Every Boy’s Dream – Part 1

This is a story about my family. The members involved in the following story are:

1. Watchman (Ican Watchman) – 62 years old, thin, tall, 8” uncut cock and hanging balls, bi-sexual.2. Mother – 54 years old, chubby, wheatish complexion, chocolate brown privates.3. Daughter-in-law (DIL) (My wife) – 24 years old, slim, wheatish complexion, chocolate brown parts.4. Servant Boy (Simul) – 18 years old, very slim, 7” uncut cock, bi-sexual.5. Me – 28 years old, chubby, little hairy and bi-sexual.

My family was living in a village farm-house surrounded by our own farms just outside a town called Sangli, Maharashtra. Life was normal, just like any other family except one thing, we all fucked each other. Read on to find out how we became one close ideal family.

Chapter 1: (Initiation)

One fateful day, I wanted our servant boy & our watchman’s help in moving some home furniture so that my mother and my wife could begin the annual full house cleaning activity.

I went to the staff quarter situated just outside our house to call them. When I reached the door, it was closed from inside. Thinking it was strange; I went around the staff quarter and looked in through the window. I was taken aback by what I saw.

The 62 year old watchman was naked in the bed and was sporting a huge 7” hard-on which was throbbing like a fish out of water. Pre-cum was oozing all over his cock and his cock was glistening due to oozing pre-cum and so were his balls. In front of him the servant boy was standing naked with his cute tight ass facing the watchman.

The boy was young and had no body hair at all. So he looked damn sexy. Apparently the watchman was looking at the young boy and masterbating while the servant boy had a huge smile on his face and loved the attention he was getting from an old guy, which was quite apparent from the hard-on he had himself.

Both males were hard and horny. The old man got up from his bed and stood behind the servant boy while still playing with his hard-on. They both looked at each other in the mirror and continued to stay that way till the old man shot his cum all over the young boy’s ass. The young servant boy closed his eyes and enjoyed being cummed on by an older man who was his grandfather’s age.

After he had finished Cuming, the watchman just slumped and sat back on the bed admiring his work on the young servant boy’s ass. The watchman was sitting and the boy went about doing his work in the room, like finding his clothes and his underwear while the watchman’s cum trickled down his butt crack and seeped inside.

The boy wore his underwear and his clothes without wiping the cum and went out to go about his daily chores. The watchman went into their bathroom for his morning bath.I was shocked and aroused at the same time and realized that I had a throbbing hard-on in my own pants. I had to relieve myself immediately because of what I saw. I was never this horny ever before in my life. I went to my room and immediately got naked and started playing with my cock.

I replayed the scene that I just witnessed in my own head and exploded almost immediately. I didn’t even last a whole 10 seconds. I was totally confused now. I wondered why I got so horny looking at the two guys having fun? Was I gay? But I liked seeing nude women and to fuck them, so definitely I was not gay. Then it dawned on me that I was a bi-sexual. Just like the Watchman and the Servant Boy. I now wanted to get in on their little fun games. So I decided to take the initiative and enjoy the two cocks and taste their cum.

Chapter 2: (How it really began)

The Servant boy had been giving my mother full body massages ever since he was 8 years old. She would be in her bra and panty and he would remain clothed while doing so.

Well, it began as innocent massages at first because she would be in her Bra and Panty and as the massage would progress she would remove her bra and let the boy massage her boobs as well which gave her a lot of pleasure. She thought the boy was young and innocent and that his pressing her boobs would turn HER on and the boy would be ignorant. But come on, we all know what happens when we see a naked lady. He obviously had rock hard-ons when he massaged her and fondled her breasts.

Later when my mother realized that the young boy was curious and always grabbed the opportunity to fondle her buttocks or boobs, she was both confused and comfortable with it. My mother once spotted his tent and asked him to remove his clothes and strip to his underwear. The boy did that readily expecting a miracle. She saw him standing in his undies and his young cock making a tent in his underwear and giggled to herself. From then on she let the boy explore his curiousness to a certain limit.

