First Class Train Journey – Part 1

Hi All,

A bit about myself, i am a bisexual male living in north india and i like to crossdress when am alone or traveling alone. I have to travel a lot for work to various places all over the country and i CD whenever i travel alone and have had a lot of fun with guys and girls.

Well as it happens i had to go for some work for a few days in orissa and my office booked me on the rajdhani 1st class. The train was at around 4 30pm. As i always do on long work trips before going to the train station i went to my regular lingerie shop( the owner knows am a CD, buts another story) and bought a nice white D cup bra with a nice lace panty, a nice lace baby doll nighty set. The shop owner recommended a new thong which had a big flower in the front and just a string all around. I paid him after deducting my usual discount. I went and bought a bottle of whiskey, condoms and cigarettes and reached the station at 320pm.

I reached the platform and check the list of passengers in my coach and I found that I am alone in the whole coach. I met the attendant (Kamlesh) in the door way and he kept my luggage in the cabin( it was the centre cabin in the coach with only 2 berths and a full size mirror on the wall facing the berths) and asked if wanted any tea or coffee. I said NO and asked him to keep a cpl of bottles of water in the fridge to make them cold as I would need them in the evening. He understood and said OK.

I went to my cabin and since I was sweating in the hot weather I decided to change into shorts and a fresh t shirt. Since I was alone in the whole coach and I had a new bra the gurl in me decided to wear the bra under the white t shirt, which I did and while I was hooking my bra from the back the TT opened the slide door and walked in ( they always gift a rose and some chocolates to first class passengers ) Since he saw me form back he said ”Sorry madam” and went out. I was so nervous I quickly hooked the bra and wore my t shirt and sat there quietly.

He came again after 10 mins along with Kamlesh and saw me sitting there. He gave the rose and chocolates and apologized saying “ I hope madam didn’t mind , I am so sorry”. But he had a smile on his face, I guess he later realized I am the only passenger in the coach. The train was moving and he went away and I went out to the doorway to have a smoke. I saw Kamlesh there and asked if he will also smoke but he said he will but later. I finished and came back to cabin. I lay down and dozed off. I woke around 640pm and went to take a leak in the toilet. There I realized that my white bra was fully visible under my white t shirt. That made me a bit horny. I came out and Kamlesh was sleeping I went back to my cabin and checked time, almost 7 pm.

I got out my bottle of whiskey and bag of peanuts. I waited till seven and rand the bell for attendant and in came a drowsy Kamlesh. I asked him for a fresh glass and the cold water bottle. He went to get it and was back in a few mins. I poured a double and the AC was quite chilly so I gulped it fast. I put on some porn on the laptop and was watching it.

I finished my first drink and went out for a smoke. Kamlesh was there texting or watching something on hos mobile. I opened the door and lit a smoke I gestured and asked if he wanted one. HE took one and lit up. No one spoke anything, halfway through my smoke I noticed he is looking at my shirt, and I realosed he is saw my bra under that. I thought lets try our luck. “What you looking at ?” I asked. “nothing nothing!!!!” he got startled and looked away.

Then I purposely turned away and opened some hot pics on mobile which included my pics in crossdress. I turned and again caught him staring at my bra and he again got startled. “want to see some hot pics?” I asked. He nodded. I showed him and told him to flip through the pics. I finished my smoke and went back to cabin. He came a cpl of mins later and returned my phone. “Did you like the pics” I asked. “Very hot girls and…….” .. “And what “ I asked. He said “ some diff type of girls there “ he said.

I poured my second peg and asked if he wanted one and he said later. I asked him what time food will be served and he said around 900 to 9 30pm, it was 7 30 now. “ you want watch a movie of the diff type of girls?” he said SURE. I showed him a small shemale video. He asked ‘you have more ?’. I put on a folder with my CD pics and a video clip of me in CD doing a little dance. He was watching pics and looking up occasionally and taking his time to scroll through. I could see a bulge forming in his pants. I asked him again if he wanted a drink. He took a plastic water cup and had a small drink. Finished watching the pics and video and left.

I finished my second drink and went out for another smoke( I smoke a lot when I am horny). He was there talking to someone. I lit up and he just finished his call and stood there. I could see him staring at me and he did have a hard on. “Did you like the pics?” I asked. HE nodded. “Want to see me dressed like that ?” he said OK . I guess he was confused whether to say yes or no.

I went to cabin and got out my thong, stocking and lace nighty set. I padded the bra with some spare cloth ( and believe me, D cup doess make me look hotttt). SO there I was in my padded bra with a nice thong showing just a flower where I had tucked in my dick between my thighs and wearing a fluffy lace nighty set over it. I saw my self in the mirror and blew a flying kiss to my self. I rang the call bell. I poured another drink and was getting too horny so decided to slowdown on the drinks. I heard a know on the door and I peeped through the curtain and checked it was Kamlesh. I let him in. he saw and didn’t speak anything at all. “how do I look?” “Mast” he said. “Want something ?” I asked. He just stood there admiring me and then asked for a cigarette and left.

