Fever Time: Making With Meena

Hi, this is Anuraag from Karnataka once again with a new story. Ladies of any age can contact me through skype: manu.sharma197 . This is the story about me and women older than me.

Her name is Meena, age may be between 30-35. She lives next to my room, where she works as a cook. She is married and has a daughter studying in 10th standard. The house owner has a shop in the city so the owner and his wife are away from the house in daytime. She always wears nighty like most of the women these days. We have a compound between the houses and it has a connection in the backside of the house. My room and the kitchen of that house are almost near except both are separate buildings.

She is not a beautiful lady, but her light black skin tone and thick lips with a ring in nose always made my cock erect. Many times when she bends to work or wash dishes I have tried to look at her boobs but I haven’t seen a big balloon inside. I don’t have a well-built body. I am very thin and have hairs on my body. But I have a good size cock with me. We had casual talks much time. I have used to go to the kitchen and she used to come near my room and talks to me when she had time. But I never got a chance to talk much. She always spent her free time with her daughter.

A few weeks back I had a fever and I didn’t come out of my room whole day. I have kept the door open as the weather was hot. I haven’t worn the underwear. I was covered with my lungi over my waist and sleeping on my bed. She came inside searching me. She didn’t realize that I was sleeping naked as the lungi was covered. She called me and I woke up. I was aware of my situation. So I didn’t move much from the place. She asked me what happened why u didn’t come out today. I said I have a fever so I was taking rest. She came near to me and bent down and touched my head to check the temperature. I think she just came after finishing her works. She was sweating and I got the smell of her sweet sweat. I liked it, and it tempted me. I have looked at her face and stared at her lips. I was chewing those lips holding her face with my hands in my mind. As she was touching my forehead I felt so good. She said ok and sat near my head grabbing the stool.

As her touch made me feel good I grabbed her hand and kept it on my cheeks and I have turned to her side. I didn’t realize now she can see my tool clearly as the lungi displaced. I was closed my eyes holding her hands on my cheeks. I felt her hands rubbing my cheeks slowly. I didn’t react to it and let her do it. Slowly her thumb moved over my lips and rubbed the lower lips. She extended her another hand to play with my hairs. I totally loved this action and enjoyed whatever she is doing.

Next, I have felt the breath on my face that’s running all over my face. I have a shock when her nose touched my nose and I opened my lips. Her thumb entered into my mouth and I have seen her face near to my face. She was rubbing my nose with her nose. I opened her hair clip and her hairs fell down covering our faces from all side. Now I can see her face in the light coming inside through the gaps of her hairs. She was closed her eyes, her hands were rubbing my cheeks and hair, her nose was working over mine.

Now I took my lips towards the nose and kissed on the top of the nose. Actually, I have licked the edge of the nose. I think she felt it good. She let her hot breath free and I spread all over my face. It was salty, but I liked the taste of her sweat. She climbed over me keeping that position and she was sitting on my stomach. I kept one of my hand on her navel and another on her back. Her nighty was wet due to the sweat.

I kissed on her lips and she responded back. We started to smooch and her hairs are disturbing between lips. She was laying over me with her complete weight. Her nighty sided upside when she stretched her body down. My lungi completely moved down and my erect cock was touching her panty and bare navel. She broke the kiss and removed her nighty. Now she was in white bra and black panty. Her MangalaSutra was hanging on her neck.I took it in my mouth and smooched her lips again. I sat on my bed and she folded her legs around me. I moved my lips down licking her cheeks, neck chest and ended on her boobs over the bra. She had medium size boobs. I kept my both hand on her boobs, looked straight at her eyes and began to press it. She bent back closing her eyes and pushed her crotch towards my cock. I opened her bra and licked her dark big nipples. She was holding my hair and pushing me to do it.

I left her boobs after playing with it. She held me tight and I licked her ear lobes. She was making her grip tighter. Then she slept on the bed and I removed her panty. She had hairs on her pussy. I licked it for some time and licked her ass hole too. She held my hair and pulled to up. We kissed on lips. She took my tool and guided inside her pussy. She moved over me and she was moving her hips faster and faster. I closed my eyes feeling the pleasure. She was fucking me and at the same time, she started to kiss all over my face. I came inside her. She lay near to me.

I pulled her over me and kissed on her forehead holding her waist. We spoke for the first time. I said Thank you Meena. She smiled and kissed me on cheeks. We slept holding each other. I woke up around 7 PM she was not there. I went near to her kitchen. She smiled at me. Nowadays we speak less but work hard on bed.

Ladies of any age can contact me through skype: manu.sharma197 or mail me at [email protected]

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