Experience With A Gorgeous Lady In Jaipur

Hi to all ISS readers, thanks for clicking on my story. A 33 year old guy here from jaipur, sharing his experience to u all, I hope u are going to make me aware how u feel about it specially ladies feel free to talk to me.

It begins 1 year back I was there for some shopping at shoppers stop with my friend we enjoyed shopping and having eye-tonic. I was trying some outfits in the trial rooms(they are in a row and 4-5 in numbers and these are in a separate area), I put on that stuff and came out, I saw a girl standing in front of the next chamber, didn’t noticed much about her and I started talking about the fitting etc with my friend who was standing outside the trial room,

Meanwhile the door of the other trial room opened and then I noticed the woman who came out wearing a jeans and a shirt, she was with the girl who was standing outside they were busy in themselves .She was very attractive, though wheatish but very sharp features oval face, good height, 36 c is her size not very slim nor fat, u can guess how a woman is after 4 years of marriage simply at its best so far as figure is concerned. Probably that’s why she got my attention immediately, after that I never missed any opportunity to chase her and getting good eye-tonic.

After getting out she went her way and we both moved to our place, as usual I forgot her just like another day when I come across some beautiful lady. After a week or so, I was going somewhere, after 2-3 minutes suddenly I noticed a woman driving a car and turning to the right and to my surprise she was the same woman I saw that day. Out of curiosity I followed her and saw her house n moved. From that day onward I found myself interested in her and I often use to go from her road so as to have a glance of her ,many a times I got that and on few occasions she also noticed me.

About 2 months later I attended a function and to my surprise I saw her there and to my luck she was relative of one of my closest friend. He introduced her to me without knowing what was going on, the way she gave a smile…..She was teasing me for the activities that I was doing so as to get close to her, and I smiled in reply too. I didn’t got any chance to talk to her at that time. But just before we were abt to leave I saw she was sitting alone, I didn’t wasted any time and went there and to try my luck, she received me in friendly manner and after some formal talks she asked me frankly why I was following her in the shopping area…..

I asked her that she still remember me, in an attempt to divert her, she replied that you also follow me when I go out …..Now it was a surprise that she was very well aware that I was interested in her. I boldly said when u know that much about me then is there any need to reply to her question. She just smiled and didn’t said anything.

I asked about her , she was a mother of a kid who was in hostel and her hubby was in delhi and he comes only on weekends, she was a working lady managing her own business.

Before leaving I said it was great to meet you, she replied positively in a decent way and treated me in matured way as I m 4 years younger to her, just as a friend. We exchanged our contact number and left.

After that day we often started talking on the phone, I was enjoying her company. Mentally we both were knowing that nothing is going to happen sexually as she was a mature lady and from my side also, I m a kind of guy who enjoys the company of smart n intelligent ladies ….Talking to them freely, going out with them, but I had always avoided physical involvement because I m not a typical sexually sick person who always look for woman.

For months this continued and with the help of my sense of humor and boldness I made her very open to me and we were very good friends. She had no problem talking on sex or anything even she shared everything about her first night with her hubby, I use to tell her how I m going to make love to her if she will allow me.

Once we were sitting in ccd having coffee, she was wearing saree and was looking very sexy and I was looking towards her breast more often and she noticed that and asked that today I am getting very naughty and I straightforwardly asked that you are looking great today and I wish I could make love to you. She just smiled and kicked me. We spent another 1 hour roaming here n there after reaching at her place we were sitting n her drawing room and again I requested her to allow me to make love to her, she again said no, she was taking it as if I was joking like other days but I was serious and I asked her that I m serious yaar, I keep insisting on it and she was feeling helpless as I was continuously requesting.

At last she said yes but only above the waist area. I was happy like anything at the same time confused how to start as its very easy to say but doing is a little different thing anyway I moved forward and kissed on her lips, her eyes were down and she as shivering so does my hands. I put my hands on her shoulders and again started kissing on her lips gently at the same time my hands were moving on her back.

This slow and gentle lovemaking continues for another 15 min and we became more comfortable now then I hugged her and inserted my tongue inside her mouth and then started licking her tongue and lips it was a wonderful experience, while sucking and licking her tongue I placed my hands over her left breast and started pressing it. Then I made her lie on the bed and removed the saree from her breast, it was looking very sexy as her brazier was visible through the transparent blouse. I saw her for sometime while pressing her breast she was fully cooperating and enjoying the foreplay that was the best part.

We were talking in between smiling laughing while making love. I removed her blouse and bra, heaven was in front of me big round boobs and sexy nipples were in front of me. Without wasting time I started sucking her nipples and pressing her boobs, she was moaning heavily. I started kissing her stomach and licking her naval. I went down and raised her saree upto her thighs and started rubbing her thighs and kissing her thighs. She was excited like hell moaning and rubbing my head.

I asked her to remove her saree and she did. I untied the knot of her petticoat and removed it . She was only in her panty . I parted her legs and started kissing and licking on her pussy over her panty which was wet. I inserted my hand in her panty and started rubbing her clit. She was moaning then I removed her panty too. My dick was rock hard looking at her fully nude. I put my tongue in her pussy and started licking her, I was biting her clit and she was moaning ….Your tongue is very hot do it more, do it more . Let me tell you that I am an expert in licking and sucking the pussy. I kept sucking her pussy , she was leaking her love juice like anything.

She requested me to make love to her to which I made lie and positioned my dick on her pussy hole. In few strokes my dick was fully inside her pussy. I started making strokes to her and it went for another half an hour. I discharged my cum into her pussy and I was fully exhausted after marathon love making session of 1 and half hour.

We wore our cloths and she was in my arms resting on my chest. I left her home in the evening and went back to my home.

Later we had sex whenever we got opportunity.

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