Fantasies Executed – Part 1

Hi guys, codey here back with another story, sorry for the long time guys.. well was kinda busy with exams and here I am, not to forget the feedbacks I received for my previous stories. Thanks a ton guys for your valuable feedbacks and those did mean a lot to me and again to those guys asking contacts of girls , I am not gonna disclose it so refrain yourselves from asking me those. Anyways let me get started with an encounter I had with a lady from ISS, we got in touch through mail and yes I would thank ISS for the platform as I could portray my skills as well as in bed *if u get it*.

It was long time, I was bored but had to go with the flow as I had exams round the corner and well being in the final year is quite hard to cope up with. If you would have read my previous stories you would have known about me , well here I would like to give in a bit of description about myself to those who haven’t read my previous stories. I am an aspiring writer, tried my hand at poetry, short stories and else on the way with my first novel and yes I too am trying a hand in this genre of writing erotic stories. I am a bilingual, currently residing in chennai. Well let me get to the story as i wouldn’t want to bore you anymore .

I was reading some blog online suddenly a mail popped up, it was from Anita (name changed) it stated “can we get in touch?” I was actually intrigued by the single line of text I received, and hell yeah I replied to ping me on hangouts. The chat normally started with a hi and went on for more than an hour, we got to know each other pretty well. then the kinky side took over and started getting horny, we talked from sexual fantasy and desires to the favorite sex position each one of us would like to give a try. Exchanged pics sooner, she looked a bomb shell in the pic, was around 30 years of age but she had maintained her figure. I was dumbstruck looking at her pic, in a red saree with a revealing low cut blouse.

Two days passed and we made a plan of meeting up, but never thought that the meet would turn into a execution of our sexual desires and fantasies, as we both were from Chennai it was quite easy to set up the place and she had her friend’s room which was vacant for the day as her friend had been out on a date. I saw her from far and the next second recognized her from her figure, she was the only one looking ravishing in a blue chudidar with fat at exact places required, I was awestruck looking at her figure. She looked lot more sexier than how she looked in the pic she had sent me.

I stood there gazing at her, she came near and shook me a bit and laughed. I was caught off guard staring at her boobs “let’s get somewhere first, then stare all you want” she said laughing at me. I scratched my head and followed her, on the way all I could see was people staring at her as if it was the first time they had seen a woman. Though being 30 she had maintained her figure, her stats were 34-26-38 .

We reached her friend’s room “Wait here for a min” she said as she went inside the room giving me a horny look. Minutes later she came out wearing just a black bra and black panties, my eyes widened and I just sat there staring at her. “would you just stare or do something” she said biting her lips, I just wanted to pounce on her at that moment, tear her bra and suck those boobs and fuck her hard like there is no tomorrow but i wanted to tease her a bit. Make her want more of it, I slowly went near her caught her face in my hand and rubbed her lips with my thumb. Our eyes were glued together, I then kissed her on her lips. It was a long kiss, we kissed for around 10 minutes without any break. Our tongues were lashing inside our mouths, I could taste her lip gloss which was strawberry flavored. Then we broke our kiss for getting air, both of us were panting for air.

I then pulled her towards the bed and pushed her down on the bed, she fell down on the bed , her boobs were jumping up and down because of the force she fell on the bed. I removed her bra and started sucking her boobs like a hungry child, she was moaning like anything. I bit her nipples and teased her, slowly moved my hand towards her panties. It was wet with her juices, she was horny. Seeing her moan made me more wilder, I bit her nipples more harder, her boobs became red near the nipples because of my biting and could see my teeth marks on her nipples. I just couldn’t stop myself I wanted more of her.

I then stood up and removed my tees threw it at her and moved a bit back and started strip teasing her removing my pants inch by inch. She was on the bed laughing and rubbing her pussy over her panties. I removed my pants and was only in my undies , she instructed me to come near her.

I went near , she rubbed my cock over my undies and pulled it out. I was damn hard seeing all those antics she was showcasing, she slowly kissed the tip of my dick and licked it. My body sent shivers down to the spine, it felt wonderfull. She then took it in her mouth and sucked it like a pro.

Well guys, lemme know you liked it or not. Depending on the feedbacks I would post the next part about what happened then and how we tried out all our fantasies.

Girls and ladies do mail me for any discrete relationship or any chats. *privacy guaranteed*

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