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In the previous part, I explained how my mom and I had sex for the first time. We went on lingerie shopping for her. We returned from the shop and had lunch together. We sat on the bed, talking to each other.

I said, “You were looking so sexy in all the lingerie. You don’t know how I controlled myself there. My dick was hard till we sat on the bike.” Mom replied, “My son is too horny. I think I should start searching bride for him from now.” We started laughing.

She asked me, “Why did you spank my ass?” I replied, “I love your ass so much, mom. I want to grab and spank it every time I see it.” She gave me a naughty smile. She said she had so much pain when I fucked her ass last time. While talking about this, my hand was caressing her boobs.

Then I put my hand inside her pants and started moving my hand on her pussy. She started kissing me, and then I removed her pants and started fingering her. After 5 minutes, I asked her, “Can I finger your ass?” She agreed to it, and she spread her legs.

I took some oil and put it on my finger. Then I started moving my finger inside her ass hole. She closed her eyes with pleasure. Then I put more oil and my finger inside her ass, and she moaned. After 2 minutes of fingering, I asked her, “How does it feel?”

She said, “It feels very different. It’s making me too horny.” I did it for the next 10 minutes. She said, “Give me your cock now. I can’t control it now.” She removed my pants, sucked my dick for a few minutes and put a condom on it. She said, “Now give me pleasure, honey. I’m very wet inside.”

She got into the doggy-style position. I moved my fingers on her pussy, then started inserting my dick in her pussy. I started moving my dick in and out. Because of the fingering, her ass hole was a little stretched and became bigger. I couldn’t resist. I inserted my finger into her ass.

She moaned loudly because of this unexpected thing. I was fucking both her holes. After 15 minutes, we both released our cum. I said, “How do you feel, Mom?” She said, “It feels like heaven. You are very naughty, but why do you finger my ass all the time?”

I replied, “I like your ass so much, mom,” and kissed her. I hurriedly called for my mother to the bathroom. She entered the room while we both were naked. I pushed her to the bathroom wall and kissed her back and neck. She was about to say no, but her voice faded and turned to a whisper.

I kissed her neck from behind while my hands massaged her boobs. I licked her earlobes and armpits. She was rubbing her body against mine while groaning. She started rubbing her ass on my erect dick from behind. I bit her shoulder, and she groaned loudly and turned to face me.

She grinned and began to kiss me, stroking my dick while giving me a passionate kiss on the lips. My lips, cheeks, chest, and nipples got kisses from her. I got my lips bit by her. It was a little uncomfortable. But it also made me realise how abrasively she is currently seeking sex.

She kissed my hips, lower abdomen, and belly. I commanded her to suck it. Fill her mouth with it. “You’ll cum quickly after I suck your cock,” she replied. My cock was sucked like a child’s lollipop by her. I was in paradise. It was satisfying to watch my dick enter her mouth.

She wrapped her thick pink lips around it. She was excellently sucking my dick. I released it in her mouth. The cum was dripping from her lips and landing on her boobs. She ate a small amount of my cum. When she turned on the shower, water splashed on her breasts.

My dick was washed in the shower. I applied shower gel on mom’s boobs, waist, shoulder and ass. The foam was draped over her entire body. This was fantastic in every way. Then I went down, rubbing her pussy. She uttered a loud moan. I spanked her ass while rubbing her butt cheeks.

She made a loud moaning noise each time I spanked her behind. The water removed her body’s foam, and she stood naked before me. I observed the water drops dripping from her fair, large boobs and falling to her nipples, ribs, waist, and thighs. I bit her nipples, squeezed her wet boobs, and licked them.

My lips were placed close to her nipples, and I swallowed the water that came down after brushing against them. “The best water I’ve ever drunk,” I informed her. Several other items, including shampoo bottles, were kept on the shelf next to the wash basin. I pushed them aside and lifted my mom’s ass over there.

Her right leg was on the basin, and the left was down, spreading her pussy wide open. I bent over and sniffed her pussy as I knelt on the ground. Water was dripping down her pussy, and I sucked her pink pussy lips with my tongue. She moaned loudly as usual as I sucked her pussy.

My lips were on her pussy. She led me to her clitoris and requested that I first rub it. I followed her advice. She then requested that I tongue her while pointing to her pussy. I followed her advice. My tongue was inside mom’s pussy as I sucked her. She was talking incoherently and making absurd noises.

