Finger fucked by the handsome doctor

In the earlier part, we saw how I got involved in group sex with the nurses and the female doctor. Then I met the handsome hunk, Dr Cyrus.


Just then, he took up a device from a piece of equipment near the examination table. That device was exactly similar to the one Priya had used to make me squirt just a while ago. Is he, too, going to insert it into my pussy? Or is he going to put that big rod into my asshole?

Is he, too, going to make me squirt again? The thoughts made me even more excited, and my pussy started to get wet again. Excitedly, I closed my eyes tightly and eagerly awaited what he would do now. Then he called the assistant doctor, “Dhanu, please give me the condom.”

My heart skipped a bit. Exactly what is he going to do now?  Is he planning to do double penetration with me, just like Priya and Manu did? If so, will he put that big rod into my asshole? Omg! I can’t take that into my asshole. I was just deflowered anally a while back by Manu, but with a much smaller tool.

All those thoughts were making my pussy dripping wet. My eyes were still tightly closed. Just then, I felt something cold in my stomach. I got back to my senses and opened my eyes. Cyrus had poured some gel on my lower abdomen. He was spreading it between my navel and pussy.

The rod he had earlier in his hand was not seen. Then he had regular sonography over my lower abdomen. He was dictating something in purely medical terms to Dhanu, who was typing it on a laptop. I was disappointed not to have that rod in my pussy again.

But what about the transvaginal thing he said just back? Just then, he was done with my abdominal sonography. Rani returned with a napkin, carefully wiping all the gel off my tummy. Then she asked, “Ma’am, please go and pass the urine.” She pointed to a door in the corner of the room.

There was a small washroom. I peed and came back. This time there was a stool to climb on the table. I climbed and lay down. Once again, Rani lifted my gown above my navel and asked me to spread my legs. With a strong feeling of having that rod into my pussy.

I shamelessly show off my cleanness. I shaved pussy to two ladies and a handsome dude. I felt like a whore desperately waiting for someone to come and fuck me. When I looked around, Cyrus had that rod in his hand again. This time it was covered with a condom, and he applied some gel.

My eyes lit up on seeing that.  My heart started to pump faster, and my pussy was getting wet.

Cyrus: We will have TVS now. It may hurt a little. But please bear with it.

I closed my eyes tightly. Now I was feeling the tip of that rod near the opening of my pussy. My heart was beating so fast that I thought someone must hear it. And then he inserted it into my pussy. Deep. Very deep.

That entire rod had disappeared into my pussy. I was in heaven for the second time in barely one hour. And I moaned loudly. Cyrus immediately stopped and took it out. And took a look at it.

Cyrus: Did it hurt too much?

Before I could say anything, he put it aside and directly inserted his ring finger and middle finger into my pussy. I was super excited now. All I was expecting from him was to insert that rod into my pussy. But he had inserted his bare fingers into my pussy and moved them around the side walls inside the pussy.

I almost screamed. Unfortunately, this finger fucking didn’t last for too long. He took out his fingers and took a look at it. They were wet and sticky. Rani offered a napkin to him. But he first smelled his fingers and smiled naughtily, looking at me.

He learned that the sticky substance wasn’t the gel but my cum. The moans were not out of pain and out of excitement. He again inserted his fingers. I was excited beyond my control now. I was moaning loudly. After 3-4 times of finger fucking, he inserted the rod directly.

Once again, I was moaning and screaming. But this time, he didn’t care much about that. He kept moving it inside, closely watching the pictures which appeared on the sonography machine and dictated something to Dhanu. When I was moving towards the climax, he took it out.

And once again, Cyrus inserted the rod again deep into my pussy. He was moving it inside my pussy and doing some in-and-out action. But this time, he was not looking at the screen nor dictating anything to Dhanu. I was moaning and screaming.

Dhanu stood near my head beside the table. She inserted both her hands into my gown and held my boobs tightly. While squeezing my boobs inside the gown, she said, “Cool down, ma’am. Just a few minutes more.” She was squeezing, occasionally pinching my nipples.

Then I reached a climax. I had one final scream, “Fuck you,” and cum. I didn’t squirt as much as I did earlier on Priya. But I squirted a few drops on the table. Cyrus put the rod aside and returned to his chair, and Dhanu returned to her laptop.

I was panting and gasping for fresh air. Rani came forward and helped me to get up. Now I was sitting on the examination table, still, butt naked. Rani offered me water. I drank it. I had an inexplicable feeling. In barely 1 hour, I had cum twice.

I don’t remember a single instance when I had sex with my husband in such a short interval. Whenever we have many times, he cums well before I reach the climax. I was feeling great.

Just then, Cyrus did something that I didn’t expect. Cyrus stood beside me and untied the knot of the gown. So after untying the knot, the two sides fell apart instantly. Now I was stark naked in front of this guy. He stared at my naked body from top to bottom.

