Erotic CFNM Experience In A Spa

Hi readers, I am Vicky Kamble, a resident of Meerut. Even though I am involved in my family business, fitness is my true passion. I spend at least 4 hours at the gym each day and have a body that stuns most of the other lean boys at the gym. I am engaged to Neeti, who works with a fashion designer in Gurgaon.

Last week she frantically gave me a call from her boss’ fashion show in Gurgaon and asked me to reach there ASAP. Apparently, her boss needed a muscled male to open and close the show for the female models walking the ramp shirtless in an Indian dhoti. The model had dropped out and they needed a replacement quickly.

Neeti sounded worried about her job, so I rushed to help. Her boss, Ms. Khan is a mid-40s woman who doesn’t look over 25. I was introduced to her and on her request, I conceded to walking the ramp.

After the make-up and costume changes (barely any clothes for me), I walked the ramp. Her boss was very impressed and promised Neeti a promotion. Khan tried to pay me for this gesture but without a doubt, I refused. She finally requested us to accept a free spa day as a way to express gratitude.

The next morning, we walked into the spa to be greeted by two young north Indian girls. They said they had seen the show and were very impressed by my walk and body. I was not a shy person, I was gloating.

Neeti was escorted to another room for a back massage while for me, they had scheduled a foot massage first. Near the glass entry, I was seated in a plush vibrating chair. The girl started taking off my shoes and socks and dipped my feet in hot water. The foot rub was very relaxing.

Suddenly, another woman walks up to me and asks if I was ready for my shoulder-rub. I nodded. She asked me to take off my shirt. It was odd to sit shirtless near the waiting area and reception as it was an area with a lot of people. But once, her petite hands started rubbing my shoulders and upper back, I stopped thinking about it.

Next, I was taken to a room with two massage beds. On one, Neeti was already lying with her bare-back. “Sir, before the aromatherapy massage, we need to oil the skin”, one woman said. “Could you please lie on your stomach?”, she asked and I jumped to the bed.

She chuckled and said, “Sir, please remove your jeans first”. I figured there was nothing to be ashamed of since there were only 4 professional girls in this room including my fiancé. So I unbuttoned my jeans and soon was standing in front of the two ladies in my briefs. I was wearing tanga briefs which were a little more skimpy than the normal ones.

I lay on my stomach and soon these two women started spilling and gently spreading a copious amount of hot oil on my back and legs. Their touch was truly soothing. I was told to sit up with my hands spread so they can oil my muscles. I flexed my popping veins and the ladies just lit up. Soon I was laying on my back with no clothes and a tent in my briefs. They went slower with the oiling on the front, taking extra time around my abs and well-built thighs.

Neeti was also done with her oiling now and we were anticipating the aroma massage.

“We will have you both shower first and then lead you to the aromatherapy, if that’s fine?”, asked one of the ladies. We agreed and got up. Neeti was taken left outside the room into the showers for women.

“Sir, if you could accompany us for your shower?”, she asked pointing towards the glass door that led outside to a small pool. I could see many people outside, especially a bunch of 5-6 girls doing some sort of aerobics class in the pool. I hesitated and asked for a closed area to shower.

“Actually, Sir, the facility has those open pool showers for male clients. It’s perfectly fine though, this pool can only be accessed by VIPs”, they said. “How does it matter whether they are VIPs or not?”, I asked back without getting any response.

So I followed the woman in my briefs outside, crossed the pool and many eyes on me, and finally reached the open shower. I was still visible to everybody so I decided to make it quick. I stood beneath the shower and turned on the water. The water made my briefs stick closer to my body and my ass and cock imprint must have got clearly visible.

I couldn’t reach my back with the tiny soap they had given, so the woman took it from my hand, shut the water, and started rubbing soap on my back. She went from top to the bottom legs and then asked me to turn over. Without even asking, she started soaping up my arms and muscles, then my pecs by making concentric circles around my erect nipples, and slowly moving down to my abs.

She then bowed down to start soaping my thighs and legs, when my almost erect dick was directly on her face.

After washing the soap off, I asked her for a towel. She refused saying that they believe it was a better way to let the sun dry off the water. She made me stand at a spot with sharp sunlight. It was extremely close to the pool and all the people could see me in my tiny briefs bulging like there was no tomorrow.

