Early Morning Grind With My Maid Suman

This is a story that goes way back, during my school days, when I was a horny little shit.

There was a good reason for my high sex drive, other than puberty hitting me hard. I had a pretty decent-looking girlfriend who let me lose my virginity to her. It was during the confusing times that I was too keen on losing my virginity, and I was successful. Maybe this story for another time.

Now I had a major maid fetish since I was a kid, what with all those dangling tits and ass while they sweat it out serving you. Also, I always thought I could push it to another level with a maid, ‘cause I wanted to fuck rough, but my girlfriend wouldn’t permit. But there were always these social restrictions that prevented me from making a move on my maid then.

Oh, about my maid – Suman, a young shy 20-something slut-in-the-making, who had a petite body with tight tits and ass to go with. She was probably 32-28-34. She used to come early in the morning, when I would just be getting ready for school. Waking up each day with a morning wood was pretty normal, and this sexy bitch would contribute to it – by exhibiting her lovely boobies in her deep-neck kameez and sticking out her bubble ass while working.

Usually, when I woke up, she would be in my bathroom wiping the floor. She would do that by tying her kameez till her waist to prevent it from getting wet. Then she would bend over and do the wiping, while showing off her bubbly tight ass. Oh how badly I wanted to fuck her there and then! My throbbing 6 inch cock could barely take it! So I had to manage by jerking off later in the bathroom, thinking about fucking her rough and hard.

One shitty night, I had a nasty angry argument with my girlfriend. I went to sleep, and woke up pretty angry too. The moment I saw my maid doing her usual chore, I decided I had to make a move or I’ll lose my mind. Which couldn’t be true, I was just a silly horny teenager.

My parents were still home before they left for work, but I didn’t really bother about that fact. But I decided it should be something quiet. So I headed towards the bathroom, with my 6 inch morning wood, while she was bent over and wiping. I walked up behind her, acted as if I was reaching out for my toothbrush and slightly touched my cock on her ass. She noticed but she didn’t react. So I picked my brush and went back behind her, and started to lightly hump her. She stood up straight, a bit shaken, and looked at her feet. I whispered in her ear to keep doing what she was doing and she obeyed. I left and jerked off later.

Next morning, when she came to work in my bathroom, I went up straight behind her and started rubbing my cock on her ass cheeks. I slightly pressured my hand on her back so she knew she had to stay in that position. She didn’t make a sound and sincerely wiped the floor, while I wiped my cock over her salwar.

This went on for a couple of days, so of course she liked it the first time she grinded me. But I was growing bored. So after one fine grinding session, before I went to jerk it off, I suggested her not to wear her stupid thick panty from next day onwards.

To my pleasant surprise on the next morning, there she was, minus her innerwear and wearing the thinnest fabric she could find in her house. It was dark blue in colour, but if it was white it would have been pretty transparent. But this bitch has learnt to grow shameless for her master, so she made sure her choice pleased me. And it did!

I quickly went behind her and let her grind my cock. Ohh, that made me instantly rock hard! And she kept on rubbing her ass, while I was rubbing mine on her soft ass. The absence of her panty made my dick more sensitive to the warmth and firmness of her sexy ass! It was even more fun by rubbing my cock in her ass-crack, when her salwar was all up inside it! I decided I wanted more fun, so I pulled down my boxers, and started rubbing my bare penis on her bum. She took a look at it and shyly looked away, but didn’t stop giving what I wanted. After a point, I wanted more.

While dry-humping her ass, I reached out my hand and started touching her all over while she was bent – I slid my hand under her kameez and rubbing her back, and then I moved it slowly to her tummy where I started caressing her. Then I went further and grabbed her yummy tits! She let out a moan, then she immediately went quiet knowing my parents were still in the house. This reminded me that I had spent much time grinding her, so I had to finish soon.

In a state of frenzy, overcome by my sense of lust and urgency to finish soon, I pulled down her salwar slightly and shoved my fingers inside her mouth to keep her from reacting.

Then I thought fucking her at that time would be going too far, so I began to rub my cock on her bare ass-crack. I rubbed it with the length of my cock, I pushed it with the its tip, and I even pinched her tight ass. But that’s all the aggressive I could get due to my parents’ presence, but I made the most of it.

With my fingers still inside her mouth, I moved my cock towards her pussy and started teasing it. She might have wanted to moan, but instead she was making little grunts as I was almost choking her with my fingers inside her mouth. Ohh, I loved the feel of her hot cunt on my dick! Only if I could cum inside her! But it was too risky, I thought.

So I started grinding my cock harder on her ass-crack. My cock loved her smooth ass-crack! I wanted to bite her ass-cheeks and lick her asshole, but this wasn’t so bad either. My pre-cum was already all over my dick and her ass-crack, so I took hand out of her mouth, took some of that gooey stuff and shoved it back in her mouth. I could feel her tongue licking my fingers slightly. Man, I had made her my bitch even before putting my penis inside her vagina! I carried on and used my other hand to stroke my dick too. I was almost going to cum! So I made last few thrusts in her crack, which made cum all over her back! Oh, what a release that was.

I wiped my dick and her back with my hand, and made her lick all of it. Now I completely own her little body, which proved true in our later exploits which involved proper fucking, the rough kind.

Wanna hear how i finally fucked my sex slave Suman? I’d love to share it with you guys in the upcoming days. There’s definitely more where this came from. Until then, show your appreciation directly by contacting me on [email protected] .

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