Ente Sheela Chechi Part – 2

Thanks for the wonderful response to my first story which was more of a prelude and I am sure many of you were pissed how it ended.But sorry guys am just here to tell you what actually happened and I also believe that foreplay is an important factor.So here goes the second part,do mail me your response @[email protected]

I was feeling very weird, I did scare off Sheela chechi but was very happy and content with cumming over her dress.Guess it was a fetish to me,but I liked it.I cleaned myself up in the bathroom and went downstairs to make peace with Sheela chechi.Just when I got downstairs, I was in for a real surprise.The whole family had come down to meet me.All my uncles ,my cousins and most importantly all my aunties.Everyone rushed to meet me and I was dazed and confused as to I haven’t met them in a long while.Just then I heard a voice,”Give him some space people,paavam avanu aaroke aaranen ormayundakilla”(poor kid doesn’t know who’s who).It was a sweet but stern voice,a voice that commanded authority.

She came forward and introduced herself as my dad’s elder sister,renuka aka renu vallyamma as I used to call her,she was in her early fifties,thick,broad,short and was the perfect example of aging gracefully.She wore a blue saree that day,perfectly accommodating all her curves and giving you a small peak at her hip,tempting you to look again.Anyone having a look at her would definitely look again,she seemed a bit old due to her chubby nature,but all her features indicated that she had been quite the player back in her prime days.She came forward and pinched my,ho I would have loved to do pinch her ass the same way.

She introduced me to the family, she had two sons, one was in college and the other had a job in Bangalore, so they couldn’t come down to meet me.Her husband had passed away during the time we left for Pune.So she was a widow but was now a successful bank employee.She introduced me to my father’s elder brother Mahesh uncle, who was in the army and he introduced his family, two kids and his wife Jyothi.I was still in awe of renu vallyamma that Jyothi aunty seemed way less sexy.She was slim, but had an awesome bust but was not my type of an aunty, she was a fitness freak and it was well evident.She was in her late 30’s but seemed younger.Up next I met my fathers younger sister bindhu( bindhu kunjamma).

She was pregnant at that time and was glowing like an angel.I met her husband Suresh uncle who was a techie and they’ve settled in Bangalore.I had my share of small talk with all of them but was clearly checking out renu kunjamma at every chance I get.It was dinner time and everyone sat down to have dinner.

Just then I realized that I had come down to meet Sheela chechi and my eyes went in search for her, I saw her at the kitchen door, she had changed her clothes into a saree and was looking at me in a very disgusted manner and was avoiding eye contact.I went up and sat near my renu vallyamma during dinner, she kept on cracking jokes and telling about their olden times.I was having a pretty good time with her.Sheela chechi was serving us food and I realized there was a change in her dressing as my family was around, she wasn’t revealing her midriff, she carefully covered her bosom with her paloo. She came to serve me rice but I was so busy with renu aunty that I kind of ignored her.Renu vallyamma noticed sheela chechi was in a bad mood and asked her why is it so.She said that she had a headache,so everyone asked her to go and rest and they’ll do the serving.She hesitated at first but they complied and gave me a stern look while she went off.

We finished our dinner and moved to the living room where the rest of the catching up was done.Grandad then asked everyone to retire to their rooms and get a good nights sleep.I wanted to talk to sheela chechi but I was not able to so I went into my room and locked it.”Having a nice time with your family”.I was taken aback,Sheela chechi was in my room.’just wait till I tell you what you’ve been up’.I was scared out of my guts but then I realized that she was smiling.There was a change in her saree as well, it was loose and her midriff and navel were visible.It was an invitation that I couldn’t regret, my hands went to her midriff and I gave her a small pinch saying that she had me worried.She said that she was just having some fun with me and would love to have some more.My hands were on her midriff, I began to sense that her body was getting hotter, even I felt stuffy.Both of us were looking into each other’s eyes and we knew what was going to happen.I went down on my knees,separated her saree from her navel and gave her navel a kiss, she jerked backward, but then slowly came forward, held my head and kept it at her navel,

I went on kissing and licking her navel.I went about hurriedly and then she made me look up and said that there’s no hurry and I should take my time.I started to play with her navel.She then guided me to the bed and laid down, I climbed over her.I went up and gave a kiss on her succulent lips, she did not budge at first, then slowly she started responding.I wasn’t an experienced kisser, so she took the initiative and taught me how to kiss.It was more like a dream to me, she was in my arms, and was teaching me how to kiss.What she basically did was caressing my tongue and upper lip.

