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I like this website very much. Now I would like to present my life story in front you with name changed. I am Selvakumar working in MNC Company in Trichy. My girl was also join in same company in trichy, but she was my junior with same designation. She was named as Sheela. We both are good friends and join started to do CA. Our colleague are believed that we are lovers, but we don’t have these kind of thoughts. Sheela’s family member are planned to arranged the marriage to her. Her Marriage was happen in trichy. I too visited the marriage function and give the costly gift. She left the job and trichy and move to chennai with her husband.

After 2 years, I have promoted on same company and located at chennai. I don’t contact my sheela for last 2 years, because I think that it will not good for sheela’s life. I have join my chennai office and search for house. Finally I have got the plot in seven floor. That was final floor in that building. Next building was very close to my building. I have much interest in know who was lived in the building plot, because I have easy to go that plot with use the steps and lift. I have find out that was sheela and her mother-in-law. I was shocked and directly visit that home and say ‘ Hi ‘ . She was also shock on seeing me after 2 years.

While discussion, I was come to know that “Sheela’s husband was left her in india and move to dubai. Before 1 years and 9 months”. She was taking care of her blind mother-in-law and live in chennai. We have new idea to restarted our course CA. Plan to study together in this free time. She was say about my marriage, I told that it will take some time. Finally We have started to study every day together. Days are moving very fast. We have become very much free in talk all things and share our feelings. One day I have see blue film with my office colleague and move to home. I and sheela sit together and start to study. I have start to watch sheela’s body and start to think about the blue film.

Sheela was caught me and eye. She was stop discuss about subject and enquire about my thought and thinks. I don’t know what to say to her. I have left the room and move to open floor and started to watch the moon and star in sky. She also follow me and stand near by me. I have boldly take her hand and hold in my hand. It was very late night. After few minutes, sheela was leave my hand and move into my room, I too follow her. She go and stand near by wall. I follow her and stand very close to her. Slowly I lift her face and started to explain about my feelings. While explain our body are just touch every other and without any hesitation sheela was hear my feeling. Finally she never and any comment and stand simply.

I don’t know what to do, so I have kissed in her fore head. She never say any thing and it will make my feeling to grow further. I have started to kiss all the part of face. Sheela had the same feeling and she also started to kiss me. I have done French kiss for 20 minutes continually with sheela. After that leave her. She look at me with sexy eye which make very much strong. I have started to hold her very tightly and enjoy all over the body. Sheela come to near to my ears and told me to remove my shirt, but I remove her saree and hold the both breast in my hand very tightly. She’s lips are want to caught my lips.

Sheela never object me and she enjoy every moment and my every touches. She was started to remove my dress and I too started to remove her dress. Finally both are naked in front of each other. These things are happen when we are standing near to walls of my room. I lift her in my arms and move to my bed and put her in my bed. She was lyed on my bed naked. I too naked climb on her. She hold one hand on my back side of my head and stated to kiss on my lips. On other hand she search to hold my penis. While caught it, she stop kiss and see my face with joys and smile very sexy. Really I cannot explain to smile beauty in words. Again she forced my head from back side and started to kiss me and other hand she hold my penis and try to insert into her Virgo.

I have climb and her very fast by insert my penis to her. I go to her ears and say with very little voice that ” you are so beauty and allow me to enjoy your beauty fully for this night”. She was heard by words and move to my hears and told that ” she was very hungry on sex because she never have sex for last 20 months”. She told that you my friend and just enjoy the moment. These are make my stronger. I have forced to insert my whole penis into her fast. She started to moaning loudly. My hands are massage her breast very much tightly and finally I have drop all my liquid in her. We both are sleep for one hour and on same position. After that I have getup and say her to stand. She simply stand and search for her dress, but while seeing her ass.

I am become mad. So I went near to her. I hold sheela from back side very much tightly. I have insert my penis to her ass hole. She see me in mirror and give my good position to insert my penis to her ass. I have enjoy her ass hole for next one hour. In that one hour, she was moaning very much loudly, but I have don’t care about any thing. After finishing that position we both are sleep in my bed naked. It was 5 Am, Sheela and me never sleep properly. Sheela dressed and left my room and go to her flat. At the time of 10 am, I have plan to go to office. For that I have dressed up very much formally.

While I have move to office, Sheela was dress as housewife and stand near to her flat door. I have see this position, so i cannot move from that place. From that place, I have take my mobile and call up to my boss and informed about my leave today and return to my flat. Sheela also see me and follow me to my flat and enquiry about of not going to office. I have open my flat door and go inside and she follow me and come inside of my flat. I have closed the door and lift sheela and goes to my bed. Immediately I insert my finger into pussy and massage the breast very hardly. She never tell anything and enjoy all my action.

I remove all the dress of sheela and made her nude. She also became very sex mood and remove all the dress of me. She took my penis and suck like ice cream. At the same time I bend and insert my finger in her ass by one hand. Other hand was massage the breast. I come on her face mouth without telling anything she drinks all my sperms. I start to suck her pussy very hardly. She told me that she going to come out, I too drink all the liquids. Both of them have sperms in lids and smile each other. I told her sheela I want to fuck you and sheela told me you idiot I already for your fucking session. I lift her on put on ground to fuck very hardly.

She put her legs in v shape and give place for me. I insert my penis into pussy inch by inch. She start moaning by call her mother and father in very voice. I told some bad words in ears and make her sex mood increase. I fast increase my penis hardly. This time I told her that I am going to come. She told me to come on pussy itself and she told that she want complete enjoyment of her by me. We both are very tried. I hold her on the same position and start to sleep and she also did the same. After two hours I wake up and see her, but she already wake up and remains on the same position for me. I smiled and kiss on her lips.

She asked me why you have not go to office today. I told her that once I saw your face before moving out the flat, my thoughts and thinks are changed. So call to my boss tell that I want leave today. Finally Sheela told me that she will promise to give all benefit of enjoy sex with her still her death.I and Sheela are enjoy all the position of sex without any safely instructions. If any girls / Women are wanted to have sex and good relationship, Kindly contact me with my email id ” [email protected] ” . I welcome your feedback about this story to my email id.

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