Exploring my Bengali landlady’s untapped pleasures

Now, we continue from the last night incident. I fucked my Bengali landlady bhabhi Mouni very well last night and then slept in as yesterday. As usual, I woke up early in the morning. Mouni was still sleeping on me. She looked like a sleeping angel. Seeing her boobs slam on me almost woke my devil with hunger, but I controlled it. I still needed to recover from last night. I was having a lot of sex on a very short time. Even with viagra, it was still taking a lot of time!

I needed to take it slowly. Mouni was still sleeping and her half of body was on me. Then I carefully removed her from me and put her in the bed, and I got up from the bed. I put on the bathrobe and went to my bathroom and washed my face.

It was around 8’clock. It was Thursday and I still had to leave for the office. So I started to brush even though I wanted to fuck the Bengali bhabhi all day. But I made sure to fill the time, the three days fully. Just the thoughts of Mouni made me horny. I saw down and my dick was itching hard to be sucked by Mouni’s lips either upper or lower.

Then I went outside of the bathroom and looked at the naked body of Mouni, lying in the bed. My cock was hard and ready to eat her out. I got in bed without making a sound and then took Mouni again in my arms without waking her up. I slowly started to caress the back of her head, and gently stroked her hair. She started to wake up.

After playing with her hair, I got down a bit and now her head was on my shoulders and my hand was able to reach her ass chick. They were as soft as ever. Then I started to tease her on the ass and used my fingers to slowly caress her ass on half which was on my body. It was like a scene from a movie. She was distracted and as she started to wake up, I gave her ass a nice good slap. With this, she woke up instantly. Her eyes were all on me and then I gave her another hard slap on her ass and kept the hand on the ass chick.

I told her: Bring that ass and mouth closer now.

She got the order and she got another half of her body on me. Then I gave her another tight slap and told her, “Good girl”. Then got close to her head and kissed her forehead.

“Now, those lips” and I leaned back on the bed.

My landlady bhabhi climbed on me and brought her face close to mine and we started kissing like animals. It didn’t matter that she just woke up, her taste was still the same. I bit on her lower lip and then inserted my tongue into her mouth. She rolled back with me. We made out for a while, but now the time was for my hard dick to rub her.

She was still fully on me. I stopped her and held her chin by hand and made eye contact with her. Then with a lower voice, I told her, “Put your tongue out”. As she did so, our tongues rolled outside our mouths. Her mouth was filled with saliva and now, time for cock.

I stopped her and held her chin again and told her while looking into those puppy eyes with a lower voice, “Now, same for the lower one who is itching for your mouth’s touch.”

Then I held her shoulders with my both hands and pushed her downward while still looking at her. She didn’t resist. Her smooth boobs touched my hard throbbing cock.

Now her face was just above my hard cock and I pointed my finger toward my cock to let her know and she got the job. Before she could start it, I told her, “Start by licking it.”

The Bengali bhabhi started to lick the tip of my dick slowly and when the first lick with the saliva touched my dick, I felt like I reached heaven. Just to take care of morning wood with a BJ was something I never expected. She licked for a while and then started to take more and more of my cock into her mouth.

I was still on the bed lying like a king enjoying his conquest of a woman. Then I told her, “More water” and she started to suck faster and more saliva came out of her mouth which made my cock slippery as a sop.

It went on for a while, and then my slimy cock touched her upper boob which felt amazing and an idea came to my mind. It was time for a boobjob. I got halfway and stopped her from blowing me and kissed her on her cheeks.

Me: Hold your cups.

She didn’t understand that. Then I used my both hands and grabbed her boobs fully and squished them. She released a loud moan. Then I mused the boobs together and made a cleavage from her juicy boobs.

Me: Now, hold it tightly and put it in.

She held the boobs from the lower side and I let go of my hands and using my hands leaned back so I could see her. She slowly brought her boobs close and put my slimy dick into her cleavage hole. It was quite wet, so it instantly went in.

I told her, “Now, do the same and squash your boobs in between push and pull.” She did an amazing job. Why I didn’t do this first? I don’t know. Putting my cock between her cleavage felt as same as her vagina, or mouth. It was the warm feeling around my cock that made me harder.