I reciprocated.While the kissing was going on, my hands began to wander, I threw away her palloo and she was in her blouse and skirt.I went down again to work on her navel, but she brought me up and continued kissing, she removed my shirt and her hands began wandering my back.I went down to her neck slowly and my hands went to her ass, she was making some noises and also kept on encouraging me.Then I made way into her piece de resistance, her boobs.I literally bit her boobs over her blouse.They were quite firm yet soft, a kind of feeling I never had.She slowly opened her blouse and removed her bra.I stepped back and enjoyed the view from afar, she was a goddess, those perfect boobs, lovely midriff and a smile that kills you.She grew restless and noticed my struggling member downstairs, she released him from my pants and took him in her arms, she was not comfortable in giving me a blowjob but that was fine as long as she let me fuck her.

She removed her panty and I saw a thick bushy area with some fluid coming out of it, she was wet and really wanted me.I caught hold of her by her butt and brought her close to me.She spread her legs and asked me to enter inside her.I was clueless and I asked her to help me, she took my cock and gave it a good tug and brought it near her love hole and drenched my cock in her juices, I was really finding it difficult to hold on from not cumming.She then slowly introduced my cock into her vagina, it didn’t go in much and then she asked me to push.I gave it a good push and she gave a good moan and so did I, it was painful but I was inside her.It was awesome feeling my cock was pushed on all sides by something that’s soft and warm.She slowly started moving forward and asked me to do as well.I did pain initially but I did start to move slowly but as it was my first time I cummed all of a sudden and that too inside her.

She said it’s ok and she wanted me inside her but did not expect it to happen so suddenly.I was let down and asked whether she would become pregnant.She said no silly and then told me that its her safe period.I took my limb cock out of her and was feeling kind of dejected.She told me that the first time is always like this and you have to learn to pace yourself.Don’t worry we have the whole night left to us.On hearing this I gave her a deep kiss.We kissed for sometime and then she said that as I have cummed early I have to help her cum as well and guided me downstairs to lick her pussy.I was hesitant at first as it was hairy and ya ith had some fluids, she went to the bathroom, cleaned herself up and came back, she had water on her pussy hairs and initially, I drank up those water droplets.Then she spread herself wide and showed me where to lick.She asked me to slowly start by touching my lips with her vagina and asked me to slowly increase my licking.It was like kissing the vagina.She then also asked to me lick and play with the uppermost part which I later came to know was her clitoris, she began moaning and slowly the moaning increased and she kept saying ayyo but still wanted me to continue.I started to enjoy myself and my member was getting relly aroused on hearing her moan.

All of a sudden, her body became tight and she had her orgasm and she squirted her juices into my face.I wiped her juices from my face.I was now stone hard and I entered my cock into her pussy forcefully and started to fuck her.She was enjoying it and was moaning the same way she moaned when I gave her a pussy lick.She begged me not to stop and asked me to think about other things so that I would last longer.I tried and it worked, I kept ramming her much longer than my first time and she was really enjoying it.I couldn’t hold it longer and reached my orgasm before she could climax as well.She asked me to finger fuck her as she too wanted to have and orgasm.I didn’t want to disappoint her so I gave her a good pussy licking and she too climaxed.We were both tired and drenched in each other’s sweats.She said that am quite a lover but needs to work on the timing.She offered her assistance in that department and I gladly accepted.We were tired but I really wanted to have another go.

My cock was paining and I asked her if she could return the favour and give me a blowjob.She was not really ok with it and I did not push her.We cuddled together kissing till I was ready for another session.Her ass too was off limits but hey she was the teacher and I was her obedient student.I was ready for the next round and she welcomed me inside.I began ramming slowly, she then wanted me to hug her and fuck.We were hugging each other tightly.I kept on kissing her and whenever I felt the urge to cum I would slow down and would kiss her.We took it very slow and finally came together.I was exhausted, seriously out of my breath.She kissed me again and said that I was a wonderful lover.She then got up, cleaned herself and got dressed and went to her room before anyone would have any idea about.I lay on the bed so exhausted that I could barely move but felt accomplished.

The next morning I was woken up by my renuka vallyamma who asked me whether its hot here.I said no to which she asked as to why I was sleeping naked.I told her that I used to sleep naked.She did like my morning wood though as she kept on eyeing it

And asked me to get ready and come down.My cock was sore and I took a bath and got ready.I went down and saw that everyone was having breakfast.I went to the kitchen to have mine as well.There I saw Sheela chechi who came up to me and asked if it is sore.I said it is and then she said don’t worry tonight I’ll bring oil.I stayed there for one week and we had a gala time during those times.But I still couldn’t get a blowjob from her.I was then relocated to Thrissur for my schooling.

The story doesn’t end here,this is a saga of my experiences and if u loved these do let me know through my mail [email protected].Next episode will be on based on my life at Thrissur,my time at entrance coaching and school.

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