Enjoying My Married Cousin While Sleeping

Hi this is anand from Bangalore. am 21 yrs old this happened during my semester exam. this is a real story. Am a football player of 6.3 feet. with my cock of 6.3inch. this story is how i enjoyed my married cousin laxmi 29yrs while she is sleeeping. She is white in complexion with soft and smooth skin in which if u keep ur hand u will slip. fig of 32 28 34. perfect body with perfect ass.

She always prefer saree in which she looks hot, your precum will eject on seeing her, her husband mani, working in a firm where he will have alternate shifts. During my sem exam my parents wants to go to a function to punae. so they left me in laxmi sis place for two days. the week in which my bro in law having night shift. her house is of 1bhk, moderate family. i reached her home at 10am she welcomed me and me and my bro in law talked for little time.

It was my study hols, so as soon i settled down i started reading. i was in bed room reading, my bil(bro in law) was in hall seeing news. laxmmi is in orange colour saree which suites her well, she is preparing food. after that she came to clean the room since its Friday. she was having a bucket with swiper and she raised her lower portion of the saree and tuck it in her petticoat., on seeing that i cant concentrate on studying.

I lowered my book and saw her exposed shin of her leg till knee. oh its so silky which made my thing to erect immediately. i enjoyed seeing her, her legs, her ass swings while she swipes, her exposed hip. then suddenly she bends down to swipe under the bed in which am sitting. oh wat a view i saw her cleavage, its hanging and jumping up and down when she moved , oh god its like two balloons kissing each other, on that time a drop of her swet dropped on it and it flowed towards her cleavage and entered it an seeing it me precum came and wets my inner.

Then we had lunch, and at evening her children came from school one boy 8yrs and a girl 6yrs. we had snacks and the children played i was reading. she is working the whole day cleaning home, prayer, prepared food, now washing cloths. i cant able to concentrate on studying was thinking about her cleavage. Then at 7pm she sat to teach children. IN that bed room there is a breau, a bed and dressing table. she sat on the floor leaning on the wall and on her left arun (8yr) she was teaching him. then nithi(6yr) disturbed her asking to teach her ryme. Then she asked me, how long will u read, teach her rhyme so that u will feel refreshed. i said ok.

I sat to laxmi right and to my right nithi. we sat close such that some 2 to 3 inch gap. while moving or turning my shoulder touches her shoulder, some fire burns in me, since its casual she dint feel odd. Since nithi is naughty she played with me by pulling the book, when i pulled the book forcely my elbow touched her hip, oh it was so silky, she asked nithy not to play and to read. nithi is good in memory she learned the rhyme quickly and asked me shall we play . i said ok. she then tied my eye with towel and asked me to find her. I pretended like i dono, nithi got up and went to her moms left side, this the time some cunning going in my mind, i waved my left hand in air and suddenly caught the boobs of my cousin who is sitting to my left and i dint take my hand. it was like flour which we make for parota. I shouted out out, then nithi came and removed the towel shouting no no. on seeing laxmi i took my hand away. she was embarrassed and asked me to go and read.

My bil who was in hall seeing tv for all this time, had dinner and went for night shift. we all had dinner. At around 21.30 we locked all doors, she asked me to sleep on top of the bed and she and two kids sleep on the floor of the bedroom. she told u read when u feel sleepy switch off the light and sleep. Her two kids sleeping to her left, and to right of her is the bed. I was in top of the bed with my books open but my eye on her. she was so tired of working the whole day and sleep as soon as she lie down. I was enjoying seeing her juicy lips, i imagining licking her lips, biting it like strawberry.

Then her kid to her left put a hand on her hip while sleeping, while that her saree moved and her navel was visible. oh what a shape, my hands were shaking to touch it. i was in t shirt and shorts, i inserted my left hand into my shorts and find my trouser and cock wet. i rubbed my cock it starts to bulge more. On that time some cunning things went over my mind. I switched off the light.

I removed my t shirt and only with shorts no inner. i get down of the bed and slept on the floor to the right side of her. Her breathing is little sound i guessed she is tired. i was some 4 inch away from her my heart pounding hard like it will come out. She is sleeping side words such that her back is towards me, i too positioned in same side. I took away nithy hand and kept my right hand on her hip, so soft and curve, my fingers are shaking, am feeling hot. it was like holding a banana tree in oily hand.

I moved my hip towards her back. I smelled her back of her neck, a famine smell which aroused me. I wet my lip and dragged my lower lip on her silky back. Then i moved my right hand to her top and softly hold her right boob over her blouse. I feel like preparing flour for parota. Then i lowered my hand and kept on her ass over her saree.

Then i loosed her lower portion of her saree and the knot of petticoat . Then i lowered her saree on her back. i removed my shorts and my cock is stiff and swinging in air. i kept my right hand on her soft ass. so silky feels like heaven. I inserted my cock on her ass. It was slowly moving on her ass crack, i took my hand and grabbed her boobs. Three action of kissing on her back, playing with boobs, and my cock on her ass made me mad and in seventh heaven. I cum over her ass. i adjusted her saree and climbed over the cot and slept.

If you like this story please comment it. Will meet u again with a story which will make u eject like you never had been.

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