He came back after 10 mins and I asked what you want. HE didn’t say anything for a min but then he said “ My friend wants a drink” I said Ok get a glass and take. He said he is here only and since he is from 3rd AC coach he cant take it back. “He will sit here only( motioning to my cabin ) and drink. “ I got a bit nervous as this guy must have told his friend and someone else also. “ Aur kisko bataya hai. Tum jao” I said. “ kisi aur ko nahi bola. Mera best friend hai ye. “ i realized he must have told him and they had planned it. I was also getting quite horny.I nodded for him to come in but I wanted another smoke. “pehle cigarette pee ke aata hun” I said. “ koi aur toh nahin hai bahar?”I asked. “ No only me and Raj Kumar” he said. I stepped out and saw Raj Kr he was a guy in late 20s about 5ft9” and average built, but clean and fair. I was in my nighty and went to the doorway and lit a smoke.

I finished my smoke and went back to my cabin. Raj followed me in and came and sat next to me. I could see his hard on. “ Glass hai?” I asked. He went out, got a glass and came back. I poured him a peg and he added some water and gulped it down. “aur chahiye?” he just took the bottle and poured another one. We made small talk for5 mins and he told he was from patna in Bihar. Then I couldn’t hold back any longer and asked “ Aur kya karna hai?” he just replied by feeling my thighs. I signaled him to lock door which he did and suddenly the alarm on my mobile went off. Which I had set for 8 30pm in case I dozed off too long and missed my food. I turned it off and said “ Abhu khana aa jayega, baad mein aana.” He got up and rand the attendant bell twice and came back to me. “ Koi nahi aayega” he said. I realized that these had planned everything. Well I wasn’t going to complain.

I asked him to strip. He checked the curtains and lock and then he stripped. He was a bit chubby on the belly but he had a nice shaved 6” tool. ( just what I like, Not too small and not too big)and he was rock hard. I made him sit I stood in front of him and seductivlely reoved the nighty top. Did a bit of a dance and turned around to open the inner of the nighty when he got and held me from behind and was squeezing my boobs. Left hand on my boobs and right on my bums. OHHH he squeezed my bums and rubbed his finger over my hole. I turned around and rubbed his dick. He was dripping pre cum. He was trying to finger my ass. I was also hard by now.

He ignored my hard on and bent me over on the berth. He positioned his dick between my ass cheeks and was trying to insert but he was too excited to position it correctly. I took a condom from my bag and rolled it over his dick. Then I gave him some lube and he rubbed on my hole. He pushed in one finger and I let out a moan. He finger fucked me for a min.

“  don’t like rough sex” I said. He nodded. Then he positioned his dick on my hole and pushed. He entered half in the first stroke. I signaled him to hold on and he was great guy, he stopped and massaged my bums a bit. After a min he pushed more and gut the full dick in me. Then he was pumping me with the train moving and him pumping i was getting unbalanced. So I asked him to lie on the berth and I got on top and sat on his dick which went in easily and deep. I was bouncing on his dick and he held my boobs and was squeezing them. After a while I got tired and he lay me down on berth and put my ankles on his shoulder.

He entered in one stroke and was pumping with his eyes closed . My padded boobs were bouncing with his strokes. i turned towards the side and saw in the mirror on the wall his dick going in and out. I was also sooo hard I was dripping pre cum. I started stroking my dick. “ Mirror mein dekh , lund andar bahar hota kitna sexy lag raha hai” I said. He looked at the mirror and then he pulled out almost fully and then fully in, in slow strokes. I held my dick and started stroking. Then his strokes became faster and he was moaning and so was i. Both knew there is no one else so we were moaning.

He gave a few hard deep thrusts, his body became stiff and then I felt the condon filling with his hot love juice. HE came and came. I also came on my belly. He collapsed on me and removed his dick from my hole. I was exhausted and so was he. We lay like that for a cpl of mins then, we got up. He wore his clothes and I adjusted mine. I re adjusted my bra pads which had taked a lot of shaking. Wore my thong and tucked in my dick and wore my nighty top.

We sat there and finished our leftover drinks and I motioned for a smoke. He got up opened the door and went out. Came back in a min and said” check kar raha tha koi aaya to nahi”. We both wwent out and we saw Kamlesh sitting on his seat in the linen room by the coach door. He just smiled at me and I winked at him and lit up a smoke. Raj did not smoke but he stood in the door way with me. The nighty was flowing with the wind in the door way and the smoke helped relax me after the hot session. I finished my smoke and thanked Raj. He went away to his 3rd AC coach and Kamlesh asked me if he could get the food now. I nodded.

I went back to cabin and saw it was 930pm. We had been doing sex for at least a half hour. I was still so horny. He came with the food in 10 mins. He kept the trays and I had my food and pressed the bell for him to come and clear the trays. He came and cleared the trays. I was still quite horny and I usually smoke after food so I went out for another one right behind him. He noticed me asked “ Where you going now?” “ for a smoke I said “.

“Can I come in for a drink after you smoke ?” he asked nervously ….

Well that’s for PART II folks …….

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