Feelings, Love And Emotion – Part II

Hi readers, i am back with my next part of my story, i hope u all enjoyed the first part of the story. Let me give a small description of what happen in my last story. My name is San i was doing 3rd year medical in USA, i fell in love with a guy, whom i met in a party, at that time i was a virgin, and described how i lost my virginity and became very bold.

Ok, now let me get to the story, after that hot fuck session with my boyfriend, we started fucking when ever we got a chance. After summer break i came back to school with lots of plans and dream. As usual i got a room in the hostel, the problem over there is he cant stay with me because of my room mate, we spend lots of money in motels and hotels, than my boyfriend came up with the idea why dont we get an apartment and stay together, i didnt even think about it, just said no no if my family get to know they will surly kill, he was trying to convince me by saying they want know bla bla, but i was so scared i said no and told him not to talk about it, after that incident he dint come to meet me at all, that means we dint fuck at all,

I wanted his dick really bad so i was trying my best to make him kk, but he wasnt accepting anything. Than i told him ok come lets talk about it that night he came to meet so we went to a motel close by, soon as i enter the room i couldn’t control my self i went over him, he stopped me and said first lets talk than rest, i begged him plz lets do that later he said no lets talk. I got completely naked and kissed him and rubbed his dick top his cloths, he was responding for a while than again he stopped it and said lets finish talking than we can fuck the whole night.

I went really mad and said ok than talk now, when he is about to talk i said you also get naked than we can continue, he got naked too, so he started to talk, while talking i touched his dick, we had a talk for about 5 to 10 minutes, than i said ok i will move if my family get any suspicious i will move back to hostel, he jumped from the bed and shouted yesss and hugged me,

Then i said i have two more orders, he asked what i said first you have to suck my pussy for next ten minutes without taking a break, and the other one is you have to listen what ever i say, when i order you to fuck me you have to, when ever i order you to suck my pussy you have to, he said no problem maam, and we spread my legs and started sucking my pussy for the next whole ten minutes. Than as usual we had a long fuck, with in next five days we moved in to an apartment which is close to school, omg from that day on wards we were fucking every minute we were in the apartment.

To spice up our sex life he will buy me very sexy cloths to wear, but i never wore anything out side just inside the house. I got really interested on those things, what i will do i will cook at home naked and will make him fuck while i am cooking. One day when i am about to go to school i asked him can i wear some sexy cloths outside, he just said no way you can wear these outside,

Then i told him i was having a very bad desire to wear those kinds of cloths outside plz plz plz i will do anything for you, than he said you cant wear everything we have at home, i will give you some wear only those, i said ok and i was very excited, he gave me silky frock which is right above my knees and low cut neck, when i walk my ass shape is soo visible which make any guys to grab that ass.

I went to school with that omg i could see all the guys are looking at me which made my panty wet, i went to class and i had lab that day, my lab partners are two guys, they are average looking, at the same time i was horny. I could notice they were keep on staring at my boobs and ass. We were working in a small space when bent down to take the tubes i heard one guy commenting on my ass saying i will eat this ass whole day and night, which made me go crazy.

I just told my lab partners that i will be back and went to the bathroom and took off my underwear and rub my pussy for a while thinking about there comments, than i took my bra off too and decided not to wear both and make them more crazy, so i put my panty and bra in my hand bag and went back to the lab, as per my dress if you look at me closely you will understand that i am not wearing any bra and panty, the way they were looking at me i could see they already noticed that i am not wearing any panty or bra.

One guy said to the other little louder than before that san is not wearing any bra or panty,i lust laughed a little thinking about these two poor guys. One of them came to me like asking some doubt and other one followed him.

One of them kept his hand in my ass i dint show them like i knew anything just continued explaining the other, he slowly put his hand inside and touched my pussy i just closed my eyes for second and moved his hand normally and continued explaining, i was little scared too because there were other ppl too in the room, than the other guy got the cover from behind and the guy whom i was explain grabbed my boobs with one hand and with the other he grabbed my pussy, i dint say anything i just kept quiet. And stopped them and said i am scared and went away from lab. I wanted them both really bad.

I went home with crazy sexy mood and fucked my boyfriend for hours. Next day i went to class with regular dress both my lab partners were giving so much compliments for my dress yesterday and it continued to sexual chat, i started discussing my sex life with them, like how we fuck everyday bla bla. But we never did anything and i told them that i will never cheat my boyfriend one night they called me for a party so i told my boyfriend lets go, he said he has to go and meet his friend because he is getting married tomorrow and he want be able attend the wedding because of his work, than he said you goto the party and stay there so he can stay in his friends place too, i told him that i will stay with my friend lauren.

So he left and i was getting ready, than i decided to wear one of the sexiest dress i have, i wore a mini skirt which is upto my thigh and a loose sleeveless tshirt which shows my bra, and went to the party it was in a club, i reached there and asked them where the others they laughed at me and said there is no party we just want to hang out thats why we said like that. I said to them still i want fuck you guys, both of them promised that they want force me or anything than i said k, than as usual they gave me so much complements on my dress and my sexy body, one of them asked me to dance i said ok and danced normally no sexual touching or anything

After a while he said you keep dancing and went to have a beer so i started to dance with another guy in the club, we was grinding my ass crazy i could feel his huge dick in my ass it will be at least around 8 inch, while grinding he was rubbing boobs too, after a while i came back they were complaining that i let other guys to do everything but not us, i said you guys can do the same but no fucking. With broad smile one guy got up and hugged me tight and grabbed my ass n dancing normally, than he ask how you feel, i said i could feel your dick in pussy and i like that, than the other guy came from behind and rubbed his dick in my ass, i was in seventh heaven it was feeling soo good they were rubbing my boobs and grinding my ass and pussy,

Then the club closed we came out and they said they will drop me home and took me home they parked the car front my house and we were talking, i just asked them how big is there dick, one replied his dick is 8 inch and the other dint reply, i said dont worry just tell me he put his head down and said just 4 inch, we both started laughing, than i asked them can i see they said if you show me your self naked we will, i said ok lets go inside the house, and i told them please dont go beyond that i love my boyfriend and i dont want to cheat him please they agreed and we went inside, we went to the hall and i told them in excitement to get naked, both of them got naked, then i stripped one by one and naked they were jerking off looking at me.

I was just rubbing my pussy and asked then how they like it. They asked can they touch after a little pause i said ok, both of them jumped on me and rubbing me all over the place, i was making soo much noise aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh ohhhhhhhh noooooooooooooooooooooooooo, one guy spread my legs and sucked my pussy like he never ate a pussy and so far nobody has ever sucked me soooo gud,

After about 20 minutes i told them now its my turn and sucked both there dicks crazy, they came once and all three of us went to the bed lying next to each other, one of them went down and started to suck my pussy again, i couldnt control i pushed him down, and got on top of him and set on his dick. I usually make crazy noise when i am fucking, other guy came up and gave his dick inside my mouth, then i told the guy with the small dick to come behind me and fuck my ass, i wanted to get fucked in my ass really bad i was really scared of boyfriends dick size that it will hurt me a lot, with his small dick, i wanted really bad the other guy was busy pounding my pussy,

So i bend a little to show my ass hole to him and i told him to go easy at first, he slowly slowly went in, even his small dick was hurting me like hell, after sometime omg it was the greatest feeling in the whole world to be fucked in the pussy and ass, both of them dint show any mercy they kept on fucking my both wholes and i dont want to stop after about hour fucking we stop it. After that we three fucked for the whole night around 5 times in different different position

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