Then I held her hair and put it back and told her, “Keep going and use your tongue to lick the tip.”

With her amazing boobs squashing while she licked the tip was like reaching a heaven’s gate. With this keep going, I knew I was not going to last. After a while, I was at the end and I got up on the bed and lifted her half while she was still giving me a boob-job.

Then I stopped her and said: Open your mouth, time for your reward, my girl.

She opened her mouth and brought her tongue out. I put my fire cock on her tongue that just ended me. I shoved in the cock and came all in her mouth. After all that, I fell to the bed and brought Mouni on me like before. It was already 9:30 and I needed to go to the office early so I could leave early. Then I got up.

Me: Get up now, how long are you going to sleep? I am soon leaving for office. But I want to eat something. You already had your breakfast, now make mine.

And saying that, I gave my Bengali landlady my bathrobe to wear and told her, “Don’t wear anything just this bathrobe.” Then I went to the bathroom for a bath. Even while bathing, my cock was still hard. After cleaning, I came out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around it. Then I went to my room for changing.

After changing, I was about to leave and I saw the camera and that was when I realised that a single camera had changed my whole life in just a week. Then I got a devious idea using the camera, but for later.

I came out and the tea was on the table as usual. Then I sat and drank the tea. It was still early, but I wanted to leave fast so I could leave sooner. Since Friday was working from home, so there was three days of full enjoyment. I was about to leave, so I called Mouni and she came to the hall. She was still wearing the bathrobe.

I grabbed her waist and started to kiss her with passion. Then I stopped and told her –

Me: Now I am going to work, but I will come back soon and you know the rules if you break them…

Then I grabbed her ass hard.

Me: Also, saree is hard for me to access your amazing body. So I want you to wear a tight bra with a white shirt on and a mini shirt without anything inside.

Then I repeated, put my hand inside the shirt, and wanted to feel her pussy. I fingered her pussy through the bathrobe and she collapsed on my arms.

Me: And cook something good, I will be hungry all the way. And if Ashok comes or your husband asks, you know the rules.

Then I gave her a spank on the ass and kissed her on the cheek and left for work. The reason I told her to wear that dress was that I had an HR that wears similar clothes, but she always had been a pain for me. Fucking Mouni in an HR outfit was going to be satisfying!

While working, I was still thinking of how I was going to enjoy these three days without interruption. I also got a lot of naughty ideas to use. So once the work was done, I went to an adult store a friend had told me about. While buying things I was exploding with an idea that was alone to give me hard. But I needed to control it. I also bought a vibrator, but I didn’t think I would use it on Mouni just now.

After shopping for things, I came back home and rang the bell just wondering what would Mouni look like. Then she opened the door and the woman looked like something else. So far I only saw Mouni in a saree, but when I saw her in the tight white shirt and thin skirt, I was on another level of happiness.

I took Mouni and pushed her inside the house. Then I locked the door. Now it was time to enjoy after a hard day of work. I set on the sofa and took her in my lap. With my one hand, I hardly grouped her boob and pressed hard.

Me: Calm down, you are mine now.

I spread her legs and put each on one leg and now she was fully sitting on my crotch with her legs spread. I grabbed her waist and brought her close to me and put my other hand inside her skirt. As I ordered her, the Bengali beauty was naked underneath.

Then I started rubbing her pussy slowly and fingering her little by little. She was moaning more and more and mauled her boobs with the other one. Her sound could be heard throughout the house.

She got quite wet down there. I stopped and took a shot from my crotch and jumped off from my leg to the ground. Then I rolled her to my side and grabbed her boobs with my both hands and pushed her down to my legs.

Me: You know what to do.

I leaned back on the sofa and she started to unbutton my pants. I brought out my hard cobra ready to bite her. She did what she was amazing at which was taking my whole dick inside her mouth. I enjoyed her mouth on my dick for a while.

