Episode 2 – The Oozing Pleasure

At the Chaterjee residence, Gautam was still sucking his wife’s boobs which had begun as a way to ease the pain being caused by the amount of milk in them. The pain had gradually subsided and because of the sucking had now been replaced by arousal. Her boobs became soft and Gautam was now kneading her breasts. She started moaning loudly in pleasure making her husband go wilder on her. He got on top of her and started pressing her boobs mercilessly. He was getting a hard-on and his dick made a tent in his pyjamas. It was poking Kiran’s soft and smooth belly.

Even though she was his wife and he had fucked her many times before, Gautam always made love to his wife with the same vigour as he had done the first time when she was a virgin. And why not, she was a Punjabi girl, well endowed with assets. She was as fair as Snow White and had blood red lips. She had a nice chubby ass and her breasts did not sag even while they were bigger than most of the women her age. After giving birth to the baby her boobs had swelled up with milk and made her look all the more attractive.

Gautam had sometimes seen wet spots on her clothes over her nipples due to milk oozing out from them. He never dared to press her boobs when they hadn’t been sucked because that would hurt his Barbie doll. They loved each other very much and Gautam was now in bed with the love of his life. He moved from her breasts to her beautiful face and found her looking deep into his eyes. He understood that she wanted him then and there. He had been out of the city for official work and they didn’t get much time to have fun during the last month. He proceeded to kiss her forehead and then her eyes.

The moonlight that came in from the open window and fell on her face added to her beauty. She grabbed his head and started violently kissing his lips, they stayed like this for ten minutes sucking each other’s lips and playing tongue fight with each other. Just then the power went off. The Chatterjees cared least, they were lost in their own world. Gautam removed the remaining clothes on Kiran’s body.

“Damn! She still looks fabulous” he thought to himself and proceeded to devour his hot wife.

He started licking her face like a dog slurping milk from a pan. She giggled and closed her eyes while he gently bit her cheeks. He moved to her ears and kissed them at first and then started nibbling at them. Kiran was ticklish and tried to move her husband away but could not do so. Gautam now started kissing and nibbling at her sexy neck as Kiran writhed under him due to the mixed feeling of tickling and pleasure.

Meanwhile in the community park Sowmya and Reddy were having a walk in the faint diffused street lights coming from poles. As soon as the power went off, Sowmya had led him to the park so that she could have some fun with him there. She was desperate to get his attention and she could do anything for this. She had done this earlier with some of Arushi’s friends. She asked Reddy “Well, did you enjoy the show?”

Reddy said “Mmmmm….I’m not sure what you are talking about”

Sowmya retorted “Oh Come on! Don’t act innocent. I saw you peeking into my skirt.”

“Well, uh….I’m sorry for that, it won’t be repeated, said Reddy sheepishly.

“Okay, you got a good peek; what about me……how do you plan to make it up to me?” Sowmya said.

“Whoa! Anything you say, I’m all yours”

“Follow me then”, saying this she guided Reddy to a bench in the park. No sooner than they sat on the bench Sowmya started kissing him wildly all over. Reddy responded well, thanks to his flirtatious nature. His hands were on Sowmya’s waist and she caught the collar of his jacket. They got into a wild lip-lock.

Reddy started moaning loudly but Sowmya shushed him breaking the kiss because they were not at a place and situation where they could openly express their feelings of pleasure. Reddy understood and started nibbling at her neck while moving his hands to her smooth and silky thighs now. She was in a miniskirt already and was seated in a way that the skirt had ridden all the way up and her panties could be seen if there was enough light in there. Sowmya was an impatient slut she wanted the real action to start soon so she caught Reddy’s hands and placed them right on her boobs.

As soon as Reddy felt his hands on her breasts his hands trembled with disbelief on what was going on. He was actually getting to fondle Sowmya, who knows he might as well get her pussy then and there. He thanked his stars and started massaging her boobs gently at first and gradually intensified the motion. Sowmya was moaning softly and Reddy loved it, actually he was so aroused that his dick started poking against the fabric of his trousers and Sowmya’s hand while roaming all over the nether regions of his body gripped it in a suffocating hold. Reddy gasped for air as he felt his cock in her hands.

Back at their flat the Chaterjees were still enjoying their first sexual experience in the new home. Kiran caught hold of her husband’s dick over his trousers and squeezed it hard. She motioned him to get out of his clothes and he obediently agreed. As soon as he was out of his clothes, Kiran hugged him tightly while the two of them were naked. He laid her on her back and moved to her bellybutton and started licking all around it. She giggled as he did this. He gave her love bites over there and tongue-fucked her navel.

