Falling In Love And Making Love To A Older Woman

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This is a true story about my life, in Mumbai, I was 21 years old then. Since I had just completed my graduation and was preparing for my MBA entrance exams I used to study in the morning and workout in the evenings. The first time I saw da (using initials) while I was jogging in the park. She was wearing jeans and white top brisk walking in the park, just to give you her brief… She was 33 years with the most amazing boobs and the ass to die for…. She smelt good. With every round I used to overtake her and smell her and check her ass.

This went on for a couple of days, after which once while jogging I passed across her and complimented that she smells good (asking her which perfume) & that was our first conversation.

That’s how we used to meet every evening and used to walk together for some time discussing how I maintain myself, my diet and what exercises I do…Dont remember how the conversation from exercise went to sexercising, slowly we started discussing about sex while walking in the park, since she was more experienced I used to ask her all questions about positions, craziest places she made love and how many orgasms she had. Dont know about her but I used to get an hard on and used to shag immediately as soon as I reached home.

This went on for a year, being older to me I never had the balls to approach her but we used to flirt a lot and often give each other enough hints that we are interested…Somehow we used to miss each other during the day and wait for the evenings, those were the days when whatsapp wasnt invented and she being a housewife had no cell phone so we either met at the park or we used to talk on the phone. Talking on the phone was difficult as she had to call her from her landline and invariably her kids always surrounded her.. So there was never a full length conversation.

It was during june 2005 where mumbai witnessed heavy monsoon and we were unable to meet since the park was shut because of water clogging.It was after 5 days she called me, we were just chit chatting on the phone for an hour, while chatting I just told her lets go for a drive… (she had bought a new car) to which she quickly agreed.

So it was decided we would meet a little away from our home grab a coffee and drive down for a while…. Just before we met it started raining heavily and since I was waiting for her I was half wet…. We drove for half an hour discussing everything while checking each other from top to bottom…..

On our way back we decided to stop at a local chai shop to have chai, since it was raining heavily we decided not to wait and started on our way back home since the tea was hot I had placed her tea cup in the car tray while she was driving … It so happened that we both went to grab our respective cups from the tray at the same time… Our hands touched each other and we ended up holding each others hands tight as ever……

Its a different feeling when you hold the women you love for the first time… I was shocked yet deep within I was very happy that the fire was there on both sides…..We held each others hands till we reached our destination… While leaving we kissed for the first time and I was in heaven…… Later she called me asking why did we kiss and this is all wrong and that she is married… To which I replied that I love her and I think she to loves me and our relationship has got nothing to do with you being married… One can fall in love again….There was pin drop silence for a while…. And somehow the phone got disconnected due to bad weather.

For a moment I thought its over this was the last time we ever met or spoke on the phone and that things wont be the same which were before..

After about a week she called asking how am I and requested if I could come home to help her son in maths as his exams are scheduled the day after and his tutor is ill because of the weather..To which I happily agreed. I reached at her place at 5 pm thinking I would teach her son for an hour and will then go for my jog in the park….

She opened the door with a big smile on her face, we wanted to hug each other but her kids were around so was extremely difficult… We quickly went into their study room, she was sitting on the floor teaching her daughter and I was teaching his son on his study table….

She was wearing a transparent black top and a skirt, I could easily see her black bra completely… She ensured that she is sitting right in front of me so we can keep checking each other while studying.

After sometime while both kids were engrossed in their studies she winks at me and folds her legs upwards allowing me to see her panties. I was chocked for a second, admiring her guts to do that while her kids are in the same room. I could see her pussy and some part of her ass… I got up from my chair adjusted my shorts (got an instant hard on) while acting like taking a book from one of those shelves and trying to get a closer look of her pussy. She to smartly spread her legs giving me a full view of it ….

