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Hello friends,

My name is Preeti, I’m 28 years old, I have one kid age 7 and hubby of age 30. My family consist of me, my hubby and my son. My height is not much it’s about 5’2 and my figure is 36,28,36.

Coming to the story , it was parents-teacher meeting and every time my husband use to go with my son,but this time due to some problem he was unable to attend meeting, so he said me to attend. That time i was bit scared because my son goes to reputed english school and i was damn weak in english, I was unable to speak english properly. I attended meeting and was feeling damn embracing because I was only one there to speak in Hindi. I was disappointed by myself and was feeling shame that can’t speak english.

At night time I discussed this scenario with my husband and he told me to learn english, i asked him can he teach me , he refused it by saying that he have lots of office work and told me to join classes. Next morning I was thinking about the idea of joining the classes, but i was unknown about the classes , suddenly door bell rang and it was shubham(our neighbour boy) he come for some food ingredients, i hand over him what he want and some how i got courage and i discussed with him about english classes he told me he also goes to english classes , then i asked him do women of my age also come there in which he replies in funny tone “no aunty , there are more number of college student” i told him i wanna join english classes but I’m afraid to join he told me not to worry and join it, it is good english classes, I agreed to him, and in evening I joined the classes.

Next day I attended class, It was pretty cool class and atmosphere was good, everyone was starring at me because I was only odd one out. After class english sir *Mahesh sir* Called me to his office and asked me ” are you comfortable here” I replied ” Little bit , today everyone was staring at me” mahesh sit laughs and said” it’s obvious, everyone here is in 20’s and you are the only one who is elder , and that too you came in such saree and all, you dont look like student preeti, you must mixup with them and if we not consider this dress you can look more good then tuition girls ” I took it as compliment and thanked him, We both stand from our chair and he came near and by putting his hand on my head said me with smile”you will be good student preeti” I felt good by his encouragement.

Next day I decided to wear some nice designer salwar , and went to tuition with shubham, Shubham was shocked by seeing me because that salwar was too tight and my shape was clearly visible in it . We came to class, everything was normal, one girl name Gouri sat with me and we both introduced to ourself, and then she said in my ears “you are snatching every guys attention preeti” I was feeling shy because this time every guy was starring me eyes of lust, in mean time a guy name Karan waved his hand to gouri and she told me he is her boyfriend, I was feeling little bit uncomfortable because gouri and her boyfriend was siting with me on same bench and was giggling all the time and doing many naughty stuffs like some time karan use to put his hand near gouri’s thigh area and many more, i was feeling embracing so I was pretending like I was not giving any attention to them.

After class I was about to leave then suddenly Gouri stops me and asked me to wait and have some fun. I was shy and embrace because everyone was 6-7 year younger then me, Gouri Introduced me to every one and we had good time.

This was daily routine and with this guys I use to feel like im also of same age. Now we use to go cafe and spend good time,our group consist of me , gouri, karan,shubham,and karan’s friend Aditya. One day Karan told me to try some dress like Gouri *top and trouser * and he also said me that I’ll look sexy in it. I thought for it and next day i tried the dress and next day i went to class. Shubham saw me and said you are looking sexy preeti, I looked at him smiled and said “Naughty guy, Directly preeti, No preeti Aunty?”..

After class we gone to CCD and Karan complimented me that I am looking damn hot and sexy I thanked him , then karan said “Belive me preeti, you are looking more hot then Gouri, I wish i could meet you earlier” I laughed to him and in mean time Gouri was looking to him with anger, and planted a tight kiss on his lips and she said” You can’t get this any where else” Every one was laughing , I was totally forgotten that I’m a house wife and mother of child, I use to feel like I’m college girl,

Suddenly Aditya said ” Guys I have some passes for water park, It’s couple passes Let’s go and have some fun” I was lil worried that it was couple passes , be seeing my facial expression gouri asked me ” what happen Preeti?” I replied that it’s couple passes and how can I come ? to which she replied ” Dont worry, they don’t check that much you just have to hold hand of one and you are IN,, so easy” I got her point and asked him so I’ll be with aditya and you will go with karan but I’ll look elder then Aditya, She said ” you can were my dress, I’ll make over you , and I know your husband will not allow you in short dress, So you can change in car”. Bu lots of request I agreed to them next morning I gone in salwar .

At back side I and gouri was sitting and in front side Aditya and Karan was sitting, when while in highway Gouri asked Karan to stop the car cauz she wana make over me. He did so and he was looking at me and was very eager to see me !

Gouri started her work, Her pant was too short, it was just coming below my ass and for upper side she brought crop top which was coming just some inch below my boobs. She give me nice hairstyle , applied good little makeup , and called boys and they both got shocked by seeing me, I could clearly see lust in their eyes. I was looking like 20’s . When we reached there every one was starring us because Gouri was in more reviling dress, her cleavage was clearly visible, we both were looking like slaves .

We took tickets and went inside and at check point Karan came near me, I was looking at gouri and she said me chill this is just for entry , I was shocked why she is not going with her boyfriend, meanwhile Aditya was with Gouri, and his hand was around Gouri’s waise, I was damn shocked, Then Karan put his hand around my shoulder and I didn’t took any objection because i thought it was for entry.

As we came in , I was getting ready with swim costume which i brought from home, by seeing the costume Gouri replies ” I was knowing it you will bring some aunty stuffs , thats y i brought extra pair of costume for you and she literally for to wear it, it was beach bikini , and my things was clearly visible in it, my nipple and by down thing was only covered, I was feeling shy to come out but any how by showing some guts I came out , by seeing me Karan and Aditya got erection I could clearly see them.

Wasting no time I went to swimming pool because i want to cover my self , I was feeling damn embracing and i was feeling almost nude. Suddenly some one came behind me and hugged me tightly and was rubbing his rod against my ass, I was damn angry and was trying my best to release and I was about to shout suddenly he said, ” Dont worry baby It’s me Karan” I was shocked i turned around and saw him, as i turned to him he planted kiss on my lips, I got angry on him and said him ” You jerk, If Gouri will find It she will kill you and you are doing wrong, then he replied

“Don’t worry baby, every thing is ok, Just take a look on another pool” I was shocked to see that it was Gouri Hugging and kissing Aditya , and she was topless, then Karan removed my bra and start pressing my boobs, and with time I also started liking that then i turned towards him and given him a Positive look . And said lets star it and finish it over here.

And he fucked me inside the pool and at the same time Aditya was buzzy with Gouri.

After that encounter we never did it again, and never discussed it. After some days English classes got over and i never meet them again..

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