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Hi friends again Krish here to share another experience with you all.

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Let go to the story, heroine is my school friend Roshini.

Her structure is 36_34_34She is damn hot in school uniform itself, most of the boys in my class would stare her boobs most of the time. Before knowing I was also looking her Lust fully for few days later I got her friendship, then it was like normal between but I slightly had crush on her because of her structure that made me mad when we used to discuss about studies in her home.

One day we had small function in our school that day all girls came in half saree, she came in sky blue saree, I was admiring her beauty without even blinking my eyes. I kept on watching her and that too in side angel her boob shape was clear and can figure out her bra lines on the blouse. When I was watching her from a distance, she gave eye gesture asking like what and I just nodded my head as nothing.

Later in the evening function got over, we went to her home, her parents are working so they usually come late like 9 like that.

there she asked me why you are staring at me today like that, do you want to say something. I said no but I asked don’t change the dress till I leave your home, I want to see you in this saree few more hours, then she asked am I good in this saree. I said you are damn sexy in this saree.

Suddenly started raining, she suggested to play cards till rain stops and then go home. I also ok with that but I started my gamble here that lower has to do whatever the winner says.

She thought for a minute and said ok, we started playing, first round she won the game, she asked me to tell what you liked in me, I told her your face and boob. She got shocked with my answer and I said sorry, if you don’t like what I said.

She said didn’t expect this from me so I got shocked but this is natural in our age, let continue our game, second game she again won it. Lick my leg like a dog and I did the same but I made her honey by licking her leg bit higher than she expected.

Third game I won, I asked her boob size, she hesitated but later said 36. I told that I would like to see it, she shown a glimpse of cleavage by removing her pallu.

When we are in next game, her parents called and informed that they can’t come home tonight because of the rain and they are staying in nearby relatives home. She also informed that am staying with her for the night. They know about me do they don’t have any problem in staying.

We continued our game, again I won the game this time asked her perform a dirty dance step by removing her pallu. She said I don’t know that kind of dance, give some other task, I told her to remove your pallu lick my thighs, she stood up removed her pallu, my dick is getting harder than ever by seeing her without pallu she knelt down and came toward my legs started licking my legs going upward to thighs and she is seeing the bulge in my pant and smiled. Next game she won, asked me to lick me where I like, I started to lick her from head then her neck and then her boobs cleavage and she is pushing my head into her boobs and I was squeezing her boobs with my hands, she gasping moans in sexy way like Ssssssh Aaaaaaahhhh, she pulled my head started kissing wildly as we were hunting each other tongue and exchanging saliva. Occasionally in the kiss. After long kissing session, we looked each other Lust fully and I started to remove my shirt and pant and I went close to her started removing her saree and carried her to the bed room switched on the Air conditioner, removed her blouse and inskirt and now she is in bra and panty.

Kissing from her legs, slowly going upwards towards her pussy, I can see wet spot on her panty, she was keep on meaning in her husky voice by holding my head, I went close to her panty, held her panty with my teeth and pulled it to remove and she cooperated by lifting her ass and I pulled it one go till knee, went close to her pussy started smelling her vagina aroma, it’s making me wild and hard below. I let my tongue to play in her pussy by help of my fingers started licking it wildly, making it wet so soon, she is leaking her cum and I started tasting the salty cum she was keep on pushing my head towards her pussy and made me fuck her hole with my tongue. She then came on top of me, removed my panty to release the dick, she was holding it in her hands and shaking it, started kissing the tip and it made me go flying in the air, and she started sucking soon wildly, she made my dick bath in her saliva, I feel like Cumming and I started fucking her mouth and I came in her mouth, partially she drank my cum.

I removed her bra and watched her boobs for a minute and she asked don’t you want to taste it, it’s all yours eat it.

Immediately I jumped on her boobs and started sucking her nipple and pressing the other boob, I was keep on do this for 10 minutes and again my dick got its size to feel the flesh of her pussy, and I started to finger her while sucking her boobs to make her wet down but she is already wet, she was holding my dick and shaking it while am sucking her milky boob, slowly she kept my dick at the entrance of her pussy by stretching her vagina wide to insert mine. Slowly my dick is sliding inside her, she was feeling the pain while inserting and we just laid few minutes without any action, again she asked me fuck me hard common Krish, I pushed my dick hard and started ramming her pussy hard, I started fucking her fast and hard, she was shouting like Aaaaaaahhhh yes fuck me ah huh fuck fuck fuck Krish do it faster ah yes like that faster aah aah, I can feel her Cum around my dick and it’s getting slipped from her pussy because of her Cum and I continued to fuck her pussy hard in Missionary position and I lifted and made her to suck my dick for few minutes again I made her kneel down and started fucking her in doggy style and i could feel her vaginal walls and even deeper and after few minutes of hard fuck finally we both released cum at same time, I rotated her in missionary position and started kissing her lips for few minutes by keeping my dick inside her and it’s still hard and again started slow movements, I kept sucking her boobs and biting her nipples occasionally, she started shaking her hip to match my fuck motion, this it took little longer for both of us to reach our climax and we both again releasing our back to back motion, I took my dick and kept on her boobs and spill my Cum on her boobs, finally I squeezed her boobs together in hard way and told her amazing boobs you have, I would like to suck it all night.

Later we bathed together and small session there in 69 sucked each other, she inserted the dick in her pussy, she gave bath to me in this position by keeping the dick inside her pussy, that was a different experience.

That’s it friends, let me know your suggestions contact me on [email protected]

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