Trying to get close to each other she asked me to come next to her and explain some part of geometry while her son completes the sum, as I went near her trying to read the para, she writes on her scribbling pad “How horny are you”? To which I scribble back “Extremely horny, can you remove your bra and panties I need to see your boobs, pussy and ass”.

She smiled, got up tore the piece of paper, said “No bra” in my ears and went to the bathroom, while I went back to my place and started tutoring her son.

She comes into the room after 5 minutes and sends her daughter down to play, leaving only 3 of us in the room.

Smartly she starts taking walks right behind her son back with a magazine in her hand so that he cant see what’s going behind. So while coming towards us she lifted her skirt showing me her pussy and while going back showing her ass. She did this twice after which she was uncomfortable and stopped walking and sat on her sofa. I was so horny all I wanted to go the other room and masturbate….. Little did I know what was in store ….

It was 630 by now and I had to leave for my workout …. I asked da since there is one more day for his exam can we come tomorrow to practice the remaining, to which all agreed ….

While her son and I were getting ready to leave, she stopped me stating since you have come for the first time let me offer you something to drink at least… So that left both of us while her son left to play …

Sitting in the hall waiting for the drink, (it was dark by now and didn’t know where the light switches were) da comes with a glass of tang. As soon as I got hold of the glass I saw that she was not wearing a bra and her boobs were visible….

The next I know is we were all over each other on the sofa with me sucking her boobs biting them and eating those melons one by one after about 15 minutes of foreplay I removed her skirt and undressed myself…. She said let me lock the doors as her husband has the house keys of both the doors…

We shifted to the bedroom where she laid herself with her legs wide waiting for my junior to enter ….. We kissed as I entered her for the first time, there was a loud moan from both of us…I started slowly, hitting all walls inside her pussy while kissing her continuously, with every thrust she was moaning, and since there was no one at home she was making loud noises.. I was surprised I never thought this woman would be so horny.

I started to ride her pussy faster…. While her pussy all wet it made those humping noises while she is moaning/ screaming fast faster fastest baby….. Ride me…. Oh yeah !!! Oh yeahh this is amazing …. In no time she came …. And gave me a hickey on my chest….While I was still hard I asked he has she tried the “Doggy” position, to which she said no, have only had sex in missionary and women on top…

I quickly turned her back and entered her pussy from behind, she was shivering by now, making noises like oh fuck this is damn good this feels like I am a virgin….I started ramming her pussy and in few mins she started to squirt.. Her pussy was so wet and I was banging her so fast that my abs started to pain, but didn’t stop….Was spanking her ass made it all red while humping her in rhythm…She said was cumming and wanted me to come with her… To which I agreed I continued with my speed and was about to cum inside her… Suddenly the bell rang.

We immediately stopped as she went to see who was outside the door while I quickly started to wear my clothes…

It was her husband outside the door…So I had to leave … She immediately wore a nighty and removed the bed sheet and told me to leave from the other door.. While wearing my pants she saw my junior was still standing so suggested I go to her building terrace and she will be there in 5 mins…. I was surprised but equally excited

I left her home straight to her building terrace while she came there in 10 minutes after changing in her walking clothes. We hugged and kissed each other passionately for few minutes as we were on the terrace it was uncomfortable for both of us so remove our clothes… But she removed my shorts and gave me the most amazing blowjob (even after 10 years that scene is still fresh)

After that day I used to be at her place every day from 11 am till 3.30 pm since she used to be alone (only her maids) while her kids used to be home from school at 4 pm….And from 7 pm till 8.30 pm while her kids used to play cricket downstairs I used to score with her…. We made love almost everywhere in her house, from each and every window, all the beds, all her bathroom, in her kitchen, laundry room and she used to ensure that I cum inside her on her bed which she would be sleeping, without having a shower…

On her birthday I bought her the kamasutra book and from there on we used to practice one position everyday

Women who are interested in chatting/talking with me can mail me on [email protected]. I am still in relationship with her, single. Will share more stories about us and how we traveled to various cities and made love.

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