First Encounter To The Best Part Of Life

Hi all readers and writers here, I’m Samarth new here but already a fan of the site and writers..(this is my first story, Its bit lengthy and minimal mistakes so please don mind and I was 18 when this happened)

I’m here to share my experiences that happened to in years now.. As a normal kid at school we had a gang of friends( I was not keen on making girl friends then : don know why) my friends used to talk about the girls from our class and other school, and I was least interested..

But I used to watch blue films with cousin, And that curious built up with my age and when we entered college, There were girls in my college ‘gang’ but I never used to talk to them as I was a fat, ugly boy and had superb no-confidence in me,

After a while friends used to talk that they had sex with his girl friend, or an aunty in this apparent. And another one speaking about his experience with his own aunty and his cousin, And friends used to tease few of us who had no stories (lighter ways)

Then even I wanted to see what and how will be the experience of having sex will be, and started looking the opportunities as I mentioned before as I was not good looking nor a luxury car I didn’t find any thing

In the meanwhile my friend told me that his girl friend went back to her home town so he is calling a CALL girl that night, so I cancelled the plan of partying there and came back home.. and was thinking that that is the only way out for me to experience sex, so next day called him and asked him about last night’s fun.. he was damn happy, And I asked him the number and he was confused and gave me the number.

And I called them up and asked how does it work, The manger there explained me all the things and at the end it came to main part ‘MONEY’ I asked him how much would he charge he said “Normally I Charge 5k for others but he can give a discount of 1.5k for you ” I was wondering why would he give me a discount and told him will call him back soon and hung up.

After that call the same weekend there was nobody at my home so made up my mind this is perfect day, but also thinking about the money, spending my hard eared money from 10th std was also a point. And finally made up my mind now or never, called him at 10 in the morningHe didn’t say any i.e hello, hi straight to the point ” I knew will call me soon, tell me where should I get girls”

I said but I need only one’ and he said I can chose any one from there.. I said ok. Within an hour he was here with 4 girls and meet him and gave him the cash and told him to send any one that doesn’t matter,

An average looking girl came out of the car and he left I brought her to my home.. and I was damn nervous..Made her to sit and asked water or cool drink I gave both, while having cool drink she came and sat next me and started talking to me and she asked is this your first time.. I said yes and asked her how would she came to know, she said by looking at me she came to know… and told me remove her clothes,

That I was the first time I saw her face, She was not less than any ramp model nor a actress.. I was still thinking what to do.. She look my hand on her shoulder and that I grained some courage and removed all the clothes she wore on top in one short. And kissed her china and cheeks, hugged her tight and removed her bottom clothes, And That was the first I saw a girl naked and she was beautiful.

I started biting her boobs and next thing I did was tool my tool and trying to enter her and she pushed me and asked me wear a condom.. Then I realised I did not had a condom, I told her she said she has a pack and we can use it .. I wore it and inserted and started pushing.. and hold her hips and started pumping her fast after some 4 to 5 mins I took a break she asked me ” do you smoke or drink” and I replied “both, in fact I leave on beer” she smiled and I started pumping again after some time I was about leak took and she removed the condom and started shagging me big time.. I came on her face and boobs.. I was tired and slept next to her..

She slept on my hands asked me how was my 1st experience.. I told her Its just 1st half,

After some time playing with body (she didn’t let me kiss her lips though) I inserted in doggie style and started pumping her with legs open wide boobs in my hand biting her shoulders,, She started moaning loudly at that point of time I came to even she has started enjoying we had a quite good session, she clean me and I was lying, she said she will have to leave as that was on a weekend.

I said ok and thank her, She said ” You don have to thank me thats my job, in fact I should thank you because I started this from 6 months and nobody had treated me this good, people start in car and leave me in the middle of night in nowhere” I had nothing to say. I wore my clothes and told her I can drop her to nearest auto stand.

While leaving home she told me ” you are a good boy and don waste your time and money” ” And also control on your cigarettes ” gave me a tight hug and I left her to the auto stand.

After that the next thing which was running on my mind was the SEX Decease, so got a blood check done and there was nothing wrong.. and after 6 month she had called middle of night to tell me that she will be working in Dubai , I wished her all the luck and hung up…

I know this was a really long story.. Thank you for your time and patience.I would like get some feedback on this.. SO That I could write more experience of mine and friends here.Email- [email protected]

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