Elder Sister Was My Sexual Queen Part – 2

Hello everyone this is maciver again from bangalore, I am glad to see feedbacks in my mails about my 1st story elder sister was my sexual queen. I am happy that people have liked my real story. I will be now telling you the 2nd part of the story on how I had sex with my elder sister.

For people who have not read my 1st story I suggest you to read that first and then read this.

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About my intro again for those who don’t know. I live in bangalore and work for a private company. My family consists of dad, mom, brother, sister and myself. My description is, I am now 28 years old,  6ft height, proper lean body, I don’t go to the gym for any kind of muscles, I do have a have a perfect dressing style which makes girls and woman look twice when I walk in streets of bangalore. My elder sister is 36 years now happily married with a sweet family.Well, I do come from a well to do family. I am single, to be frank, I have a class of my own, to be honest. My body language is impeccable speak very less but I have a world knowledge which I can put others to shame when I talk.

Well my days passed by sneaking my sisters wardrobe I use to see all her new bra and panties, and in the mornings I use to wait until my sister comes to the room after shower.. It became a habit for me were my morning view was seeing my sisters beautiful firm breasts it was indeed my luck to see them every morning. It was a perfect way to start a morning by seeing them a true privilege. On one saturday one of my dreams of seeing my sister butt naked came true . She had actually did not take her panty to the bathroom for shower and that happened because of my master plan. Usually my sister keeps some of her panties in the ground floor and I on the previous night while she was watching tv I went to the wardrobe which is in the ground floor and I saw 3 of her panties there and I slowly took out 2 panties from there and the other one I kept it there itself as it was very old and I felt she might not wear that and the other 2 panties I put it in my pocket and I took it to our room in the upstairs and I placed it where she keeps . Luckily she never came to know its in the room because I know sometimes that when her panties are not there in the ground floor she asks my mom and my mom sometimes forgets and she keeps it in our room so I knew my sister will not ask is she doesn’t find it.

My plan worked to be frank she indeed came up to our room and I was on full alert and thinking in my mind will she wear that old panty and come or she will be butt naked here. I was too curious and thinking about these incidents itself made me have an erection as she is my sexual queen it does happen its natural.And she walked in to my room with her towel as tied as usual and as it was saturday she had a head bath and her head was covered with a small towel.My sister stood there in the regular place and I could smell her aroma in my whole room I could smell her soap and I could smell her body it made me even more arouse and my penis is trying its best to come out of my underwear my 9inch was rock hard and I was trying my best to cover it so that she cannot see any dent in the blanket.

She was having a glance at her wardrobe and I saw taking a cream colour panty and a cream colour bra and I was overjoyed that my idea worked. She slowly dropped her towel down and too my surprise I saw my sister butt naked finally it was the best view of my life. Her butt was very fair , she had a firm butt its not fully round she had some extra flesh on the side oh dear that was perfect view.Her butt was not saggy it was fleshy, fair and little below her butt it was little dark in colour its common for everyone but over all it was a perfect butt and trust me any guy who likes this type of butt will definelty fuck the hell out of the ass. She started to apply lotion for the body and I saw her butt in every angle for a second I thought I have to fuck her from behind by standing and I have to push her towards the wardrobe and hold her hair lightly and insert my penis inside her and ride her slowly .

And all of a sudden her body lotion finished in the bottle then the she suddenly turned towards myside then I had a jolt of a lifetime because I saw my own sisters pussy my god I had pre cum coming out all over my underwear.She had a trimmed bush . Her pussy was inviting me to fuck her like a mad dog. She bent towards her college bag were she keeps a small bottle of lotion in her bag while searching I had some more time to see her god given beautiful pussy.I felt like eating her pussy and sucking it fully spreading her pussy lips touching her clitoris with my tongue.

Her pussy was tight I could see it her trimmed bush was perfect ,she is actually a decent girl to be frank even in college I know very well she was not a slut in college. And I was sure of one thing that when I insert my dick inside her she will surely scream to the hell as her pussy was tight and her pussy lips was firmly closed she well go mad for every stroke I move to fuck her and I knew she will moan everytime I insert my 9inch penis inside her and I knew I will be the one who will be tearing that pussy my lovely sisters pussy. Her breasts was rock solid firm, hard and I would love to suck milk from that breasts like a good baby and everyday before she goes to college I thought if my plan works out I have to suck her breasts every morning when she comes to the room.And then I decided no matter what happens next week I have to fuck my sister when everyone goes to chennai .

