Ek Rahasya Ladki Part – 1

Today also I remember that night, I feel that was the best day of my life till I Received my bike. Hey, everyone, I am roopesh(name changed) for security this is my Story which happened recently with me. I was searching some friends online to talk On many dating websites. I got many people to talk. I couldn’t find any girl to talkFor a longer time. If I send them hi they would either not reply or never see my messages. (I think its because they don’t get to reply all on the dating websites). I could talk to foreign girls, They would reply and talk to me very well.

So as I log in to one of my dating website then there was a girl named reshmi(name changed), She had joined recently to the website. I accepted her friend request(its not facebook), Then I went to the chat box I saw her online. I messaged her.

Me: HiReshmi:hiMe: how you doing?Reshmi: I am good wbu?Me: roopesh from BangaloreReshmi: reshmi from BangaloreMe: which area?Reshmi: ************, what about you?Me: *********, soThen we had casual talks like what do we do and our hobbies and then suddenly she asked meSomething shocking.

Reshmi: you use skype?(I was shocked that on the first day of the talks she asked me which normally a girl doesn’t do)Me: yesReshmi: add me on skypeMe: ok say me your id or else add me *******xxxxReshmi: you will do video chat now?Me: ok I don’t have any issues.

I added her on my skype, then we started to chat over there

Reshmi: Hi video call me now.Me: ok

I called her. My camera was on but she wasn’t on. Then me keeping the camera on sent her asked her why is it like that.She replied saying that she wants to have a hot video chat and she will show herself when I gain her trust which means I won’t be lying to her and all.

Reshmi: what are you wearing?Me:baniyan, tracks and garment inside.Reshmi: remove your baniyan.

I removed my baniyan and showed her body which was not really worth hiding from a girl. I could proudly show on to her.

Reshmi: you got a nice body. Workouts?Me: ya not much whenever I am free from my college and other works of home.Reshmi: remove your tracks and show me the hill.

I did as she said I also removed my garment also showing her my dick which was about to 8 inches long, and at certain angles mobiles make hit bigger

Reshmi: Oh awesome cock!! How big?Me: not as big as a nigga but about 8 inches.Reshmi: I would love to suck it.Me: ya really, you liked it? Want it to look much more seducing and huge?Reshmi: yes sure.

I opened my oil bottle and poured some on my dick and spread it a bit. That made it look same as a pornstar BBC.

Reshmi: wow!! Looks same like a BBC of about 10 to 12-inch dude!!

I know we were not having a sex chat. Just a nice sex-related talks. I asked her then.

Me: would you like to have a meetup? If you don’t mind. Meetup knows much more than your wish of having fun.Reshmi: ya sure.Me: Oh cool, awesome. So when are you free?Reshmi: this weekend my parents are going out to native. Then I can meet you.

( I was so happy at that time what nice timings of she meeting me through this website)I was yet in a video chat with her.

Me: ya sure. We can meet at any mall nearby to your home which mall would you like to meet.Reshmi: you can meet me at xxxxxx mall we will meet at the weekend.Me: ok sure I will come over and meet you over there.

Then she told she has to sleep and hung up on skype and I was eagerly waiting for the day. I was so happy because I didn’t mind of place of having sex .. I had my own homeMy parents had already gone to native for some work. And would be back the next week Tuesday.

We could chat on skype every day after that as usual like how she said, I took the risk of doing it. And was agreeing on everything she had said. I wanted to know who is this girl that agrees to meet but when I tell to show herself she doesn’t. I was afraid a bit that when I take the risk and spent that time on meeting this she should not turn out to be a transgender or a gay guy.

Then Friday came, I had made a plan to meet her the next day. I checked out myself. I like my facial hair. Even though not fully spread beard like a fully matured man. For a teenager, it was a perfect size and surface area of the beard.

And the night I was full curious and scared, thinking is she turns out to be a cheater or trans or a gay guy. Then I would talk to them, why do they do like this, then if they behave nicely then stay friends with them else without uttering a word just walk out.So this was my perfect thought. I slept for about 5 hours woke up at about 6 o clock.

I made my dick hairs short not completely chopped of thinking that ya I got to be a bit manly in that also. I wore a blue half sleeve shirt and a khaki color pant. That suited me the best and it also was the best for summer. I took out my bike taken all the necessary things in a bag. Then left to the mall for the meetup.

After 45 mins of the ride, I reached the mall. I took out my phone and messaged her on skype

Me: I have reached the mall. When will you be arriving?

I didn’t get an immediate reply. She had not given me her number also. I had taken a complete risk.I waited for 5 mins for her reply.It had not come yet.10 mins.. 20 .. And then after 25 mins when I thought leave she surely is not going to come, she isn’t in my fate.

My phone vibrated I thought it was some app notification. I then also took out to at least clear that of. I took out without seeing it carefully, when the notification was about to disappear I noticed that it was a skype notification. I quickly opened Skype. It was her message.

Reshmi: I am about to reach at the mall in 2 mins.Me: I will be in front of Baskin Robbins, u can come an you will spot me over there.Reshmi: okkkkk I will meet you there dont go anywhere.

I made a plan that before she comes to me I should notice her that who she is in real life.I thought to go in the shop nearby baskin robbins through which I can see the complete br area. So I went to the showroom nearby. I got the clear view.

After 5 mins of me exploring the area of where I was waiting. I received a message.

Reshmi: I had told you not to go anywhere. Where are u? I am in front of br.

Then I noticed a gorgeous girl. She was a bit darker in shade. Yet she had the shape and curve in the body she was skinny and can say the chocolate skin. I had a great attraction to the skinny chocolate or ebony girls. She was the perfect look. I walked out the store towards br. I noticed that she saw me. She was coming towards me. My heart was beating faster as I was feeling nervous.

She stopped in front of me. I noticed herShe said,”Hi, I am reshmi.”I said,”Oh hi, roopesh.”

To be continued!!

This is the part-1 of my story.If you got any feedbacks then you can mail me on [email protected]

I dont expect any woman coming towards me asking for sex.. If you come forward then ya I can say I will like it after all I am a guy. Do message me on mail or hangouts saying how u felt about the story. It is yet incomplete. Yet more to come to show, how I enjoyed with her after I met her.

A new story coming soon !!

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