 20 minutes It was completed. I gave him bhabhi mobile and he ran to his house. I just locked the room and came to check the bhabhi’s things!

First I opened the Messages folder. There is not even a single personal message. All messages were from the network provider and company messages. I was bit disappointed and went to camera folder. Camera folder had 480 photos! I was so happy and started opening from Photo 1. She was completely Selfie addicted. Most of the photos were selfies and some were of her kid and some were of functions. I wanted to check. Every pic was nice and I went on checking. Somewhere I found bit hot pictures like biting her lips in the pic, showing her tongue and all. Suddenly something hit my mind and I opened and started checking WhatsApp photos.

Oh my god! Oh my god!I couldn’t even blink my eyes when I opened the WhatsApp folder! I saw some dirty images of the blue film, double meaning jokes, some good jokes, and some festival wishes. I started seeing the dirty pictures keenly. They were photos of the monitor while playing the blue film. I hope you know that there will be a folder called ‘Sent’ in the folder which will be having only photos which are sent by the user. My mind started imagining 1000 things and I opened it. Yessss I was right! I found the semi-nude images of Bhabhi, bra and panty images of Bhabhi, Her bedroom pictures.

My cock was dancing in undies. She was damn hot and beautiful. Her poses are like nothing wearing in the top and covering her nipples with one hand and taking a selfie from another hand. Her boobs are of the color of milk, her nipples are pink, her boobs size is bigger than what they appear. She has stiff boobs which tempt every fucker. She has bit belly which made her sexier. Her lust in eyes is reflecting clearly in every selfie.

I even found some of the pics of her pussy hairs, some pictures of her wet middle finger and even a wet marker pen too! (Note this point ok). I was on cloud nine. I just played the slideshow and started stroking. Aaaahhhhh she is passing in front of my eyes with different poses! That too semi-naked! What a sexy bhabhi she is! Stroking stroking stroking..!! I took some minutes to blast my love juice. I was so happy at the moment

Ok Just think if they have these many pictures in the chat box, how will be their conversation!? It must be really hot and sizzling. I just went back to WhatsApp folder to check the guy with whom bhabhi’s affair is going on. Actually, I found some topless guy pics in that folder and even he was trying to make a horny face. He is a very thin guy. Ya fair and good looking, age around 30 but very thin. I started checking some more pics there and for my shock, I found a pic in which he is naked and holding his cock!. I zoomed to see his cock. It is hard 4-inch cock and not even big in the diameter!

What the hell is this! This much sexy bhabhi has fallen to a normal guy.

Then I took it as an opportunity and started thinking “Guy with 4-inch cock is enjoying the lady and guy with 6-inch thick cock are stroking hard by seeing the pics of bhabhi”.

So I decided to get into the ground which is favorable for me!Note: Actually Bhabhi is educated and knows much about technology. She had 2 patterns to get into her mobile. One to normal phone lock which is known by his family members. Another lock is for Whatsapp, Camera, Gallery. But she doesn’t know that while copying to lapy, it doesn’t ask 2nd lock pattern! That’s why I was able to copy. (This is just to clear the doubts of my clever readers: )

So here I finish my first part of the sex story with only the base and scenarios. But don’t worry, I will come up with very interesting part very soon. But what all I need is your feedback! Mail id is [email protected]. So I will be waiting for your feedback from each of you! and I will inform my readers by clicking reply button when my next part of the sex story will get published!Thank you

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