I knew very well that my sister and myself will not going to chennai as we both had college and she had practicals so it was understood that my brother has to accompany my dad and mom to chennai for 3 days. And I came up with my plan of trapping my sister to have sex with me .My parents were supposed to go for chennai on thursday and on sunday something interesting happened my sister had watched porn as she was free and she was actually masturbating seeing porn video and I happened to knock the door and in a hurry my sister did not close the porn she was seeing instead she actually closed all the files and she muted the volume she was using earphone thinking that I will go back immediately. Actually she was not able put her panty back so she had actually put her blue panty under the pillow and she had just put her shorts.

When she oped the door I went inside thee room and I knew that she was seeing porn as she usually listens music in speakers but this time she had put earphones so I knew she watches porn and I had my phone with me and after sometime I took it out and went near the computer and my sister was anxious and was staring at me thinking will I on the computer she tried to divert me but everything failed I did not tell her for what I came to the room I instead took my phone and I took the auxiliary cable next to the computer and removed the earphones immediately and inserted my phone device and automatically it took me towards the media player thats were I have stored my music and to my surprise porn video started playing and I was seeing it for few seconds I saw a guy banging a girl in the dining table by lifting both her legs and spreading her leg like v shape I became horny instead and saw my sister and she was shocked scared didn’t utter a word then I again saw the video he was hugging her body and fucking her on the table . And now the drama began my sister just switched off the comp and closed the door immediately and she told me :

Sis- abhi what you saw you will not utter a single word to anyone .Me- why shouldn’t ISis- please Abhi listen to me first.Me-what should I listenSis-I am not doing anything wrong just like my friends I see porn and I satisfy myself.

Me-but what you are doing is wrongSis- please it’s a humble request.Me- since how long have been seeing?Sis- 3 yearsMe- have you tried with anyone?Sis- what?

Me- I mean did you have sex before?Sis- yes I had with my classmate 2 years back in degree college but I broke up within 2 months.Me- oh

Sis- will you tell mom Abhi ?Me – may beSis- common please I beg you.Me-I want to ask you somethingSis- tell me

Me- you are in the urge of satisfying yourself and I feel that why don’t you do it real with someone who is close to you .?Sis – I didn’t understand, with whom?Me- why don’t you have sex with some one who is close to you so that you will be satisfied and safe and also you don’t have to go behind someone.

Sis- she was puzzled and she said I don’t have any friends like that all my friends have a boyfriend, and some are in a relationship with their cousins.

Me- don’t you have friends with benefits?Sis- no AbhiMe- I was pretty bold as I had an upper hand in this scenario. I told my lovely sister why can’t I be your friends with benefits.Sis-how could you ask me like this whats wrong with you Abhi are you mad?

Me- I am a guy like everyone who needs sex and I too masturbate why don’t we have sex together so that it will be safe and you don’t have to have sex with anyone other than me until you get married.I will not tell anyone. I am sure we can be together like this.Sis-this is the wrong Abhi I have never in my life seen you like that it’s not good.

Me-but I have always wished that my future wife should be like you with your behavior, shyness, cute and nice understanding.Sis- she was flattered with my words.

Me- I am ready to share my body with you , instead sharing with other woman I will be more happy to show all my love, my body, my love to the person who has known me since childhood,Sis-she was surprised by words and she knew I meant it. I have to think about it abhi because if we get caught we are gone !!!Me- think and let me know at the earliest.Sis- ok.

Me- I have honestly always admired your look, body, curves, Swati , I have always felt angry when others in streets saw you in terms of an object. I have felt like you are mine and your my possession,Sis- Abhi I have seen that sometimes you’re protective I know and I like it.

After 2 days thats on tuesday morning something new happened my sister who walked into my room in the morning while going to college she actually woke me up and wished me good morning abhi !!. Something which she hasn’t told before me I wished her back and she had already changed her clothes and she was about to go down . She asked me how is this dress and how does look ? . I said not good change the pant and top. She said ok. I was shock she actually removed her top in front of me she was in her white bra she had turned towards the wardrobe as usual and then she removed her jeans and I saw her in white panty.

