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Hi, guys, this is my third story and hope you like it. This story happened when I am 18 years old. It was during my summer vacation and I went to my grandma’s house where my grandma alone lives. On that day, when I went to her home, my aunt was also there. It became afternoon since I reached there and we had dinner and we went to sleep. My granny and my aunt slept in one room and I slept in granny’s old bedroom.

That night, I was just unable to get sleep and they both slept in their room. In granny’s room, there was cupboard full of books and I wanted to read a book for timepass. I searched the whole shelf and in the corner, one book was packed in a cover. I tore the cover and found that it was an album. I opened the album and it was full of granny’s nude pics. I was shocked to see that and while turning the pages, my dick is getting harder and harder. Her boobs were white and round and a little bit saggy and her pussy is shaved. I wanted to fuck my granny after seeing those pics. But I don’t understand who took those pics and those seem to be recent ones. At the last page, a photo was inversely placed. I turned the pic and my aunt was lying nude and her boobs are bigger than granny’s and looked like juicy ones. Her pussy was looked like a hole that has to be fuck hard. I thought that maybe someone is blackmailing both with those pics and suddenly my Granny opened the door. She was shocked to see the album in my hands. She told to give me that and she will explain everything later. But I asked what happened and meanwhile, I am getting more harder after seeing her. I hugged her very tightly and she pushed me back and slapped me and told I am your grandmother and you shouldn’t do this to me.

But I am not listening to her and I put my lips on hers. I kissed very vigorously and she didn’t respond and she didn’t oppose. I thought this is the chance to fuck her and I continued to kiss her passionately and after some time, she started to respond. I am squeezing her ass with my hands while kissing. And I slowly started to insert another hand into the petticoat and started touching her pussy. Now she pushed me back and went fast to the door and closed it. Now she came back and said I will give you what you want but don’t tell anyone about the album or about ours and I said yes. I removed her saree and she started to remove my dress. Now I removed her blouse and petticoat and we both were completely naked. Now I started to squeeze her boobs and those round, big and juicy balls made me go crazy. Now I started to enter her hole with my tool.

I started very slowly and she said hit me fast. I increased the pace and she started to moan. I am fucking her at full pace and I cummed inside her. Now she started to suck my dick and I was in heaven. After 30 mins of passionate sex, I again started to suck her boobs. Those just didn’t bore me even though I squeezed those for 5 mins. Then I asked about that album and she told that the 5 friends of grandpa shot the bathing scenes of her and my aunt ( her small daughter) and enjoying them whenever they want and these pics also they took. And then I asked does mom know all this and she told I shouldn’t say this to you but she also got gangbanged just like us, it became normal to us and you sleep now. She dressed up and left the room. I was shell shocked to know that 5 old men were gangbanging my mom, granny, and my aunt.

Next morning, granny went for shopping and my aunty was busy in cooking. I was still remembering the sex that I had last night, it just remained in my mind. Now my aunty came to me and said I am going to bath and if your granny comes ask her to come and help me in cleaning my hair. I thought of fucking my aunty too and she went for bathing and I knocked the door and my aunty opened it assuming as my granny. Since she applied soap to her face, she can’t see me. She looked hornier in real than in that nude pic. She asked to apply more shampoo and I removed my dress and I hugged from the backside. She was shocked and suddenly poured water and asked me to get out and you shouldn’t do this to me.

I said I saw your naked pic too and she replied I know that and my mom even told me that you are very good at fucking. Then I said I can show that to you as well and suddenly there was a knock on the main door. I dressed up quickly and opened the door, it was granny with some 5 old men. One of them said here he is who fucked his own grandma, we saw everything from the cc camera we put in that room. They came inside and looked the door and the remaining men closed all the doors and windows. Two of them were old and the three of them are middle aged people. Now the old man said lets start the game, we will be here for 2 days and everyone will have to be naked all the time. And the granny said please don’t do this in front of him, it look embarrassed for us.

But the old man said he also will be in action and his mom will be joining us in few hours. Meanwhile, one old man came to me and asked to come with him. He took me to granny’s room and locked it and he asked do you watch gay porn and I said no. Then he replied now you are gonna accept and I refused that but he told that you people don’t have any option. Then I thought those 4 men will be enjoying my granny and my aunty and I will be serving this old man.He removed his dress and his cock is big enough and he ordered me to remove my dress too. He made me in doggy style and he started hitting my asshole very hard. I started to moan like anything but he keeps on increasing pace. And now he started to put his big tool in my mouth and he started to hit that hard. And he cummed inside my mouth. Suddenly someone knocked the door and its other old man and they both talked for a moment and he said let’s have some entertainment outside too. They tied a cloth around my eyes and he said this is a big surprise for you. And it turned out to be a real surprise.

And those two days were the days of sex, cum, and moanings and will be described in next part.

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