Encounter With Big Spanish Girl Latisha – Part 2

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This is Rohan, back again with the second part of my encounter with big Spanish women Latisha, a bit about me again, I am 27, 6’1″ tall and athletic. I suggest you read the previous part to enjoy the current story even more. Here is the link

Well after our encounter in the kitchen and in the sofa, we both were exhausted and sweating, it may have been a short session of 20 mins, but it got us both very horny and we both came like never before, our face was wet with each other’s juices.

It was almost time for her mom to arrive so we headed to the rest room and cleaned each other out. After that she went to her closet to get changed, it was a spacious closet, she closed the door behind her. I couldn’t take a break from seeing her, so opened the closest door went inside and closed it. I just stood there, she had just taken out her dirty clothes and was completely naked and was looking for what to wear. She found a pair of black push up bra and a black g string panty and put it on. The bra was pushing her big boobs up, and she was looking like a sex goddess. She put on a blue covered t-shirt, as her mom was coming in she didn’t want to dress sexy. She found black yoga pants and was about to put it on, I went near her and held her hand and whispered in her ears “no panties for you today” she smiled and said okay. I went on my knees and took her g string down and placed a kiss on her shaved pussy, she left a moan, then I helped her put on her yoga pants. We came out of the closet and continued packing her stuff, her mom arrived soon in her truck, she introduced me as her salsa partner in her class, her mom greeted me and thanked me for helping.

Now we started to move the stuff out of her room to the bed of the truck, I was doing most of the heavy lifting, and was sweating, so I took a break every once a while, her mom was a bit slow, and every time she left the room, I used to slap tish’s ass, and sometimes I would push her to the door and put my hand inside her pants, and fingered her fast and hard, she couldn’t shout as her mom was around, I didn’t make her cum but got her excited, you could see the happiness in yer face and lust in her eyes. I think her mom sensed something foul but never said anything, she saw her girl was happy and didn’t care.

We finished putting all her stuff into the cars and left for her new place, it was about 25 mins from her old place, we reached there and I found out her new apartment is on the second floor, I wasn’t happy as I would have to lift her bed and all heavy stuff up the stairs, well I had no choice and started to put the stuff up one by one, and continued teasing Tish in the middle and she was super horny I could see that and she was breathing heavy. After moving all the stuff up, all three of us sat together and cooled down, her mom wanted to buy us lunch, and Tish was in no mood of leaving her place, so she sent her mom to get food for us, she had other ideas, as soon as her mom left she came and sat on top of me on the sofa and started smooching hard, she was pushing her lips in my mouth and was biting my lips, I slapped her ass hard, and she kept saying harder, we made out on the sofa, and soon we heard her mom’s car, so we got back to our places and started talking, her mom arrived with fried chicken for us. We ate happily and then her mom left.

After her mom left we put her bed down and put sheets on it, and arranged some of her stuff. I was working, she came behind me and hugged me, and whispered “I want to be fucked”, I said we are too sweaty and I don’t want to make her bed filthy. The moment I said that she caught my hand and made me follow her to the bathroom, she got undressed in no time and then started undressing me, we jumped into the shower and turned the water on, we soaped and cleaned each other, in a while she went on her knees and started blowing my already hard dick under the cold shower, I was in heaven, it was super hot just seeing her on her knees blowing me, I got hold of her head and started face fucking her fast, she gagged on my dick, I came with a huge groan and she drank every last drop.

I pulled her up, and pushed her against the shower wall resting my body against hers and was finger her with 3 fingers, she started to moan loudly, she said she wanted me inside badly and wanted me to stop teasing, I said yes, and was about to step out of the shower to grab a condom from my pant pocket, she said she wanted to be bare backed and was on pills, well she was a step ahead and I appreciated her and I had to revert back for the amazing blowjob, I was already rock hard again, and I turned her around made her bend a bit, put both her hand on the wall, I grabbed her waist and guided my tool to her pussy, and pushed it in one go, she screamed, I started slowly to and fro movements, and increased my pace slowly, I was in full speed for a while and she was enjoying it, the whole room was filled with “Thap Thap ” sounds, she was shouting, “fuck me harder”,

“I am your slut, take me” all these got me hornier and I went on harder, after about 15 mins I sensed I was about to cum, I told her that and she said she wants it I inside, I lost the count of how many time she came probably 4-5. I came inside her, and she said: ” I love the hot liquid inside me”. I let her go and her knees were wobbling and she was about to fall, I held her and she embraced me. We sat under the shower for 10mins to regain our energy. I told her that I became the first person to nail her in her new house, she said much more to come, I loved that, we finished our shower dried each other up, we were both tired after the long morning and wanted some rest.

We went to her bed naked and slept under the sheets embracing each other, and we passed out.

In the next part, I would talk about what followed on that day after we woke up. If you like the story please do send your comments on [email protected].

Would love to hear back. I am always up for a new encounter, ladies if you feel like it do contact me.

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