He moved down and came to her clean shaved pussy. Kiran always stayed clean as far as body hair was concerned and she wanted the same from Gautam. He licked her moist pussy, she shivered. He could not see her pussy because the power was out but he could imagine her pink pussy lips, all wet and ready for action. He started sucking her labia and she again started moaning loudly with pleasure. He then started rubbing her clitoris with the thumb of his left hand and inserted the middle finger of his right hand into her vagina. She gasped and caught his hair. She came within five minutes and her love juices started flowing.

Gautam always involved a lot of foreplay in their love making acts and that was what made “sex” a wonderful experience for Kiran. He didn’t stop even for a while for his wife to regain her composure after the orgasm but increased the number of fingers he was inserting in Kiran’s pussy from one to two, then three when Kiran stopped him as it was becoming too congested in her pussy. “My turn to return the favour” said Kiran and laid Gautam down and got on top of him. She started rubbing her pussy on his dick and drenched his dick completely with her love juice that was flowing like a stream because of the intense orgasm. She did this for a while before Gautam flexed his dick to signal her to switch to something else. He said he wanted her to suck his dick. She was good at returning favours and at once caught his dick and started moving her hand up and down. She then pulled his foreskin down and licked the head of his penis. Gautam gasped for breath and let out a moan.

Gradually the head of his penis disappeared in his wife’s lovely mouth. It was a sight to behold. The way the head of his penis kept going in and coming out of her mouth was a sight for which he could have sacrificed anything in the world. She kept doing this holding his dick with one hand and gently massaging his balls with the other. Gautam was in ecstasy, he closed his eyes and laid back to enjoy the massaging and fondling. Kiran then got up and started rubbing Gautam’s dick on her pussy and he loved it too. He was really enjoying this when something startled him.

He felt something warm around his dick. He opened his eyes to see what was going on. He got a pleasant surprise when he saw that his wife had placed his cock on her pussy and was lowering herself on it.

“Wow”, he said and his wife continued to lower herself even more on his hard cock. Kiran’s pussy completely swallowed her husband’s dick and while his cock went completely inside her pussy it made an awkward sloppy sound because Kiran’s pussy was still dripping wet.

Kiran now started bobbing up and down on Gautam’s dick. The sound changed to a strange “flop, flop, flop……..”

Even though the sounds made it appear that Gautam’s dick was penetrating his wife’s love hole with ease, it was not as easy for Kiran. She had managed to keep her pussy tight as ever, even after delivering the baby. Gautam’s dick was a little over average in both length and circumference; this had been a concern for Kiran since the first time she had seen his dick. Gautam started fondling Kiran’s tits while she was jumping on his cock. Kiran again started moaning loudly. Gautam’s heart filled with love for his beautiful wife and he sat up and hugged his wife tightly, their naked and sweaty bodies becoming one.

Kiran gave a peck on her husband’s lips and started leaning backwards and Gautam supported her with his hand. Just as Kiran leaned backwards her milky tits came in front of his face. He did what any man should have done; he at once caught her breasts and started sucking and massaging them. Kiran was so ecstatic that she threw her arms around her husband’s head and pulled him more on herself while having his dick in her pussy all the time.

Gautam wanted to change the position so he asked his wife for a doggy style. She agreed and got on all fours. He got behind her and stuck his penis to her ass. Kiran caught his dick and placed it at the “Gates of Heaven”. Gautam started to rub his cock all around her pussy. She was becoming more impatient by the second. She urged Gautam multiple times to go for “it”, but he didn’t listen. He was more intent on increasing the sexual pressure. Gautam had not expected from his shy wife the thing she was about to do. Just as he was rubbing her clitoris with his dick she gave a big thrust and about 3/4th of his cock went in her pussy. “Whoa! That was a surprise” He said with a laugh. Kiran giggled as Gautam caught her breasts from behind her, leaning on her in the process. He started nibbling at her back, with his dick in her cunt while his sex-goddess-like wife gave thrusts. Gautam could feel his cum boiling in his balls, he knew he was about to ejaculate. He started thrusting too matching those of his wife.

