Elder Sister Was My Sexual Queen – Part 1

Hello this is Maciver from Bangalore this is my first sex story I have decided to write it down and after reading lot of Indian sex stories I have made up my mind to reveal few incidents which happened between me and my elder sister. so I welcome feedbacks from everyone and I will reply.

My real name and my sister’s real name will not be revealed in this sex story. All the incidents mentioned in this story is very true and it has happened between me and my elder sister during my school days and my college days.I have not faked anything over here. I have been very genuine definitely all men and woman can enjoy the story and cherish their memories.

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I live in Bangalore and work for a private company. My family consists of dad, mom, brother, sister and myself. My description is, I am now 28 years old,  6ft height, proper lean body, I don’t go to the gym for any kind of muscles, I do have a have a perfect dressing style which makes girls and woman look twice when I walk in streets of Bangalore. My elder sister is 36 years now happily married with a sweet family.Well, I do come from a well to do family. I am single, to be frank, I have a class of my own, to be honest. My body language is impeccable speak very less but I have a world knowledge which I can put others to shame when I talk.

My erotic incidents go back to my school days when I was in 8th std onward and my sister was in her 2nd PUC and going to 1st-year degree. Her name is Swathi, I started watching porn from 6th std with my friends from school.I use to watch hardcore, teen videos. Slowly I moved towards family taboo videos and I loved watching it because I was able to narrate it in my mind thinking about my family. What caught my attention was sex with elder sister. I use to cum a lot more than my normal whenever I use to see taboo videos of brother sister sex.

My fantasy started to grow every day and I decided and made up my mind to fantasies my goddess who is in my family i.e. my elder sister.She is fair and I am honest with all the viewers, her height is 5.6. chubby face, natural fair breasts medium size with black nipples and perfect dark aerosols I have seen her breasts in real and felt it that’s how I am able to describe her beautiful soft mushy breasts. A simple rub of her nipples can actually make my penis erect rock hard. I am having a natural 9-inch medium thickness penis.It’s pretty long for a Indian men but I love as it is my natural gift.

After seeing more porn videos I started planning myself how to begin and then I started with sneaking her wardrobe. We had a big room with 3 wardrobes for all together. When she use to go to college at 7:30 am every day by bus so every day at 6:30 AM she use to come to our room to change clothes after a bath.My brother used to go to college at 6:30 am as he was a science student.

While one day I woke up a bit early for a sudden noise and I happened to see my goddess sister. She was very fair with white skin.  She had a towel tied and a small towel tied around her head. I had a shock of a lifetime as that was my first scene where I saw my elder sister changing her dress semi naked. I had covered my blanket fully till my face so I could peep and enjoy the view. She dropped her towel down facing towards wardrobe and I saw her back for the first time. I literally imagined girls in porn videos and these teenage girls have very fair back without even a single scar. I had an instant erection and I was on cloud 9. It was very erotic and I was like I have to feel her. While in bathroom she had already put her panty so I was not able to see her ass. I managed to see her ass she has a little big ass and her ass can be fucked properly from behind you will definitely get a good grip to hold both her hips and fuck her properly and I was totally going mad seeing her figure. She then took out a white bra and all of a sudden she removed her towel from head and she turned towards right to keep it on the table and that was the first time in my whole life were I saw breasts of a woman, those natural pair of perfect breasts as she had taken a shower her nipples were very pointed and firm I felt sucking them and biting it oh gosh I felt like am in heaven. I saw her applying body lotion and it was a divine scene for me when she applied lotion to her breasts I went mad. Her breasts juggled slowly and it was soft to the core and she applied to her other side and in the end she massaged her nipples slightly with the lotion.I literally came in my pants naturally.This scene is still stuck in my eyes even now. After this, I decided to continue this everyday morning but it didn’t happen like that sometimes because she used to change her dress in the bathroom itself.But I was clever and I always use to keep an eye on her.

Days passed thinking about the incident in school. While at home, playing my penis use to get erected anytime whenever I recalled those memories. My sister usually comes home by evening 6 and I use to come home from school by 4. I had 2 hours every day until she came back from college. I use to have quick lunch which my mom use to serve and by 4:30 I use to go to my room to do homework. Our room was on the first floor and the second floor we had a terrace and it used to be windy due to breeze so we have no other option but to close the door from behind.

I came to the room closed it from behind and I stood in the same place were my sister changed her clothes the other day which was very erotic feeling and I was never guilty as we were from the same womb. She is a total divine and my love for my sister was more than everything. It was holy for me.I can do anything for her . I kept my homework books on my bed and I went and opened my sisters wardrobe saw all her clothes and down the compartment I saw her bras and panties it was in many colors, and shapes. She had a normal panties were her whole ass will be covered and there were some panties like bikini style.I took the black panty which was there and at that time I had a strong rock solid erection when I touched her panty, and I saw a slight patch where it was faded it was due to the piss, her cum, her juice. I kept it near my nose and sniffed it and it was a total heaven for me and I was totally high on it. I immediately removed my shorts and my underwear and i wore my sisters underwear and it felt funny as my penis is big it was coming out from the side. I then took her bra and sniffed the place where nipples will be placed. I was dam horny and I took my 9 inch penis from the panty. I literally masturbated madly and I came a lot in such a way where I could pregnant her with 3 kids with one single shot. I took a little cum from my penis and I put it in the bra so that when she wears her bra next time her nipples can feel my cum.In the end, I became a panty sniffer and I use to try out all her panties and I use to wear it at least for 30 mins and keep it back in the same place.

Then morning before going to school I use to take shower and during that time I was always the last one to go for shower and I use to see my sisters soaked panties and bra and i use to take those and masturbate imagining her.We also had computer in our house and during my 10th std I started using it more for my studies and once just by fluke I saw the history and was shocked to see porn sites. I ran through some pages and saw it was hardcore porn were a guy was fucking a girl in sofa, then a guy was fucking a girl standing missionary position on the kitchen slab, then I saw another video were a guy was fucking a girl doggy style holding her and pushing her through the wall and what I got to know was it was my sister who has seen this porn videos and what I liked the most was all the porn videos has ended with a cream pie i.e. the guy in the video has put his sperms inside the pussy.Then I got to know she liked to take it inside. I loved it because it was a very sacred for me as I always felt to come inside her when ever I imagined and for me its better to come inside my own sister than to come inside some other woman.

Then I began seeing her while she walks in the house or when we go out I use to see her cleavage her ass, her breasts and sometimes I purposely use to drop things so that I can see her lovely breasts Ii have pressed her breasts and ass sometimes without her attention.

All the incident mentioned here is true and everything is still in my eyes stuck.In my next story, I will be telling you how I fucked my sister the hell out her in our house while my parents and my brother went to Chennai to attend a wedding. When she was in her masters 2nd year in the university and that was a life-changing experience for me and for her. We literally fucked the hell out of each other everywhere in the house on those 3 days and she literally insisted me to come inside her. I will tell that in the next sex story.

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I live in Bangalore and I am open to discussions with an intelligent woman of any age.

Thank you very much for reading my first sex story.

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