So as it would happen, while getting a back massage, he would prominently rub his cock on her ass crack and she knew this because she could feel his rock hard shaft poking her panty over her ass trying to get in. She let the massage sessions remain that way for a couple of years and did not object to the perverted explorations of the boy. The boy, very scared of his Mistress, would never dream of crossing his limits and remained happy exploring her the way he used to.

Once, by raising her legs on the pretext of massaging them, he slid his young small fingers in the waist band of her panty and pulled it off her in one quick smooth motion! My mother, even before realizing what happened, was laying naked in front of a 10 year old horny boy. She got angry at first but as soon as she spotted his hardon, she pushed him back and as he fell on his back she pulled his underwear right off him. Now both were naked and the boy’s cock started to throb as quickly as his heart was pounding in his chest. My mother laughed and lay back and asked the servant boy if he wanted to continue his massage.

He realized what was asked and in a moment was in between her legs and his cock touched her pussy. It rubbed and glided on her smooth shaved, wet by now, mature pussy lips. Within moments he exploded over her pussy and for the first time learnt about an orgasm. He quickly started to wipe her pussy with his bare hands and started to apologize to his Mistress. My mother stopped him from wiping her pussy with his hands and told him to relax and continue massaging her. She told him that boys do climax when they see a naked women, its normal.

The Servant Boy relaxed a little and with trembling hands started to massage her boobs instinctively. His cum still in his hands, he was now massaging his Mistress’s breasts with his cum and a lotion. My mother just lay back, closed her eyes and enjoyed her massage. The boys cock was now flaccid and rested against her crotch. He realized what he was doing after the initial shock of having an orgasm faded and looked down at his Mistress’s pussy with a fresh new perspective. He almost instantly had his hard-on back and he was now rubbing it on his Mistress’s pussy quite freely.

My mother was wet with what was happening that day and from the boy’s fresh cum. Hence, the young boy’s cock was gliding smoothly and effortlessly along her wet sticky labia which was amazing fun for both of them. The boy now enjoying the feel of a wet well lubricated pussy on his small young cock got even more curious and raised his hips a little and entered into my mom’s pussy. My mother had her eyes closed and thought that he was fingering her pussy. She realized that she was getting fucked when she felt the first thump of his hips banging against hers. She got up and pushed the Servant Boy away and slapped him hard on his cheek. She told him that he can have all the rubbing and fondling fun that he wants, but NO SEX! The poor boy started crying and apologized to his Mistress.

My mother left the bed and went straight to the bathroom to have her bath. She stood in the bathroom for a few minutes replaying the incident in her head. She realized that her young innocent servant was growing up and ready to fuck her. She felt a tingle on her spine and realized that she was now enjoying the feeling of a young boy’s feelings towards her. She called him into the bathroom and asked him to give her a bath.

The poor servant boy was crying and with a crying expression started to bathe his Mistress. After he was done washing her back it was turn for him to come in front and washer her front side. She was sitting on a small bathroom stool so his cock perfectly lined up with her mouth. It was close to her face and she could see and smell the fuck juice of their cum.

She could see her whitish discharge on the base of his cock which was clear that the penetration was full on. She giggled and kept looking at his tiny flaccid cock. She thought of playing a mischief on the poor boy and turned around and got in doggy style and asked him to clean her ass and cunt. The boy’s face lit up in an instant and he started to wash his Mistress with a lot of care and time. He explored both her holes by touching them and inserting his fingers in them.

He licked his fingers while doing so and he was rock hard again. He even took the liberty of rubbing his young penis on her asshole and pussy lips. He did that and he exploded for the second time on his Mistress in one hour. This time the quantity was just a few droplets. He cleaned her and asked his Mistress to turn around. My mother did so and saw that his cock was flaccid again. She asked him what he did. He shyly put his head down and replied that he had cum on her again. My mother just laughed and got up and hugged him tightly. She told him that he should not try to fuck her and that only her husband can fuck her. The boy agreed and was happy that his Mistress would let him play with her and cum on her whenever they had a massage session.

