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My name is Prasad am 30, 5.5, fair, 55K and bi-curious. I am bottom and interested in tops. During my 12th while watching porn in cyber one of my friend touched my cock above pant. However, due to fear, it lasted for a couple of minutes. After that incident, I was more interested in having sex with a guy. I have hidden my desire because I didn’t get any company who thinks like me. I wanted this to be a secret stuff. Let’s start with the sex story.

As the age passed I started to work and come across the PR site. I created my profile in there and come across various people in chat. People in those sites are more keen on pics or any experience in bed. I was not interested in those people because I had no experiences and am just looking for just softcore. In one such day, I come across a person called Girish. He is married top aged around 45 to 50. He had many gay experiences but unlike others, he has not disconnected from chat. We chat for months and he used to share many of his experiences with boys.

After many months one day, he asked for the meet for a cup of coffee. I agreed to it and we decided to meet in a restaurant. We took coffee we are just normally chatting and we planned for a movie. In theater, there are few people in our row in beginning. Girish placed his hand on my thighs and started to massage while chatting. I am not able to focus on the conversation. Girish took bold moves and placed his hands over my dick which is already hard. I got cock of 5 inches and Girish started to stroke my cock over my pant. I started to leave a small moan as mmmmaahh. I just looked around and saw everyone is started to coming inside the theater. In few mins, our row has filled with people. Girish whisper in my ear let’s get out from here and hold my hands. I just walked with him.

There was a hotel nearby restaurant. We booked a room. As soon as we entered room Girish hugged me tight and brought his mouth close to my lips. I was horny as hell and all my desires through these years are awaken. I caressed his back and looked at his face. He kissed my lips deep. I am responding to his kiss and sucked his lips. He pushed his tongue into mine and started to suck my tongue. Girish moved his hands inside my T-shirt and pinched my nipples. It gave me shiver in my body. He pushed my T above my head and threw it on the floor.

I removed the shirt buttons of Girish and placed my hands on his hairy chest. This gave encouragement to Girish and he removes his shirt. Now, Girish started to lick my neck caress my naked top. We moved to the bed and he was sleeping over me. He kissed me deeply and started sucking my nipples. I never had such experiences before and I am enjoying. Girish removed my Jeans button and moved his hand inside the jeans and touched my cock which is hard. He pushed his hand inside my underwear and started stroking it. I was moaning and shouting in pleasure.

Girish made me naked and removed his pant and underwear. I can see a 7-inch thick cock. I never saw a man completely naked. Girish has a smile on his face and he came near me and placed my hands on his cock. I touched his cock it was rock hard and hot like metal. I started to stroke his cock. I didn’t hand any experience in stroking such a big cock. Girish asked me to take it in my mouth. First I was hesitant but Girish said to kiss it first. I brought my mouth closer to the cock. Girish grabbed my head in one hand and pushed his cock into my mouth. I felt as if I am eating a hot candy. I am about to choke Girish removed his cock and pushed it again to my mouth. This time I have jus felt his taste of precum in my throat. I can feel his cock becoming bigger in my mouth. I got hold of his cock and started sucking it. Girish started moaning oh ya baby you are good.

After 5 minutes, Girish came over me and spread my legs. I got an idea what is coming next. I looked at his face and said: “Girish I don’t want you to fuck me.” He kissed my lips. I can feel his cock touching my balls. He was kissing my lips, eyes, neck, ear. I am moaning and closed my eyes. Girsh lifted my right leg and started cuddling over my body. I was feeling good. I can feel his cock rubbing my ass hole. Slowly he started to lift my other leg and placed both of my legs on his shoulders. Now, his cock tip is entered my hole. He jus pushed his body and now I can feel his cock entering my hole. I was feeling pain and moaned aaammm.

He waited for few minutes and pushed his cock deep again. This time I started to enjoy his cock in my hole and started to moan nmhhh. Girish increased his speed and started pounding my hole. I was shouting ommmahh ooo fuck me hard.oooo yesss. I can see that Girish is enjoying this and saying “you are lovely I lovve your ass” aaahhm yesss.

After around 20 minutes of fucking, he came in my hole. I can feel his thick cum coming out of my hole. He collapsed over me. I caressed his back and closed my eyes. After 30 mins, Girish woke up and kissed on my lips and moved down to my cock. He pushed his mouth on my cock and started sucking it fast. My cock was semi erect and due to Girish tongue, it’s fully erected. I’m moaning like a girl who’s pussy is getting sucked. Girish was so fast in sucking and his hands are caressing my balls. I couldn’t control it long and explode in Girish’s mouth. Girish drank my cum and smiled me and said: “you taste sweet honey”. After that, we went to take shower and in shower Girish fucked me again and came in my hole. So finally my long waited virginity has broken and I enjoyed it fully.

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