Experience With An Old Crush – Part 1

I am not going to waste my time writing about what I look like. Just know that what I have works for me and I make it work out quite nice for me in this one. So I used to have a crush on this girl in my Bachelor’s degree days, Lisa. Stats are not important. Picture whoever you want. What attracted me to her was her shapely ass, her curly hair and those wide pleading eyes that kept to silently plead, “Fuck me”.

So I proposed her during degree but she said no. We were good friends up until that point but this ruined our friendship and we became distant. For the rest of my UG days we didn’t talk. After college ended, I texted her to apologize and we reconnected really well. Since I had already proposed to her before I didn’t hold back on the emotional stuff. I’d get real intense and super expressive about how special she is and how I’d like to meet up with her. However, fate gave us no opportunities to meet up. Then a batchmate of ours called us to his housewarming. She and I, along with other friends decided to go. I was excited, but I didn’t plan anything because it was going to be crowded at the house.

Fast forward through the ceremonies at the house, because they’re pointless. The only thing that was on point was my dick as I kept eyeing Lisa from top to bottom. She was still slim and sexy with those big eyes and her slender neck just begging to be tasted and kissed by my lips. I didn’t make my move. Not yet. During dinner, I waited for her to finish and timed my dinner right so that she and I would be the only two to finish last. We entered the bathroom together and I froze. She looked at me and I made casual conversation.

Man those eyes! I said, “Lisa I want to show you something look in the mirror and don’t move. Do you trust me?”

“Ummm…sure ok”, she replied. She turned to the mirror at which point I again requested her not to move and to trust me. I proceeded to run my hands smoothly down her arms feeling her soft, supple skin. She didn’t pull away, and she relaxed a bit. I continued my motion once more but I slowed down a bit more. I rested my palms on her shoulders and deliberately felt her arms all the way down and grabbed her wrists. I moved in a bit closer and kissed her neck. She sighed, “Ugh…” I put my right hand softly around her neck and pulled her neck back closer to my face and placed a peck at the base of the neck behind the ear. She moaned again.

“There’s no one at my place today. Come home with me. We’re both adults right? This will be our little secret,” I said.

“I’m here alone too. I needed a place to crash. I guess I’m sleeping with you,” she replied while catching her breath. She was never slutty, but the way she said that last sentence really fired me up.Fast forward past the farewells to everyone at home. We lied saying I was dropping her off at her room in the hotel. I groped her well toned legs and rested my hand on her thigh the whole way home. She didn’t resist. I rushed to the door as soon as I parked, but I got naughty once she and I reached the door. Like I said she’s not one to sleep around, and I didn’t even know what prompted her to come home with me so readily. So I pushed my luck. I dropped my keys by “being clumsy”. She bent down to pick them up. I told her to stop as she did, and told her not to move. I took my time feeling that ass because I’ve dreamt about it for so long. She smiled shyly and gave into my vibe and let me feel that ass for a good five minutes. I told her to open the door and make herself at home. I let her gather herself after my second tease and proceeded to sit facing her on the couch.

“You do realise what’s about to happen don’t you?” I asked.“I don’t do this often. I only agreed because I trust you to be gentle with me. I know you’ll keep this safe,” she replied.

“Do you want me to tease you verbally before I begin or shall we jump right into it?” I replied.

“You’ve been teasing me for years with your sweet talk. I didn’t plan on this, but that moment in the bathroom just felt right. So let’s skip to whatever’s next,” she replied.

I leaned in slow for our first kiss. She didn’t resist. I took time and pecked her lips slow as I inched myself closer to her. On the last peck I stopped and watched as she waited with her mouth open for more. I licked her lips with a swift flick of my tongue. She inhaled and exhaled sharply clearly enjoying it. I did it once more and her breathing got heavier. She stuck her tongue straight into my mouth and refused to let up as we got madly attached to our emotions running wild. I stopped once more and planted another peck and promptly bit her bottom lip and pulled on it a bit. Her sharp breath hit my face as she lost control and pushed my head closer to that gorgeous neck of hers. It was hard to hold myself back I bit her softly on the side of her neck. She tasted so good.

And I unclipped her thick curly hair and pulled it so her head pointed upwards exposing more of her neck. I bit her neck under the chin and she started breathing extra heavy as she came before I even touched the rest of her body.

“Wow!” She exclaimed. “You’re good. Show me more,” she continued.I obliged immediately by telling her to stand up. I took a long look at her one more time. She was wearing a black dress, sleeveless, that fit her frame well down to her knees. I sat her on my lap and I stuck my hand in her dress. I didn’t kiss her. I looked deep into those pleading eyes of hers as I ran my hands up her soft thighs. I felt the skin between her legs as she bit her lips and looked directly in my eyes and without warning I pulled her dress up and dropped her on the couch. She gasped alarmed and turned on by my swift and lustful gesture and proceeded to pull the rest of the dress off herself. Then she walked over to me on all fours, arched her back and told me to spank her milky white ass as she unbuttoned my jeans. She pulled my dick out of my boxers to suck it, but I stopped her.

“I’ve wanted to be with you a lot longer than you’ve wanted me. It’s only fair that I satisfy my appetite for you before I let u satisfy me. Sweetheart, tonight I’m going to make you cum multiple times before I even stick my dick inside you. You’re going to be dripping sweat and begging me to fuck you,” I said daring and confident looking her straight in the eyes.

Lisa smiled a naughty little smile and said, ” Then do it. I’m not going anywhere tonight.”

I chuckled and proceeded to turn her around and unhooked her bra while slowly letting my breath breeze over her neck. She felt that and sighed again. I kissed her below the ear, followed by a swift flick of my tongue. She grabbed my wrist and squeezed it hard. I pulled her bra off and she grabbed it and tossed it aside. I told her to stand and give me a show. She turned around and slowly moved her hips in my face. Without warning I pulled her panties down and stood up behind her. Holding her waist in one arm and moving my chest to rest on her arched back. With my free arm I spanked her a couple of times and she moaned with excitement. I proceeded to grab her breasts from behind. She moved her hands to grab mine and together we felt her breasts and tasted tongues slowly and steadily. I lifted her up by the thighs. She gasped in surprise.

I carried her to the bed and threw her on it. She was breathing heavy laying there with her legs wide open. Her shaved pussy glistening from her previous orgasm and her breasts moving up and down with the rise and fall of her chest. I grabbed the inside of her thighs and squeezed them. She sighed. I teased her thighs with my tongue. Damn she tasted good. I licked her all around leaving her pussy alone. Then I teased the sides of her pussy with soft flicks from my tongue. I got my tongue wet with a little spit and without warning placed it on her pussy. She moaned in surprised and I pulled back to deny her the satisfaction. I blew on her pussy with my breath and she let out a loud cry of pure ecstasy as she came again. She squirted on my sheets and arched her back as she grabbed the sheet and tilted her pussy towards me. Lisa was getting intense, but I was just getting started.

(to be continued)

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