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Hello Friends !

Guys be ready with your tools in your hands and girls get a carrot in your hands !

I’m Ankit, an old reader of ISS but sharing my 1st experience

In March 2016, one of my friends was getting married and during the party I saw a beautiful n sexy girl wearing a saree and exposing her belly button. That beauty cannot be expressed in words. Later on I came to know that she is my friend’s cousin.

Then on the very next day i sent her a friend request on FB and she accepted after asking for my introduction. We slowly became good friends and started talking over phone till late nights. One fine day she asked me out for a movie, we reached the cinema hall and at the ticket counter she was disappointed to note that the movie which she wanted to watch is no longer being shown.

Although she was not much interested, we watched another movie so that our plans are not ruined. That was the 1st time both of us had went for a movie together. Nothing much happened there, we just sat holding each other’s hand. Later in the evening she told me that she keenly wanted to watch Kapoor & Sons. The movie was already out of the multiplex, so I purchased a DVD and we decided that we will watch it at my office on Sunday.

So I made an excuse at home that I have to finish off some work at office and reached my office at Sunday afternoon. I made sure that there was no one around and let her into my office. As soon as she entered, I locked up the door and took her to my cabin. Both of us were a bit nervous as it was the 1st time we were meeting in complete privacy. We sat there and i started the movie on my laptop. We watched for around 5-10 mins but it turned out to be quite boring. So I turned off the laptop and we were just sitting next to each other and talking about random stuff.

Then she started poking my tummy telling me that I need to shed some extra fat and loose a few kgs. I also poked her in return and the gradually we both started pinching each other. I started caressing her cheeks and playing with her hair to express my affection.

We were looking into each other’s eyes and suddenly our lips met. We started kissing and it was getting more and more passionate. It was my first kiss in lifetime. Then I lifted her from her chair and made her to sit on my lap. All this while, we were kissing each other. I slowly started playing with her hairs and removed the clip. Then we moved out from the chair to the floor. I sat down first and asked her to sit on my lap. We again smooched for 10-15 mins.

Slowly i got encouraged and i lifted her kurti and my hands went on her bare back and i started caressing her back. Then i made her lay down on the floor and lifted her kurti upto her neck. She was wearing a black bra and her nipples were hard and poking. I released those melons by unhooking the bra. For the 1st time, i was watching perfectly shaped naked boobs. I started sucking them madly and she started moaning heavily. I then gave love bites on both nipples. Tears rolled down her eyes. But she was also turned on and very horny.

She made the move now and came on top of me. Unbuttoned my shirt and was kissing all over my chest. Then slowly moved downwards and removed my belt and slided my jeans down. Then she was looking at the bulge in my undies with hungry lustful eyes. She grabbed and removed my jockey. My 6″ tool sprang out saluting her. She took it in her hands and started sucking like a lolypop. In the mean time i was also playing with her boobs.

Again I took the command and made her lie on her back. It was getting uncontrollable for me. I untied the knot of her salwar and got rid of the salwar and black panty. As soon as I removed her panty, she closed her legs and was covering her face with her hands shyly. I parted her legs and could see the hairy pussy glistening with her pre-cum. My tool was rock hard, I placed it at her pussy lips and she started breathing very heavily. I gave it a hard thrust and my tool went halfway drilling the tunnel. She almost screamed and i was scared if someone might have heard. She asked me to remove it.

I immediately placed my lips on hers and gave it another push it went fully in and I felt that my tool was in some kind of volcano. She was bleeding and it was warm inside. I rested in that position for sometime then started to and fro movement slowly. She was in pain and was trying to resist. But I was too horny to care. I just started stroking faster and faster. After 5 mins of fast fucking, I ejaculated and was exhausted.

We both were lying next to each other on the floor and her pussy was flowing with a mixture of our semen and blood. After some rest we again started smooching and then I sucked her boobs. By now, I was erect again and ready to penetrate her. Now she had lost all her shyness and was ready to dominate this time. She came on top of me and positioned herself taking my tool in her. She was riding and her sweet ripe mangoes were jumping. She was moaning heavily.

Then I got up and asked her to get into doggy style. She was on her fours and I spanked her beautiful white ass which turned red. I spit a bit of my saliva on her asshole and applied some of it on my penis as well. I started penetrating her ass hole and it was very tight. She again started resisting because of the pain. But with 1 hand I held her waist and with the other hand squeezed her boobs and gave a thrust. It went in but both of us were in pain. I started giving light strokes and finally it went fully inside. Then I started banging roughly and finally released my seeds in her asshole. She also came and her juices flowed heavily. We both were once again lying on the floor.

She told me that her ass was badly paining but she enjoyed a lot. Then we realized that it was already too late and she had to reach home in time. We cleaned up and wore our clothes. While dressing back also we made each other wear the undergarments and kissed. Then finally we parted off for the day.

Later we had sex in the car also which i will explain in the next part depending on your reviews.

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