She often started to get massaged by the Servant Boy now and she let him rub is tool on her wherever he pleased. He spared no opportunity and rubbed his cock on her huge ass, her smooth shaved pussy and came all over her every time he massaged my mom. On a few occasions he would make my mom lie on her back so her face points the ceiling and then he would stand over her face and massage her breasts and shoulders. In doing so his balls and his cock would touch and rub on my mom’s face. My mom would open her mouth so that his balls or his cock could get in and she would play with the boy’s cock for long periods of time and make him cum. She would drink all the cum the boy had to offer.

They still hadn’t crossed the sex barrier yet. She started to let the poor young boy lick her pussy and ass. She let him suck her boobs as well. This continued for a few years until the boy was 18 years old. Then one day during her massage session, the servant boy blurted to her that the watchman also wanted to have fun with her. She got taken aback and became nervous. She asked the boy “where is the Watchman?” He pointed to the slightly open bedroom window where the 62 year old Watchman stood holding his rock hard uncut 8” cock in his hands peeped into the scene with pre-cum drooling out of his thick shaft.

She quickly jumped up from the bed and tried to cover herself. The watchman quickly ran away from the window. She came outside after covering herself properly and looked for the watchman. He was nowhere to be found, so she went to his quarters. He had just reached there and was bottomless with his hard cock hanging and quickly shrinking into a little sausage leaving a trail of pre-cum that almost touched the floor.

She entered the room and found the Watchman in that state and quickly her eyes went to his cock, his hanging pre-cum and his huge hanging old balls. She caught hold of his balls and squeezed then really hard. He shouted from the excruciating pain and immediately started to apologize to his Mistress. My mother continued to squeeze his balls and then left him and walked away, thinking that the old man learnt his lesson.

My wife was oblivious to all this. She had no clue what was happening in the house. Yet.

Chapter 3: (Teasing Games)

The staff quarter bathroom window was exactly opposite the bathroom windows of both my Mother’s and our bathroom.

One could easily see into our bathrooms from the servant quarters’ bathroom if the window flaps were open. So the watchman and the servant boy used to have a lot of fun watching my wife and my mother taking bath because the servant boy had removed the bottom flaps of our bathrooms except theirs. The staff bathroom window was always kept closed so no suspicion was aroused in the minds of my mother and my wife.

Once the servant boy would know that either my mother or my wife was going to take bath; the Servant Boy and the Watchman immediately took their place in their bathroom to have a masterbating session. They both lusted quite a lot after these two females and were desperately in need of getting their hard poles into the holes on these two women. Both my mother and my wife had no idea about the voyeuristic pleasures they were giving to an old cock and a young stud. The two guys masturbated to the two naked women every single day.

Well, my mother knew about this but she also enjoyed the naked male attention. She started to dress carelessly around the Servant Boy and the Watchman. She called them for silliest jobs and made sure she exposed almost everything every time they were around. The guys couldn’t hide their hard-ons and after a point they stopped trying to hide it.

They openly flaunted their hard cocks to my Mother. The three horny people started to play seductive games with each other. They seduced each other to the point that all wanted to fuck but no one dared to make the first move.

The watchman started to wear a lungi (a traditional Indian wrap-around sort of thing for men) and he never wore underwear so that my mother could see his throbbing rock hard cock making an obvious wet 8” tent in his lungi. Seeing him even the Servant Boy started to wear lungi around the house. Both the Watchman and the Servant Boy spared no chance to expose their naked cocks to my Mother. They both stood on a ladder and rolled up their lungis up to their thighs so my mother could have a clear view of their hard cocks. Their lungis would have a pretty prominent wet spot due to the flow of pre-cum.

They both always made sure that they rubbed their cocks on her ass while moving behind her or if she came in front of them. On a number of occasions the watchman would openly stand behind my mother and rub his naked rock hard cock on her ass that was covered by a really thin fabric of her dress and she would be well aware of it but would not do anything to stop it. He would rub his cock on her ass till he exploded all over it and would walk away. This would not happen when my wife or I was around, at-least at first. My mother really loved the attention she was getting from these two guys.

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