Drunk Sex With My Girlfriend

Hello guys and girls, this story contains no bullshit each and every sentence is 100% true and real. You will surely have a pleasurable read.This story is about how I had sex with my girlfriend for the first time which took place 1 year ago.

Let me introduce myself and her, I am Ronit, a 23 yr old guy from a place in Central India with normal built and she is Yamini 20 yr old having a heavy structure with big 36D boobs and a big ass.I love girls and ladies with big boobs they know how to please a guy. No need to jump on the vagina directly spend a good time with her body.

So this happened on our anniversary last year, she wanted to get drunk so we planned a meeting at my friend’s place and I reached his place before her with all the booze. She came a little late, I was all ready with whiskey and snacks. We had a little chat and then started watching a movie with glasses in hand.

We were all good after the first drink. After the second drink kicked in she started to feel a little hazy I was till alright. The third peg made things turn, she started to talk non-stop nonsense, hitting jokingly and I too started feeling a kick of alcohol. With the fourth peg, she started getting scared that how will she go home, how will this smell go and all, she asked me to smell her mouth as I reached her I smelled it and the next moment I was into her mouth all the way. We were kissing like anything, chewing each other out biting lips. Meanwhile my hands started exploring her back. By the way she was wearing a black top with jeans and I was casually dressed. She left a sigh as I touched her waist below her top. Her hands were caressing my hairs , pulling them. I started kissing her neck, she felt a current run through her body. I was licking her neck her ears her face every place possible above the shoulders. She was going insane. My hand reached near her bra strap by now. Her hands were on my shirt now, opening my buttons in a swift my shirt was off I grabbed her top and it was gone.

She started feeling a bit shy but couldn’t do anything to hide her naled body as the alcohol was working great. I started kissing her from her face to her neck her shoulders, leaving bites on her shoulder then her neck slowly towards her wide chest portion. I positioned my face on the boobs above her bra slowly kissing them.

She was all aah ah ooh all the time, pulling my hairs hugging me tight grabbing my neck. I was too indulged in her boobs, freed them from the bra and they fell like two big papayas, it was the most beautiful sight for my eyes. I grabbed them like a hungry dog and started licking it biting it. I took charge of the left one with my mouth on the nipple licking it playing with it all the while pressing the other one like a sponge ball with all my force. It was magical. I continued this for 30mins.

Then she got all sexy and out of control. Got up and pushed me on the bed and put herself on me. She started kissing me licking my neck with her wet lips. She started going down while licking my whole body chest nipples stomach. Finally, she reached my jeans and looked into my eyes I knew what was coming. She didn’t waste time and through my jeans along with my underwear away.

She saw my penis and was all excited for her first job down there. She just touched it first then started moving her hands up and down on it, she did it for a minute then brought her wet mouth and kissed my penis I was on cloud 9 It was amazing she started licking it I was all aah uh my god take it all inside u Yamini I want to drill you come on.

She took it and gave me an amazing blowjob, as it was my first I came really soon . she was all hot till that time. Now it was my turn I laid her down and kissed her wide navel licked it dry she lobed it. I then took her jeans off, but I wanted to tease her a lot.So I just put my hand on her pant and started massaging it she was liking it. I removed her panty in a while and started moning my finger om her clean shaved pussy aaah ohh baby sound filled the room now. I started moving my finger in circles abover her pussy and she was going crazy I slowly put one fjnger in her and she grasped with mouth wide open. I fingered her witj 2 fingers and put my mouth on her pussy and licking it. I really liked the taste of her pussy , she came gushing in 15mins. We were hell tired , I fell on her and we cooled down for 10mins. While I was lying I felt a hand massage my penis, I saw her and she smiled and said don’t stop show me the heavens. I got up spread her legs and pushed my penis slowly inside her, she was a virgin but not so tight, within 2mins I was completely in her, I started the motion in out. She closed her eyes and was all sexy with her boobs shaking all the while, I put my hands on them and pressed them all the time. I was feeling I wud cum so I pulled myself out gave her my penis she gave me a handjob and emptied me on her stomach.

I knew she wasn’t done, so she started licking me after 15mins I was ready again. She stood up and sat on my penis that was the best feeling, I had access to everything, her boobs shaking while she was going up and down, I was slapping her ass all the time and that expression of pain I loved it. We did this for 10mims and she was all wet and exploded while I was inside her. She was so relaxed that she wanted my cum in her mouth. She got down took my penis and emptied it in her mouth. We knew it was too late now and we need to rush. We got dressed up had some mouth fresheners and we left for our home.

We have had sex quite a few times for next 4 months. Now we broke up. And I’m here all alone.

I’ll write my next experience with her after your responses.Any girls or ladies feel free to contact me at [email protected].Hope you had a wet read 😉

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