Eye Contact Turned To Sex Night

Hi, I am back with another experience. you can read my previous stories from my username. For new readers I am Rahul from Chandigarh. I have a good height and good built body. I have a long and thick dick of 7″ inch

Coming to the story …it happened in past winters when i went to shimla with friends. We reached in the afternoon and checked in our hotel. In the evening we were roaming on the mall road shimla and later on the ridge my eyes found a girl. It was a holiday that day and a event was going on.

She was so much beautiful that i cant get my eyes off from her. She caught me watching her 3-4 times and passed a smile. She was having one of the best curves and i cannot resist to stop watching her. I wanted for the night …. night could not be better than having that girl with you. I had fallen for her . I made an gesture and we got a few distance from the crowd and followed we started talking. She was from shimla only and her name was aparna. She was doing her graduation. Later our talks turned erotic. She had a bf but she had a bad sex experience with him.(i came to know this later) .

While talking i placed my hand on her arm and pleased it. I asked if you want to join me for a drink as it was so cold. I took her to the hotel room. We had some whiskey and rum there. She was now comfortable with me. I asked whether she is going home tonight she said she planned to her friend’s house. I got more courage and placed my hand on her thighs. She was getting horny. I made a contact with her and placed my lips on her. First few seconds she resisted but later god she kissed me so badly. We smooched for 20 minutes. I removed her jacket and hold her boobs over the top. She started a light moanings. I kissed her earlobes and she was enjoying the time.

Within no time she was in her bra. I cant stop watching at her boobs. They were 34c in size. I opened her bra made her lie on the bed and started kissing her body. I took a sip of whiskey and put in her mouth with a kiss. She was moaning and wanted more and more.

I opened her jean and the smell of her pussy made me lick her with her panty on pussy. She was so wet …i removed her panty and placed a kiss on her pussy. I sucked it for 15 min and she had cummed twice in that time. Her juices were so hot and tasty . Cant get anything good in winters. She hugged me and said i was demanding this from so long. My bf does not even fuck me for 5 min. She said let me please you my jaan.

She removed my clothes and left with underwear. I was hard and she could clearly notice the size of my dick. She whispered SO BIG …she removed the underwear and hold the tool and placed a kiss. She sucked nicely. I asked her to give deep throat and she did perfectly. She was now in hunger to take the 7 inch dick in her pussy.

She came on top of me and placed my dick on her wet pussy. She was soo tight. I pushed from downward and my full dick was inside her. She cried in pain and get laid on me. I jerked her slowly she was enjoying. She came to her actually himachal form and started abusing..chodd mujhe aur aaahh fuckk me harder yesss …. You so deep baby fuckk me fuckk me.. Aaahh. I fucked and fucked her in different positions.

After drinks i was not going to cum easily. She cummed 3 times and was completely exhausted. I told her give a blowjob. She started sucking and in 10 min i cummed on her face. She drank all the semen. We laid and rested. It was 9 . My friends still had not come.

I told her whether she wants to go ..she replied that this night she wants to get fucked only. I said aaj to teri chut puri khuli kar deni hain. She said yeh chut fad do aaj iski pyass bhuja do ache se . She kissed me. We ordered our dinner and after dinner we were again ready to have a great session. We get in the bathroom and got a hot shower bath together. She sucked me in the bath . I was hard. Hot water makes my dick more bigger. We came in bedroom and started sucking her pussy. I tongue fucked her pussy. She was moaning and room was filled with her sound. I started fucking her in doggy style.

We switched our positions and i fucked her in various positions. This time it was more longer and harder. I rammed her pussy and slapped her buts. They were red now and looking aroused. She was cumming and moaning aaahh fuckkk me fuckk me yes baby fuckkk ohhh yesss … her nails were on my back and they were totally inside my skin….she was begging and saying “i want your dick inside me forever” ….. and i was fucking her badly. We sucked … had oral for 15 min and again started fucking.. We had a total of 1.30 hrs of intercourse. She said you fuck too good. Maybe you can be my bf and fuck me regularly like this. I cummed on her boobs this time. The whole night we fucked each other. Later in the morning we left from shimla. She messaged me do meet me whenever i visit shimla. She send me her nude pictures too.

Any lady, girl, bhabhi( my fantasy to have sex with a bhabhi) can contact me.

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I will try to satisfy you for sure.

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