First, he lifted my legs and spread them apart. Then he inserted his fingers into my pussy. I had two orgasms in one hour and couldn’t bear it. I just screamed, “FUCK!” I closed my legs tightly with his two fingers still in my pussy. So I loosened my legs. And he took out his fingers.

The whole sequence of inserting fingers, screaming, tightening of legs and then loosening is repeated 3-4 times. He then moved to my boobs and slowly caressed one boob. Had he caressed my boobs instead of Dhanu just a while earlier, I would have loved that. But somehow I didn’t like it this time.

Still, he caressed it. He first gently squeezed it and then squeezed it harder. I moaned. Then with the second boob. Caressing and then squeezing. He pressed my nipples and areola. Somehow I didn’t feel it to be medically essential. But rather something creepy and perverted.

Still, somehow, I wasn’t feeling angry or like resisting him. I just let him do whatever he wanted to do.  I agree I had behaved like a slut and had two orgasms in the doctor’s clinic. But does that mean he thinks of me as a slut and plays with my body, inserts fingers and squeezes my boobs?

If he had nothing to do with my upper body, why the fuck he opens up my gown completely? Just to see my boobs and squeeze them or feel them? I started liking that guy and was enjoying what he was doing.

But somehow, I felt this action was creepy or like a pervert. Definitely not professional. But now, he had increased his fingering speed. He had inserted his fingers so that his palm rubbed my clit vigorously. It was uncontrollable for me. I held his dick over his pants. I could feel his dick was stiff and pretty big.

I was moaning loudly. “Aaaahh. Fuck me. Just destroy this pussy. Screw me harder.” I tried to unzip his pants. But I was so ecstatic that I couldn’t do it. He was fingering my pussy hard now. My pussy was so wet now that the sound of the liquids was audible when he was fingering my pussy.

I was done with this fingering, and I wanted a real cock.

Me (almost screaming): Please stop that and fuck me hard, you bastard. Ungli se kaam nahi hone wala. Mujhe ab bas ek lauda chahiye (Finger fucking is not good enough anymore, I want a real dick.)

I guess I was making too much noise. Perhaps that’s why he bent forward and closed my mouth with his lips. I started to smooch him hard. He continued to torment my pussy with his fingers. Finally, I reached my climax and cum on his examination table again.

I was out of air. Gasping and panting one more time. My hands, legs, and whole body were shaking and trembling this time. I had seen porn models so shaking after reaching orgasm, but I had never experienced the same before. Rani came forward with a wet napkin and came forward to clear the mess.

Somehow she couldn’t resist the temptation of touching my pussy with her bare hand, and she touched my pussy. My pussy has never been so tormented in my entire life as it was in the last couple of hours. As she touched my pussy, a big spring of squirt arose from it and making her dress wet.

Despite getting wet, she continued to touch my clit, and I had 2-3 more showers. Finally, it was over. She wiped my pussy and thighs and took off the gown completely as it was dripping wet.

Cyrus asked me to sit in the chair. I sat in front of him stark naked this time. I was amazed at how shameless I had become. I had no qualms about sitting completely naked in a doctor’s clinic. Cyrus broke my thoughts.

Cyrus: Well, Harsha, there’s no serious problem as such. I will prescribe some medicines for 10 days. If your periods start in between, stop the medicines and see me on the fifth day after your periods. Else, come back after 10 days.

Me: Okay, sir. And what about the fees?

Cyrus: Priya will take care of that.

Dhanu had filed the sonography prints and prescription paper in a file. She handed over the file to me, and I got up from the chair to leave. Cyrus, too, got up from his chair and came forward just as he had come to greet me when I went to his cabin.

He was about to give a cheek-to-cheek goodbye. I planted a small kiss on his lips and said, “This time, it is deliberate and not accidental.” He smiled and kissed me on my lips.  As I opened the door and entered the changing room, there was one woman in her 40s. Wearing a gown.

She looked shocked to see me naked. I wasn’t perturbed by one more person seeing me completely naked. But the one she wore didn’t have any opening on the front. It was much longer, almost up to her calves. Further, her bra and panty outline was visible in that gown.

I realized that making patients naked and wearing a loose gown was not routine practice. I was furious now. I was deliberately given a gown that would expose my assets. Looked at Priya. She was back in her shirt, and guilt showed on her face.

Manu gave me my clothes back. I hurriedly wore the clothes. Paid the fees to Priya and left the clinic. While I was outside the clinic looking for a cab, my cell phone rang. It was a call from Cyrus’s clinic. I received the call.

Caller: Hello, Harsha. Cyrus here.

Somehow he didn’t sound cool and confident the way he was earlier in the clinic.

Me: yes, Dr Cyrus.

Cyrus: you left very hurriedly. So we forgot to give you.