I stood there for about 10 minutes in full glory and in between, even started enjoying the attention I was getting from these young girls in the pool.

Finally, we moved inside and I was still not given a towel. Apparently, the aromatherapy room was located on the other side of the facility so I was taken to walk in my tiny wet undies to the other side, passing by at least 20 guests and 7-8 staff-girls. My almost erect dick was bulging and anybody could see the exact shape of my cock through the briefs.

I followed her into a room where I saw a white tub with soapy bubbles and foam and in it Neeti, perhaps naked, with a female attendant rubbing her naked shoulders. I was asked by my attendant to also join her in the tub for an aromatherapy. The thought of feeling up Neeti’s body in the soapy water was very erotic and my cock twitched visibly before growing further to further fill up my tiny briefs.

“Sir, before you enter, please remove your clothes”, Neeti’s attendant said. I laughed and said, “I am already almost naked, what else do I remove?” but I found no humor from their side.

My attendant intervened, “Sir, we have to ask you to remove your underwear”. I was surprised, but I thought it was fine since Neeti was also naked and that was how probably the therapy goes.

I asked, “Here itself?”. Both attendants nodded in perfect sync. I was perplexed for a second and before I could react, my attendant came closer to me, tugged on my brief’s elastic and tried to push it down. I almost instinctively spread my legs a bit apart so that she could slide it down. My 9-inch dark brown cock fell loose and hard, almost hitting the attendant’s head as she ducked down to slide my briefs off. I didn’t know what to do, so I just entered the tub.

My attendant lit some scented candles around the tub and came around my back and started massaging my shoulders. Her hands slowly reached forward towards my chest and she spent some good time massaging near my pecs and leaned further down my eight tight abs.

As she repeated the motion of moving her hands down from my shoulders to the chest to abs, she would have to continuously lean over me, her breasts touching my shoulders and back. She moved and came on one side of me, sat on a little stool, took my hand and started massaging deeply on my hands, arms, and biceps.

She then repeated it for the other hand from the other side. This had already taken some good half an hour. My legs were intertwined with Neeti’s and I was trying to reach her pussy with my foot, as she just laid back, eyes closed enjoying a rather similar massage from her attendant.

As time passed, the bubbles were slowly reducing and the water became more clear. I noticed that while Neeti wasn’t wearing a bra and her hard nipples were being massaged by her attendant rather copiously, she was wearing a bikini-bottom to hide her pussy. My attendant then started massaging my legs submerged in water. She reached softly from my foot to my calves and then my hamstrings and thighs.

As more bubbles dissipated, my cock was clearly visible. Neeti’s massage was over soon and she was speaking to her attendant about something as my legs were being massaged. As my attendant moved again to my back and lower back, Neeti, now free, put her leg forward and started feeling up my cock.

“Arrey, what are you doing?”, I said, embarrassed in front of the attendants. The attendants chuckled a little. “Duffer, this is a couple’s therapy”, Neeti flatly responded, as she tried to hold my cock between her foot’s toe and thumb. She slightly started going up and down with my cock almost like a footjob I had only seen in porn before.

“Ahhh”, I moaned as her long toenail pricked my sensitive hard foreskin. “What happened?”, all three women got shocked – all eyes on my cock now. “Nothing, nothing”, I tried to escape the situation. “Shit, did I hurt you?”, Neeti asked concerned. “Not really, just your nails”, I answered.

Neeti got up immediately, got out of the tub, pulled me up too. Now I was standing in the tub with water till my knees and stark naked above, while Neeti taking a small towel starts drying my cock.

“Check for scar/bleeding”, my attendant prompted Neeti as she held my cock in her hand. Neeti looked confused, dazed. My attendant came closer, took the cock from Neeti’s hand, she had to use both hands to even control my huge cock. She twisted my cock a bit to survey it and reported that there was no bleeding, softly letting go of my cock and patting over it and my balls nicely.

The other attendant spoke up suddenly, “Let me get some cold cream just in case”. She came back quickly with a box of white cream. Neeti dabbed her hand in it and started applying it on my cock in front of the two women. She pulled my foreskin back to make my pink cockhead pop out and then even applied the cream there. The other girls also joined in for a bit. It was pretty embarrassing but my cock was as hard as ever throughout.

The End.

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