Finally I Got A Chance To Fuck My Aunt

Hi, my name is Prashanth and am from Kphb ,the story am going to narrate is my real life story happened about 6 months ago

About 6 months ago I completed my 3-2 semester and my friend revered me to a BPO company in in Begumpet and the office is very near to my auntie’s house so I left to my auntie’s house. The are 7 members in my auntie’s house and my aunt is a widow any her husband died in a road accident

Coming to my aunt she is beautiful and maintained good structure 36-24-36. In the beginning she was quiet normal one day my grandfather and all other than my aunty happened to go a function as my aunts daughter had her school working

My aunt is an a angel pressing her boobs felt wild and licking her pussy is taste full and inserting my dick in her pussy is a great pleasure which I never had in my life

In general o used to my house by 9:30 pm but there came some urgent requirement and so my team leader insisted me to take few more calls for an hour and so I completed my job and went to my house as I went there were no one in the house and I rang the door bell and there came my aunt as she was asleep her eyes were closing and I went into the house

And the romance starts from here asI left my shoes my aunt came in front giving me a chance to watch her bussshh and I had my face wash by the time aunt kept my dinner ready and especially on that day I neglected to sit on dining table and I sat on the floor so that there may be a chance of seeing her boobs while serving and my plan has worked well my aunts boobs were not much big and much small they were medium size after finishing my dinner I went to the washroom we all had combined washroom it was 11:30 as I finished my dinner and my aunts daughter too feel asleep

Ideas were blushing in my mind firstly I went to the washroom and made some noise as I fell in washroom and I kept the washroom door open then suddenly my aunt came in she came in and lifted me taking this as advantage I hugged her she walked beside me as an a walking stick into the veranda and I sat in a sofa she asked me whether I was feeling well and I said am feeling pain in my knuckles and she started applying some ointment as she sat down to the sofa again giving me a chance to her boobs and my dick stood up in right angle and a tent house formed in my pant she saw it I found some sort of change in her looks and I said to apply ointment in the other side as she was applying I can’t control my hands and touched her left boob she came quiet angry and left inside and in the middle of the night I heard some noise I went near her room and saw her masturbating

And I found this as the right time I slept in sofa and called her asking to apply ointment feeling pain she came again and started applying ointment and I laughed seeing at her and she asked ” why are you laughing ” I said I had seen her masturbating and I found a smile in her face and she said ” don’t you feel shame ” I said nothing I may not get this chance again she quenched a deep smile and I felt right time to proceed and started pressing her boobs in the beginning she was restricting me later upon she too supported I removed her saree and her black bra her Boob’s were very white and started licking and pressing the other then after we both slept in the veranda and I raised her panted quenching a kiss at every square inch and then I came near to her thighs quenching kiss

she stated moaning and removed her underwear seeing her pussy I was uncontrollably licking her pussy she was moaning very wildly

I removed my pant and underwear she started licking my dick we both were in 69 position and were enjoying a lot I said her that I was about to cum she said let it and I cummed in her mouth and then she sat on the sofa I inserted my dick in her pussy slowly and she was moaning I came very wild and said her that I will cum in her pussy and fucked her very wildly and fell asleep and fucked her two more times in the middle of the night and all the night I kept on pressing, licking and fucking

Next day I kept leave to my office and had romance when she was in the kitchen i went from her ball hugged her and slowly raised her saree and kept my finger in her pussy and licked her pussy in the kitchen itself and i never left her alone i kept on pressing, licking , fucking where ever she is in the kitchen or in the washroom kept on fucking, pressing,,, licking

But after 2 She came with a coffee she bent down omg awesome cleavage. I was so hot. I drank the coffee and said its nice. I told her not to say mom about this because she was scold. She said ok son. She said she wanted to go to the market. So I went into my house. I heard her bathing sounds from her house. My house back had a bathroom which had a hole at the top. I put a chair and say her bathing it was not clear.months after she got married and left away but I keep calling her and talk very fluent English

All the thing I wanna say you is never leave a chance of fucking aunts, cousins because they give you a great experience and would feel great

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