I broke his sentence in between and said very angrily

Me: More humiliation? Is there anything remaining? Now what?

Cyrus: Please, Harsha. I can understand your anger. But please just come to the clinic right now. I know you won’t have gone far too long. Please. I am begging you.

He was pleading very pitifully.

Me: That’s okay. No need to beg. I’ll be there in a couple of minutes.

Cyrus: Great! Then come directly to the changing room.

While I was going upstairs, I saw the 40s lady walking down. I entered the clinic. There was no one in the waiting area. Not even the receptionist.

So as told by Cyrus, I entered the changing room directly. I couldn’t believe what I saw there. All the staff, i.e., Priya, Manu, Rani, Dhanu, the receptionist, and Cyrus, stood in line. And all of them were stark naked. I had seen Priya and Manu naked before. So I wasn’t too keen to see them again.

I carefully saw Rani, Dhanu and the receptionist from top to bottom. All those ladies were gorgeous. Nice boobs, a sexy figure and a perfectly clean-shaven. Cyrus was much hotter than I thought. He had a well-toned body, just like a bodybuilder. His body was cleanly shaved.

His tool was quite big. Even though it wasn’t erect, it still seemed bigger than my husband’s.

Cyrus: I just learned what happened earlier when I was late. We have done something wrong with you today, including myself. I am very ashamed of that. Saying sorry wouldn’t be enough. So here I am, tendering our heartfelt apologies to you from all of us.

Cyrus: As an apology, I offer you to do whatever you want with any of us to vent your anger against us. You have been the most beautiful patient I have ever seen. After seeing your deep cleavage for quite some time, I couldn’t control myself and ended up untying your gown and fondling your boobs. It’s unprofessional and utterly outrageous for a nice and friendly person like you.

There was a pin-drop silence in the room for some time. I wanted to spank each of them hard. Then destroy Priya and Manu’s asshole with that rod and get my pussy rammed by the huge tool of Cyrus. But then it would have ended up there.

What if they all become extremely professional with me next time? Perhaps after today, I may never have the girls or Cyrus again. No. No. This shouldn’t end up like this. Then an idea struck my mind. I closed my eyes for a few seconds. Took a deep breath and started talking.

Me: when I left the clinic a while ago, yes, definitely, I was furious. But I was not furious at what was done to me. I must admit that I enjoyed every second of it. But I was annoyed after realizing I was fooled and tricked into it. So basically, I was furious with myself more.

Me: So I certainly don’t intend to punish any one of you as such now. But instead of one-time punishment, I want a promise from each one of you that you will be ‘available’ for me whenever I want.

Cyrus: I am ready. I promise. I will be available for your service except when attending to any emergency.

Priya ran to me and almost screamed. “Yes. I, too, promise,” She hugged me tightly and started kissing me. Manu came close to me and said, “Me too.” She hugged me from behind. I didn’t want to do anything before Cyrus, making him believe I was a lesbian.

But somehow, I got carried with two lovely naked ladies hugging me. I kissed Priya back. Manu had taken off my skirt. When I broke the hug and kiss with Priya, she pulled up my top. In a reflex action, I raised my hands in the air allowing her to take off my top too.

Now I was also stark naked in the room. One by one, I hugged and kissed all the ladies. Priya kept kissing me on my back, neck, my butt, my legs. The girls pinned me to the floor and were all over me again. Rani started kissing me. Dhanu and Manu were sucking my boobs.

Priya spread my legs and started to lick my pussy. The girls made me cum one more time. With a dripping pussy, I pushed all of them aside. Cyrus was standing in a corner and watching all this silently. I went near him and hugged him tightly.

My boobs were crushing against his manly chest. The touch of my boobs stiffened his tool. But he broke the hug and gave me a gentle kiss.

Cyrus: I am glad you have forgiven all of us. Now it’s time for us to get back to work. Just call me whenever you want me.

He wrote a number on paper and gave it to me. I desperately wanted his dick in my pussy. But at the same time, I wanted that moment to be very special and not in such a way in front of so many girls. So I wore my clothes back. Gave a goodbye kiss to him and left.

I took a cab. I was thinking about all that had happened in the last 2 hours. The most unexpected and yet most memorable two hours of my life. Just then, my phone beeped. It was a WhatsApp message from an unknown number. I opened it.

“Hi! Cyrus here.” the message read. And that followed 2 pics of Cyrus. Still full nude. Now his dick was hard. It was huge. Similar to that of a black stud as shown in porn movies. Almost 12 inches long and 2 inches in diameter. And pussy was drenching again.

I wanted to cab driver to take a u-turn and take me back to the clinic. But then my phone beeped again. Again it was Cyrus. The message was, “See you tomorrow at 8 pm in my hospital.” That followed an address of Bombaywalla hospital.

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