Her butt made me go crazy like anything. I knew her answer would have been positive or else she wouldn’t have woke me up or changed her dress in front of me like this. She was looking at the wardrobe what to wear and my wicked mind was waiting for a chance and I got up from the bed and I went near her and stood behind I was also scared a bit but I made up my mind I just went like suggesting her what to wear and I actually touched her body from behind as wanted to test her a little and I suggested her to wear the this black jeans which was on top of the shelf and her tops are actually in down shelf so I bent down and told her to wear this top. I was actually just less than a few inches away from her milky soft thighs, I could smell her aroma. Then swati told ok, I was standing in the same way close to her. So she raised her left arm and took the jeans, and she actually bent down to take the top, then all of a sudden something disturbed my penis that was her beautiful butt actually touched my penis while taking the top below. My penis was getting active then I knew it she did it intentionally.

I did not waste time I slowly wrapped both my hands and I hugged her from behind and my hands came across her stomach. I did not want to touch her breasts directly as am not desperate. A real man actually makes love to a woman slowly and with honour.Swati did not utter a single word and I came close to her and I smelled her hair and it made more arouse and I saw swati taking a deep breath. Then slowly I turned her towards my side and we both stared at each other and I kissed her forehead she closed her eyes.I was so happy and dream come true I never thought my elder sister will be in my arms like this in her bra and panty. Then she opened her eyes and I came towards her lips and I gave a soft kiss to her lips. Her lips was like butter for me very soft and fragile.Then she reciprocated second time by closing her eyes again and then we both gave a passionate kiss and I was holding her hips and she was folding her arms around my neck.

Finally my saliva touched her saliva it was a real closeness and honour to kiss my sister like this and our long kiss turned into french kiss my tongue touched her tongue we had a strong bonding in that kiss. And my hands slowly moved towards her butt from behind and I pressed her soft firm butt and she went mad and gave me a tighter kiss and her tongue was inside my mouth I slowly pushed her towards the wardrobe to take more support for her so she can have a back support I kissed her like anything and I felt her lovely breasts and I pressed her beautiful breasts she then automatically placed her hands behind my butt and and pressed it at that time my penis was touching her pussy.

Then I was not in a stage to stop so while kissing her still I placed my hand again near her beautiful gifted butt but this time I slowly slid my hand inside her panty and I pressed both the sides of her butt and she literally went crazy and she stopped the kiss and she stared at my eyes and I pressed her butt again and she moaned like aaaaaahhhhhhh !!!!!!!

Her naked butt was beyond description it was firm soft her ass cheeks was under my control I felt her round butt and I was holding it for sometime and I pushed it towards my penis ,seeing her eyes and then took my hands out and took a step back. She then told me “ abhi this was the most passionate kiss I ever had and it made me so secure in my arms and she said I will need you every minute from now on you are mine “ !!!!. I said until you say enough I will always be with you.

Then she put her dress and in the mean time, my mom started to call her Swati !!! Swati !!! You’re getting late !. Then she said I am coming ma, I am coming !!. Then she gave me a tight hug while going and she said this Thursday to Saturday when mom dad and brother goes to Chennai we will be like couples in the house and she gave me a nice smile.

Then it was thursday early morning we all got up early and parents left the house to bus stand to go by volvo bus to chennai , my parents had told my sister to cook food everyday and lock all the doors safely while going to college and told her to remind me to keep the key safe as I come home soon.So both had extra keys. And she said ok ma ill look after the house well . Then mom and dad said by saturday night they will take the bus back to bangalore and come on sunday morning around 8 . And then myself and swati said good bye to parents and they booked a cab and it had arrived on time and they left by 630 in the morning.

We both then went inside and closed the door then immediately I hugged her tightly and said good morning to her she responded back in mischievous way. And we kissed passionately in our hall it was perfect morning kiss we kissed without fear of anyone and we had the house to ourself and we both knew it. I kissed her and bit her lips and she moaned softly and she responded by by holding me even more tighter and I slowly while kissing her made her sit on the sofa and we kissed for some time together sitting on the sofa.

Sis – broke the kiss and she told I never thought I will be kissing my younger brother like this.Me- same her Swati never thought my sister will be like this in my arms together and we kissed a bit.Sis- today I have to go to college and getting late I have to go take shower now.Me- ok me to I have to go to college today and ill be back home by 4, as usual, what about you?

