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This story is real in which I was attracted more to cross dressing and started liking bdsm as submissive or slave….My name is nazia khan aged about 23, I am very slim weight about 50kgs with girly ass, this was started one year back when I was 22 years, I came to oman for job purpose and I like cross dressing from earlier so I was just searching for cd groups in oman and I found one guy name sameer he is from pakistan and he love cross dressing and bdsm..

We started chatting in facebook and share each other likes, his like was cross dressing and dominant in bdsm and he ask for one session with me but I refused to him as I don’t like bdsm I was scared with that firstly it was not our country or home state so I refused, then he asked to meet casually to talk about cross dressing and having sex together I was to interested to meet just because he likes cross dressing and he wants to fuck me. I like to be treated as girl so I thought it will be good to meet him as I can live my dream with him as girl so I agree to meet him casually ….I forget to intro duce to him, his name was sameer aged about 35 years weight 70kgs height 5’8”.

We met in a multi plex, as he saw me he just wave his hand and I under stood he was sameer, he was really a handsome man my heart beat was raising as I walk towards him we shook hands and greeted each other and sat in a coffee shop and he ordered sandwich and cold drinks, first we talked about general things like name, profession and general topics for some time then he asked about how I got interest in cross dressing and girls stuff, so I told him about how I got interest ,

When I saw bra of my sister and I don’t know what happen to me I just took and wear that bra , after wearing that bra it was feeling v. Good from that time I started to like wearing girls clothes and react like them , and after that when I was in 12t standard (intermediate) I used to bunk my classes and go for cyber café to access internet from there I got to know about gay sex from there on wards I like to have sex with a man, after half an year in my 12th standard I went to meet one guy his name is sahil he was really good and calm first he convince me to meet him and call in his home I went to his house , first he offer me cold drink then he came and site beside me and kept his hand around my shoulder and turn my face towards him he came near to kiss me I just closed my eyes when his lips touched to my lips forget about everything it was my first kiss on lips I enjoyed that kiss al lot I forget about my nervousness and started kissing him back we suck each other lips and tongues .

Then he started kissing and licking on my neck and I did the same to him, then he removed my clothes and started kissing all over my body, and sucking my nipples and I did the same to him but while kissing him I dint no when I removed his pant and took his dick in my hands and started rubbing his dick he took my head and inserted his dick in my mouth it was great feeling for first time I sucked his dick like I was sucking lollipop, he was about to come he told weather I want to swallow his cum I said no and leave all his cum on my chest and lied there and we started kissing each other,

After few mins of kissing his dick was again ready and then he took one cloth and clean my chest and we started kissing again and slowly he inserted his one finger in my ass, I got pain I just broke the kiss and moan aah then after sometime he inserted his another finger I shouted with pain then I asked to stop him as I was not ready for that, I forger to mention his dick size was 7” long and 2” thick, he agreed for that and he suck my nipples and bite my nipples I was enjoying that with my moans

After few mins of that I again went to his dick and first kiss the top of his dick then I lick his balls and then inserted his dick in my mouth this time he hold my head and started mouth fucking it was going deep throat and I was catching him for grip with one hand and with other hand I was rubbing my dick after few min while he was talking his dick out he leave his cum on my face and little in my mouth, it tasted little salty and he was sorry for leaving in my mouth then he came at back me and started kissing my neck and mean while took my dick and started giving me hand job and leave my cum on the floor.

Then we lied together for some time and then we cleaned overselves and came to drawing room he offer me lunch and after that he asked about my likes and I said him about cross dressing, then we kissed again and I leave from there.

By listening my story sameer became very hot and ask me to come to his flat and he convince me to go with him… I will tell u what happen after that in my next story, if u like my story plz give feedback on my email:

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