He came with a muffled groan. He filled his wife’s pussy with gallons of cum. They had had sex after a long time and all the pent up sexual pressure was released now. Kiran’s pussy started over-flowing with his cum as Gautam kept releasing his juice for a while. He withdrew after ejaculating for what seemed like an eternity. Gautam lied on the bed all spent, spread his left arm out and laid his wife on his chest and wrapped his hand around her. They always slept like this after an intense orgasm. Both of them slowly drifted into a peaceful sleep.

The Chatterjees were asleep peacefully but there were others for whom sleep was miles away. Reddy was still mercilessly massaging Sowmya’s boobs. She had pulled her top and bra up and her breasts shone like large pearls in the faint light. Reddy now started nibbling at her nipples that were erect and protruding. Had it been a room, Sowmya would have moaned loudly with the pleasure she was getting now. But all she could do now was muffle her moans and enjoy silently.

Reddy moved his hand towards her pussy. He could smell the aroma that came from Sowmya’s pussy. She being a horny bitch, her panties were fully drenched with her love juices. Reddy started rubbing her pussy over her panties. Sowmya could not take this anymore and said “Stop fumbling you idiot, take it off”, indicating towards her panties.

Reddy reached for it and tugged at it, Sowmya lifted herself up with her hands and off came her panties. Reddy brought it closer to his face and started smelling it.

“Mmmmmm…..Sexy……I love the smell of your pussy” said Reddy. Sowmya giggled and snatched her panties from him and kept by the side. Reddy moved to sit on the ground. He then spread Sowmya’s legs apart and started licking her inner thighs while she remained seated on the bench. She moaned with pleasure and closed her eyes. He started gently biting her thighs and massaging her boobs. She motioned him to proceed further in and he finally reached her pussy. Reddy took a whiff from her pussy and the fragrance made him mad with lust. He at once pounced on her pussy and started devouring it like a hungry tiger. Sowmya was now in seventh heaven and started getting restless due to the ecstasy.

Just then Reddy stopped and sat on the bench right next to her. Sowmya immediately opened her eyes and was shocked by this act of his.

“What the fuck..!” was all that she managed to say.

“I would want some gratification before you lose control and we head on to do the real thing”. Sowmya got down from the bench cursing Reddy for his selfishness. She snapped his fly open and pulled out his semi-erect cock from his pants. He was leaking precum from his dick after all the action that took place. Sowmya held his dick in her right hand and pulled the foreskin down. Reddy hissed as the cool air touched the lubricated head of his penis. Sowmya started moving her hands up and down on his dick; slowly at first and then gradually increased the speed. She tightened her grip on his dick and started jerking him off with both her hands now.

After a while the precum on Reddy’s dick started to dry out, Sowmya understood this and spat on his dick for some lubrication. Some more time passed when Reddy said “How about some oral sex too…”.

Sowmya had quite some experience at sucking dicks owing to her practice with Arushi’s friends. She agreed and started with a kiss on the tip of the cock. Reddy was exhilarated with this, he could not control any more. He held her head in place and gave a strong thrust thereby hitting the back of Sowmya’s throat with his dick. Poor Sowmya’s gag reflexes triggered and she started to cough uncontrollably. She hit Reddy gently but was unable say anything. Reddy apologized for doing it and requested her to continue blowing him.

Sowmya resumed giving him the much awaited blowjob but she was cautious this time to avoid any surprises from the bastard. She wanted to finish this off as soon as possible and get his dick deep in her cunt. She started sucking really hard not caring about the precum that oozed out of his dick. She lightly nibbled at his penis. Reddy caught her right hand and placed it on his balls; she understood and started caressing his balls gently. She tugged really hard at his penis pulling his foreskin down as far as it could go. Reddy was losing control and was about to cum when the power came back and both of them looked at each other.

Sowmya could not believe her eyes. The person who had his dick in her mouth was not Reddy. It was Borah, Reddy’s flatmate. He smiled sheepishly at her; while Sowmya was so embarrassed about doing all this with Borah and not with Reddy that she was speechless and froze for a few seconds. She regained her senses, pulled out Borah’s dick from her mouth that came out with a “plop…..” and ran away from there without uttering a word. She didn’t even care to collect her panties from the bench.

Borah was devastated when Sowmya left without completing what she started. He was finally going to lose his virginity. He was so happy about it but now it seemed as if he’d die a virgin only. He had no choice but to jack off thinking of what had just happened to him. He picked Sowmya’s panties and rubbed them on his dick and came all over it. He took those panties with him as a trophy for getting so close to losing his virginity and getting blown by a stunning beauty.

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