Sis- ill be back home early by 4 I will not go for the last class I want to spend more time with you.Me- ok nice

Sis- I will go to shower nowMe- Swati why don’t we shower together and she was surprised.Sis- no it will become late tomorrow we can.Me- no it won’t be late you can go buy auto today.Sis. Hmmmmm ok. She was little confused and skeptic what might happen in the shower.Me- ok ill go bring my towel and even you go and she said ok.

I went up to my room and took my towel and brushed my teeth in the sink and my sister also brushed together.Then we both went with towel into bathroom she was still in her clothes and I was in my clothes too. She was waiting for me to make the first move and I removed my t shirt and then my bermuda and stood in from of her wearing only my underwear she then saw my penis already semi erect and smiled.

I was nervous as I was still digesting a fact that I am standing in the shower room with my own sister who were born together in the same womb. She then removed her t-shirt she was in bra and then she dropped her pyjamas down and kept on the side where I had kept my clothes and she was seeing me and I was seeing her and then she removed her bra and I was literally fainting to see her breasts in so close angle and I was going mad and I removed my underwear and she was literally shocked to see my shaven penis it was already hard and she was shocked at the size and didn’t know what to say to me.

And while seeing my penis she said “ Abhi your penis is so long I never thought you have got that size it’s so big Abhi oh god wow. I am shocked. I said Swati this is yours and it will be yours only you have got all the rights to it. She was like Abhi this will hurt me inside I am sure I don’t know how but it be very much hard for me to take it inside may be half might go inside or little more but definitely not fully.I said, “ Swati I will always be gentle with you I will never hurt you I love you like anything your my life”. I came forward and I slowly took my hands near her panties and I pulled it down completely. Finally, both brothers and sisters are butt naked and going to embrace each other. I saw her pussy and I touched the outer part and it was already wet and sticky pre-cum was coming out and she said I am literally seeing stars after seeing you naked. And I gave her a compliment for her pussy and trimmed bush she was blushing and told: “ Abhi this is all yours the owner you can have it anytime it’s only for you “ !!! I said her Swati I know am the owner of your body, and Swati, to be frank, I actually like to see your pussy shaved and she immediately said ok done Abhi will shave in the evening as you wish Abhi .

Then I took her hands planted a kiss slowly all over her hands and I turned on the hand shower and placed it little top so both could get hot water. Swati came closer to kiss me and we began to kiss and the shower was on and water was falling on each other. We kissed erotically, my penis was rock hard and it began to poke her and she slowly took her right hand and she placed on my dick and while kissing she stopped and saw her hand it was only 40 percent covered my penis and remaining of 60 percent of my dick was out and she was laughing oh my god Abhi this a monster dick thin and long wow I am the luckiest to get it and my friends will be mad if they see it as they also like big dicks and yours is perfect for me. I am sure tonight you will make me scream when you put it inside. I said it’s all yours Swati.

And I kissed her back I pressed her butt pushed her to the wall and I was fingering her pussy and put my middle finger inside and she was ahhhhh , ahhhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhhhhh oh Abhi she kissed me back , I stopped the kiss I then kissed her wet face her eyes, nose, both her ears, cheeks, her neck and then I was holding both her breasts firmly and I pressed it hard and she screamed aaaahhhhhhh abhiiiiii. I then sucked her right breast like a baby and she began to moan it was becoming little louder and I increased the shower speed, I sucked her left breast and my finger was still inside her pussy and I was rubbing her outer pussy lips and and it was getting little swelling dude to my force and she was all wet and I could feel the sticky cum. In the mean time she was actually holding my dick and began to stroke I was in heaven I had nothing in my head other than my sister and was a dream come true and I felt like if we were in some other country I would have just married and had kid with my own sister and loved her until the end.

Swati began to kiss my face, and she then kissed my nipple and she sucked it very well I was pressing her boobs and she literally going crazy I could see her face. And she kissed my stomach, turned me back and she kissed by butt and she licked my butt and she sucked it I was hard like a stone and my dick was its peak and even a little stroke can make me cum. She then turned me back to her and I made her stand up kissed her she then stopped and again went down and she began to suck my penis. I was actually not able to control and she began to suck and I saw her beautiful mouth going inside my penis she able to suck only half of my penis and she took it for the first time and she took it out and she said me . “ Abhi I can never suck fully its big but definitely I will be spending more time by giving you a nice blowjobs everywhere in home and I will make you cum every single time “. I was smiling. She sucked like a nice girl and I loved it and I couldn’t expect anything than this.