I was smitten. She used her hands to squeeze her breasts. Her legs began to tremble, and her breath became laboured. She could no longer sit on the washbasin, so she got up.

“I need your dick,” she said. I spotted my dick. She began kissing me on the lips and stroking my dick. She remained leaning slightly forward and with her palms still on the washbasin when I flipped her. I teased her pussy with my dick. Her groaning became louder and more like a pleading to fuck her.

I inserted my dick and forced it into her vaginal entrance. Given that her pussy was moist and not as tight, it was sliding in easily. I completely pushed my hip into her pussy and drew it out. Again, I did it, in and out, in and out. It was an incredible sensation.

I had a heavenly feeling. My body and mind were in perfect harmony. I continued to fuck her pussy at regular intervals. Her smile was visible when I looked at her face in the mirror. Her breasts were hanging from her body like mangoes. I snatched her hair and picked up the pace.

Her groaning was becoming louder and louder as I was hitting the wonderful G spot inside her pussy. My thighs were rubbing across her ass cheeks as I spanked her ass. Harder, deeper, and more quickly. She continued to say these things. I could keep it longer after spilling it a short while ago.

I removed my dick. She was turned over and placed on the flat area beside the sink. Her legs were spread apart on the edge of the surface. My dick was forced into her pussy, and I began to fuck her pussy more quickly. We went on for another 15 minutes and cummed inside her again.

Now we were completely dry and exhausted. We kissed and hugged each other. I pulled my dick out of her pussy. Our cleaning was done. She got up and started wearing clothes. I said, “Wear the lingerie that we have brought today. When dad is not at home, you should wear lingerie only.”

She said, “I will wear it from tomorrow. Today I will wear a nighty.” Then she took a white nighty from the cupboard and started wearing it. It was very tight. It was barely covering her assets. Dad came home at 8 pm. She wore a full nightie before dad came.

While having dinner, my aunt called my mom. (mom’s sister). She told mom that she was coming to stay at our home for the next few days. She is coming tomorrow afternoon. Then after dinner, we went to bed.

The next morning I woke up at 9. Mom was going to shower, and I joined her in the shower. I asked, “When will aunt come?” She said, “She called a few hours ago and said she would come by 12.” I asked, “How many days will she stay here? How will we have sex when she is at home?”

Mom said, “I don’t know how long she will stay. But I believe she will stay for the next 6–7 days. Doing sex when she is at home is very risky for us.” I started moving my hand on her body and started kissing her. She started stroking my dick. Then we had sex in the bathroom. We did it for the next 30 to 40 minutes.

Then we came out and started doing our work. Mom started making lunch. While preparing lunch, I went to her, squeezed her breasts from behind, kissed her, and touched all her assets. She wasn’t wearing anything underneath. So I pulled her nighty up and licked her pussy in the kitchen too.

It was an amazing experience to do it in the kitchen. Then I followed mom to the bathroom when she went to pee. I removed her nighty and sat on her lap, kissing her while she was peeing. Pressed and sucked mom’s nipples till she finished. I cleaned up mom’s ass and fingered her ass and pussy.

She said, “My son has become a master at pleasuring.” Then I made her sit down on the commode and have sex there. She was hesitant to do it as she had work to do. But I convinced her by saying aunt would come in sometime and we can’t do anything from today.

We both fucked for a good 20 minutes and cleaned up each other.

At around 12, the doorbell rang, and mom opened the door. Aunt was there. She has come to meet us after 3 years. She lives very far from our home. They both hugged each other. Then she looked at me and said, “Hey, young man, how are you?” I replied, “I’m good,” and hugged her.

Her chubby body felt all over my body. My aunt is younger than my mom. She is 36 years old, and she is a widow. Her husband died many years ago in an accident. Her son is 13 years old. He lives in a boarding school for his studies. She lives alone in her house.

She is as chubby as my mom. They both look very similar. But my aunt has a little bigger boobs and ass.

I said, “It’s very nice to see you after so many days. We missed you so much.” She replied, “I also missed you very much, too,” and kissed my chicks. I blushed because of this. Mom said, “Keep your aunt’s luggage in your room. She will sleep there.”

I kept her luggage in my room. Then we started talking. We all were recalling our memories. She looked gorgeous. She was wearing a full-sleeve blouse and saree. I was getting turned on by seeing her.

I will explain in the next part what happened when my aunt was at our house. How I continued to fuck mom with an interesting turn of events. Hope you all liked this story. Please comment or send me an email or google hangouts/ chat to my email id [email protected].

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