Then I stopped her by grabbing her head and we both get up and stand with each other. I grabbed her boobs and started to kiss passionately. It tasted a bit weird, guess due to cock sucking. I used my hands to grab her ass and lift her. Now her legs were wrapped around me and I was carrying her while we kissed like crazy.

I carried her to the table and I dropped her on top. We both took a breath. Then I look at her half-buttoned shirt which shaped her amazing cleavage and something just got in me. I used my hands and tear open the shirt completely and pushed her bra halfway to expose her tits. The buttons dropped to the floor, this took her by surprise.

I punched her boobs like an animal all over it.

Her: Shouldn’t we eat first?

Me: I am eating now, I am pretty hungry. (Growling)

Me: I guess you are hungry. I know how to satisfy your hunger.

My cock was hard as a rock and I grabbed her legs and dragged her close to my crotch. Then I removed the skirt off to her knees and now my cock was pointing to her wet pussy. I looked straight into her eyes and told her, “Say it”. She didn’t say a word, then I shouted, “Say it”.

Her: Please calm my hunger with your big cock inside my pussy.

I started to insert my cock inside her slowly while straight looking into her eyes. Then with all my power, I pushed all my cock inside her. She screamed, but I closed it with my mouth.

Soon I was fucking my Bengali landlady bhabhi hard, lifting her legs slightly and rolling my tongue inside her mouth. I was fucking her so hard that the sound of each shot could be heard from the bedroom. After ramming her pussy with my dick for about some time, she cummed inside which almost made me cum. But I stopped and removed my cock from her pussy.

Me: Good girl, wait here. I have a reward for you.

Mouni was still deep breathing due to release, but I was still hard. I went near my bag and took the whipped cream can from it and came back to Mouni. Then I grabbed the back of her head and told her

Me: Time for your reward. (I kissed her forehead). Open your tongue.

She did and I spread the cream all over her mouth. Some also fell on her just like my cum which would be soon out. Then I told her to swallow it and she did. Now I told her to bring her tongue out more and again I poured cream.

This time, I told her, “Sharing is caring, remember?”

I lounged at her tongue and pushed her in my mouth. It tasted amazing mixed with her saliva. We made out for a while then it was time to end it.

Me: Get down, time for the final reward.

She got down without any pushback. Now my cock was pointing at her. The cream could be still in my hand before things start.

I spread the cream to my cock since it was hard and long. “Look, now it will be sweeter and salty, open your mouth.” Then I spread some inside her mouth and showed my hard cock inside her. She gagged a little on my cock. I was used to it by now.

Then I held her hair in one hand so it would be easy for her. She was a usual pro at it, sucking and rolling her tongue all over my creamed cock which made her tongue more slippery and rolling. That I didn’t even realize and I shot all my cum inside her mouth.

The cum was so much that we started coughing, so I let go of her hair and removed my cock from her which was covered in my semen, cream, and her saliva. There was still some left, so I shot another up which landed on her shirt and boobs. Some also fell on the floor. She was still breathing heavily.

Me: Come on now, take your reward fully. I prepared it, especially for you.

Then she cleaned the rest of my cock off with lick one by one while we were still making eye contact. It was a sight to see. After cleaning, I got to the kitchen and got a bottle of water. I drank the water and gave it to her.

When I looked at her while she was drinking water, she was still covered with some of my cum with her shirt torn apart and half naked exposing her vagina and boobs. Her hair was messed up and she was on her floor completely. It was like a porn movie behind the scene. I felt a little bad for Mouni because I went too aggressive. I wanted to clean her up, also I hadn’t taken a shower. So I told her –

Me: You made quite a mess. Now I got to clean you up, get up.

She got up immediately. Then I spanked her bare ass and told her, “Go, start the shower and fill the bathtub with warm water. We will take a bath together and I will clean you up. Leave the clothes outside the room.”

Then I gave her a forehead kiss and went to my room.

Man, I was living the best of life. I quickly removed the rest of my clothes and walked naked to the hall. It felt different walking naked, but also made me quite horny just thinking about what just happened. I got inside the main room. I saw I left the clothes outside.

Then I removed the bathrobe from the cupboard as usual. Then went inside the bathroom.

To be continued.

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