I was holding her hair and was slowly pushing her head towards my dick.And I was in the climax and I was about to come and I told Swati am coming now !!! She saw me through her eyes and she began sucking again without stopping and I finally came inside her mouth. For the next 5 strokes when she sucked I came all the times little by little and I filled her cum in my mouth and I had closed my eyes I was lost in words didn’t know what to say and she actually took her mouth out from my penis and she had my cum in her mouth and she saw me I said spit it out if don’t want to swallow. And she actually swallowed and then she told me “ Abhi your my brother I am ready to swallow every bit of it it’s my right to swallow.” I then made her stand and I kissed her tightly and said I need you swati I need every bit of you .!!!

I then didn’t waste even a second time my dick began to take rest but I didn’t want to take rest I went down her and I saw her pussy and I kissed the pussy first and it was totally wet with shower and a little bit salty it’s because of her cum it was sticky and I began to suck her juice out of her pussy.I sucked every bit of it I was holding my hand across her butt and I began to suck the pussy so much she bagan to scream ahhhhhhhhhh abhi ahhhhhhhhhhh abhi ahhhhhhhhh be slow abhi ahhhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhh oh my god Abhi ahhhhhhhh she was holding my head tightly ahhhhhhhh ohhhh aiyooooooo ohhhhhh ahhhhhhh ahhh ahhh then she began to slowly resist by taking my head back but I didn’t leave her I began to hold her butt more tightly from behind with my hands and started to suck her small clitoris in the upper part of her beautiful pussy and the moment I put my tongue up there and she was lost in other world and her right leg began to shiver slowly and I was sucking her pussy juice without wasting a bit and her right leg began to shiver more and more she screamed ammmmmmmmaaaaaa abhiiiiiiiiiii aiyoooooo oooohhhhh ahhhhhhhh oh shit ohhhhhh ohhh oh oh fuckkkkkk my god I will come now abhi stop now stop and I didn’t stop actually I licked my tongue up near her clitoris and I could see she raised her feet up and stood on toe for a second and then she touched both her feet down and then I could feel her pussy juice in my mouth and my sister shuddered with a strong orgasm and she I stopped moving I was sucking her pussy after sucking all her juice. And then I saw her face from down she had closed her eyes she was totally tired and then I sucked the remaining cum little but it remaining it was washed away as the shower was on and I just sat down on the shower room. As my legs were paining as I was kneeling down .

My penis was up already but I didn’t want to fuck her as I wanted to fuck her in the night. I was just stroking my penis she then sat down on the shower room facing towards me and she said. “ abhi that was total madness !!! What you did to me I had never been sucked by anyone like that it was totally something I was in a different world oh my god I came like anything literally I was not able to control it was just like a thunder I couldn’t control my own cum I had surrendered to you. Oh my god if you can suck like this trust me your future wife will never leave you I swear no girl will leave you they will love you like anything they will be the most happiest person your wife will be happy forever oh gosh. I also knew my friends who are still dating even though guys are matured they still don’t suck orally and only my friends give them blow job and I pity my best friends. We actually discuss a lot about sex during free time when we are together. I am very happy by making the right decision to have sex with my brother being my brother it made me more safe secure and caring we have a great bonding as we love each other this will be my best days of life to remember in my old days too.”

I told “ my dear swati even though your my elder sister born together I have shown all my real love to you. I will always cherish my memories about you I even don’t mind coming inside you tonight I want my sperms to go inside you until the end of your pussy you just have to feel the love whats inside and you have hold all my sperms inside you . I want you to be happy. And then we kissed with passion and we got up from the show room and took quick shower and came out got ready and went to college .

In the end we hugged each other and gave a quick kiss and I told try coming soon tonight will be special night for both of us . She said yes I am waiting for it love you bye .

In my last final part I will tell you what happened on that night and how we spend friday and saturday together it will be long story but you will all like it.

I would like to have feedback on my story please do write me back. I would also like to hear from the woman side also feel free to talk with me. I will actually be busy with my official work in the coming days but I will make it a point to answer for every mail I am a person who keep up my words.

Write me back at [email protected].

Take care of your health stay safe .

Thank you .

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