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Hello friends. I am die hard fan of iss. I m reading stories from 2 years. Almost each section i surf every time. In past 2 years my sex life was also very ausmm.. I dont know but my friends say to me that you have strong luck in ur sex life. This is my first posting in iss which recently happened in chandigarh. It is a true incident and u will believe after reading completely. Anyways not making u bore, i will straight away come to story. This story is about a girl taniya whose asets were 34 30 35 fair with specs. Looks hot and to be fucked like girl. Any girl , aunty , bhabhi intrested can comtact me on [email protected]

I have done mechanical engineering from uptu and just posted in Chandigarh 2 month back. Here i was only 1 single get in company. All other were experienced and older than me. So it become boring for me to have talks with them. I found an independent pg here in which there were 3 rooms. 2 rooms are in first floor and 1 room in second floor. I was given 1 bed in first floor . Along with me 5 boys were also living. 2 in each room. So from then onwards i started my job. I was getting bored day by day. So i decided to add Chandigarh girls in my fb account. I searched through Chandigarh pages and sent some requests . My personality is quite good so it was very rare case that any one would reject my request although Chandigarh girls have quite a high attitude. But 3 gals accepted my request out of 5.

I started talking with 1 of them whose name was taniya. She was final year student at cgc. She has not uploaded her profile pic so i was not sure of her looks but was taking risk. We chat for 4 days on Facebook den after she got some trust on me. She gave me her no and we chatted on msgs den on 6th day she called me fist time. She was sick and alone in hostel so was afraid and called me for help. I suggested her medicine and told her to take steam. From all this she was really impressed and from that day onwards she was quite close to me. We shared everything of our daily life.

After 8 days she asked me kiss. I was shocked from such incident from her side. I kissed her on phone and she said she want real kiss. I asked her for that u have to meet me na. She first hesitated den asked me to come mohali phase 11 to meet. First i thought she was making me fool so i asked her to send me pic before meeting, she send me 2-3 pics on mobile whats app. After seeing her photo i was desperate to meet her so asked her that i m coming at 6 pm on 10th day .

I waited near a gurudwara and she was late by 15 mins so i just for showing her attitude , drove my back around 500m away from gurudwara to see her expression. She apologized on phone and very sweetly asked me to come so i go there. So when i met her first time, it was really awkward feeling for first time meeting with her. She asked me to go to a park near by to avoid any one seeing her. So we went to silvi park nearby. As it was 6.30 pm and winter time. It was sunset early so we decided o sit at a bench at corner of park. We sat there and started talking, after some 20 minutes of regular talk she said she was feeling cold.

So i asked her should i make u warm. And she smiled and starting seeing other side. I put my arm around her and put it on her shoulders. She became very comfortable and leaned her head on my chest. I den pushed her towards me a little tightly and took her hands in my hands. She said she is feeling good now. I then planted a soft kiss on her cheeks.

She smiled and closed her eyes. I den planted kiss on her forehead. I turned her face toward me and by taking her neck in my both hands i pulled her near me and planted a soft kiss on lips. She said she is afraid if anyone will see us. I told her that we are in corner and in this dark no one can see. She become assured and then she herself kissed me on my lips. We den starting smooching. I was sucking her upper lip and she was sucking my lower lip. I then starting biting her lips and moved toward ear and started kissing her ear and den sucking ear lobe. Den i moved lower to neck and started kissing on neck. She starting moaning softly and said in lower voice that she do not want to go back hostel.

I know it was very risky to continue there so i called my room mates to make room at 2nd floor empty and no one should be there. They understood my plan and agreed. I asked here to come to my room for night stay if she do not want to go back. She said we are meeting first time and u are asking for night out. I told her not to worry if she would say i would not even touch her .

Just for dinner we could be together, after 10 mins talks she agreed but said that we will not have sex today. Only dinner and den sleep together . I said ok. I drove my bike to my pg near sector 43. On midway i packed up food for dinner and gone straight to room. There we had dinner and i opened my lappi and ask her we can watch movie. She said no and told me that she want to spend some time in silence in my arms. I den gave her my lower and i myself changed to lower and on single bed , i adjusted blanket and we were in blanket together. She took my hands and put it around her neck and leaned on my chest.

Then we had some romantic talks for 10-15 min and i hugged her in that position only. She also hugged me tightly. I then kissed her on cheeks . She closed her eyes. Den i moved towards lips. And starting playing her lips with my tongue. I the kissed her very hard on lips. And started smooching her, she also started responding and we were doing french kiss. Our saliva were getting exchanged and it was really a hot feeling . Ow my urge to fuck her was increased. I started pressing her boobs from above her top. She moaned lithely. I stooped there and den she opened her eyes with a question in her eyes. I den removed her top and lower. She was looking stunning in her black bra and panty. I then started opening her bra for which she resisted but in that mood i forcefully opened it. She covered her boobs with her hands. Then i slowly gone near her. Kissed her on neck and took her hands away from boobs.

She was looking so stunning without bra. Her water melons were bouncing like anything. I pressed them lightly and she moaned. Then i starting sucking her nipple of left boob and pressing other boob with hands. Her breath become heavy and she was moaning higher. Then i interchange the boobs and pressed and sucked really hard. I like biting there so i bite the nipples very hard , for which she was moaning very high and asking to stop but i was in no mood to stop. I continued biting. I then gone below and starting sucking her navel , she was moaning very high. I then gone below and removed her panty. She had clean shaved pussy as if she knew that i m going to fuck her tonight. I starting kissing her pussy and she pushed my face deep inside . The smell of her pre cum liquid was making my dick really hard.

I tasted the juices and they were very salty. I then removed my clothes and asked her to suck my dick, she obliged and starting sucking my dick. First the top and then complete dick . At that time i was at top of world. She was giving good blowjob. I was at peak and ask her to stop. She removed my dick from mouth and i ejected all my semen on her boobs. Then we were doing kisses and sucking for half and hour. Den my dick was again a lot hard. So i pushed her on bed and took her legs away and in air. I was in between her legs.

And then placed my dick above her pussy. First i teased her just by rubbing my dick over her pussy but after her continual pleading i inserted my dick in her pussy. She was very tight y dick upper part was also not completely inside and she shouted to remove. I knew she is having pain. I kissed her on lips and told her to be calm. I then pushed little inside and she started crying. I sucked her tears and put my lips on her lips and with lot of force inserted my complete dick inside. She shouted a lot . I just waited for 5 min in that position and didnt move. After sometime she was able to take breath so i slowly starting pumping in and out. She was having lot of pain but i was very high and didnt stopped. I increased my speed and was giving stroke in that way. In about 15 min. She has gone through 2 orgasm and i was about to come so i removed my dick and brought my dick above her boobs and ejected on boobs. She hugged me very tightly and we were in that position for 2 hours. After that we had 3 more times sex that night and in morning i drove her back to hostel.

Now we have sex once n a week. But this month her exams are going on so m missing sex. Pls leave ur comments on [email protected]

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