Erotic fun with in-laws on a holiday trip

Hi ISS readers, this is Syed again. My cousin Aisha will tell this story about how she had a wild experience with her In-Laws.

After my husband left, I wanted to go to my mother’s place. So I started making excuses to leave. But my mother-in-law insisted I could leave on Sunday, after 3 days.

My father-in-law planned for us to go to the nearby hill station. We all went in a minivan with daddy ji driving the minivan. After roaming the hill station, we would leave by 6 PM to reach home on time. But it started to rain. Once it started to rain, we ran and sat inside the minivan.

There was a big tree which fell and blocked the road. So we went to a nearby hotel and told the manager about the situation. He said it won’t be fixed until tomorrow. Daddyji said there was no way we could go home by night. So we should spend the night over here and leave by tomorrow.

We were wet and had not packed any clothes for staying. But we had no choice. We got two attached rooms where mummyji and daddyji were in one room. Nisha and I shared the other room. Nisha removed her wet clothes and put them on the chair to let them dry.

She was wearing a matching black bra and panties. I was looking at how sexy she looked in that panty. Her ass was curvy, and her breasts looked sexy in that black bra. I have seen her naked having sex with her mother and father. But still, I was drooling in my mind.

Nisha: Sorry, bhabhi, don’t mind, I can’t wear wet clothes. It’s very uncomfortable.

Me: Hey, don’t be sorry. Nothing to be ashamed of. We are a family.

Nisha: OK, bhabhi. Why don’t you remove your clothes too?

Me: No, I don’t have any problem. I’ll manage.

Nisha: Remove your clothes, bhabhi, or you’ll catch a cold?

Me: OK, if you’re saying so.

I removed my clothes too. I was wearing a yellow bra and panties. Nisha said, “Those bras and panties look good on you, bhabhi.” I don’t know why, but I was blushing. I think she noticed. Daddyji and mummyji walked in on us through the attached door and brought dinner.

I started to cover myself with the hotel towel. Mummyji was wearing only a towel. I could see her breasts poking through the towel. She looked very sexy in that too. Daddy ji was only wearing his pants.

Daddyji said, “Arey beta, lose the towel. We are all a family here. No one else is her.” So I kept the towel aside and sat to have dinner.

After dinner, daddyji left for his room. Mummyji, Nisha and I were picking up the plates. As mummyji had plates in both her hands, her towel fell. She stood there stark naked, not able to move. My hands were free, so I quickly picked up the towel. I quickly wrapped the towel around her.

I slapped one of her breasts by mistake. They felt so soft and firm. I said sorry and continued to wrap her. Nisha and mummyji started laughing seeing this. I smiled and went away. It was time to sleep, so I lay on the bed. It felt weird that Nisha and I were sleeping on the bed with very few clothes on.

I fell asleep and suddenly woke up. I went to the toilet and saw that Nisha wasn’t wearing anything. She had been sleeping naked next to me this time, and I didn’t notice. I slowly lay next to her and went to sleep. I felt someone touching my ass. I saw that Nisha was awake.

Nisha: I saw that night you saw us having fun.

Me: Sorry, Nisha, please don’t tell anyone.

Nisha: Then do as I say.

Me: OK, I’ll do anything you tell me to do. I am sorry I saw it.

Nisha slowly slid her hands into my panties and started swallowing my tongue. She rubbed my pussy until I started wiggling vigorously. She inserted her finger inside and smacked her fingers back and forth into my pussy. Then I removed my bra, and Nisha started sucking on my tits.

Nisha then sat on my face, and I buried my face in her pussy. I licked her smooth clitoris until she orgasmed and squirted on my face. As I was sucking the shit out of Nisha, I felt something big go directly into the pussy without warning.

There daddyji was standing with half his dick inside me, and mummyji was smiling at me.

Me: Oh, daddyji, you could have at least warned me.

Daddyji: Sorry, beta, I wanted to surprise you.

Nisha: Glad you all could join.

Mummyji: How could we miss this?

Daddyji slowly inserted his 7” inch cock into my pussy and increased his force in a few seconds. Mummyji sat on my face to make me taste her pussy this time. Man, it was juicier than Nisha’s pussy. It was already wet before I began.

Daddyji was fucking me like crazy and was simultaneously finger fucking Nisha’s holes. Daddyji rammed my pussy like a teenager and cummed and collapsed on my breast and sucked on them like a baby. Mummyji and Nisha were sucking and finger fucking each other in the 69 position.

Daddyji positioned me in the doggy style. He started applying coconut oil to my asshole and finger fucked as his cock filled my pussy. It felt like a simulated double penetration. Then he slowly slid his cock into my butt. I know he was making me ready for an ass fucking session.

He saw no mercy and fucked my ass like a bison. He cum inside, and I collapsed on the bed. He kept his erect dick inside me. Suddenly some warm liquid filled inside of me. It was a pleasure I don’t know how to describe. Daddyji peed inside my ass and filled my ass with his warm piss.

When he removed his dick, all that piss came out of my ass. I couldn’t believe how good I felt at that moment. Then he started fucking mummyji as Nisha was sucking all the cum on my pussy. Mummyji was moaning like a virgin and squirted on daddyji’s dick.

I gave daddyji’s cut cock a blowjob he would never forget. He cum in my mouth. I shared that with Nisha by kissing her and swallowing her tongue. Everyone was tired from all the fucking.

I asked everyone, “Is there something you guys haven’t tried?” Mummyji and Nisha quickly replied, “Double penetration.” I saw they were both very eager to try it someday.

Me: Why didn’t you guys try it yet?

Nisha: We haven’t found the right guy to perform with us.

Mummyji: I want to hold two cocks simultaneously. One should be my husband’s and the other of someone I could trust.

Me: Can I suggest someone who could be up for it?

Nisha: Why not?

Mummyji: Who is it?

Me: It’s my cousin Syed. Handsome and well-built. He doesn’t have much experience as daddyji, but he can make it up if taught.

To be continued.

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