First Experience Is The Best Experience

Hi, I am Sharath from heritage city mysuru, karnataka..This is little bit long story sorry for that.. Friends my name is sharath 26 yrs old.. I think there is no need about my body details since none of you guys are interested. The heroin of this story is my girlfriend sandya..

Friends when I was doing my final year engineering I felt very lonely since my most of friends are engaged and they were are all busy with them. So I thought to find the gf for me.. I opened the nimbuzz account in that I joined mysore friends group.

In that group I found sandya and her friend request and she accept it immediately. We started to chat normally introduced our self only this much happened till one weak.. After that we both exchanged our pictures and sent fb request from our original account.. Then we both got confirmation that we are original( because now a days fake peoples are more ), and shared our personal contact number..One fine day we decided to meet at dolphin( ice cream palour).

I went there on time but she was late because she couldn’t get bus on time.. Friends I was surprised when I saw her because she was more beautiful then the photo..Around 5.5 inch height lean body without any extra flesh..But boobs are very small.. We talked for some time and decided just to do dating without any commitments and physical relationship. After that we went to drc for tamil movie ,then have some snacks n went home back.

This was continued for 7 months,but during that time we both became very close such that we shared everything between us..She used tell me what happen from morning till night n vise versa ..But we never talked about sex nor love, we became close friends.

She was coorgie, so during dasara festival she told me she want to go coorg and will back within 4 four days..First day was normal dint feel much I hang out with my friends.

But from third day I started missing her and tried to called her ,since she was busy with friends and family so couldn’t talk with me properly.. Then I was so depressed and started feeling so much.

She came back after one weak and met me after next day.

When she back she tried to convince me for delay and kept on telling the reasons but I was not satisfied at last she asked what she do to calm down, I don’t know what happen to me I asked her for a kiss and silently turn front side . She thought for some time and gave a small kiss on my cheek.. I got both shocked and thrilled at the same time , it was the first kiss for me and for her also I asked her for another kiss but she opposed to give, but finally I was succeeded for another kiss , only this much on that day .

On that night while chatting for the first time our chat turned into sex chat. On the next day when we meet I again asked her for kiss but she refused slightly but in her mind she needed, so after some request she accepted but this time instead of giving to cheeks I directly gave to her lips, she got shocked and started to beat me for some time, when she stop beating me I again gave her to lips , this turn to french kiss and went to about 15 min, after we both took a long breath and again our lips got locked , first I stared to chew her lower lips and upper lips alternatively, after some she also started to chew my lips and we started to fight with our tongue, while doing this slowly I bent the car seat completely down and started to press her boobs and her vagina over the cloth, then I tried to insert my hand inside her cloth but she dint allow ..

After that we didn’t talk due to shyness but we both kept on laughing and I dropped her to her home. This continue for some days and one fine day we both decided that since we both are not true lovers we should not do direct sex and loose our virginity to our real partners but we will only do oral sex and I took her to my home since no one will be there (my parents both work and reach home after 6 pm).. First I gave her some cool drink and some snacks to eat, we both got relaxed and started to talk so nonsense

After a while I asked her shall we start, she bend her head down and said I am waiting for that only. Then I lifted her in my arms and took her to my bedroom and laid her on my bed and both started to roll on the bed.

After sometime I made her sit on my lap n start kissing again and slowly start putting my hand inside her top from back of her and I reached to her bra hook. I unhooked it she and I slowly removed her top and bra also. Guys I was amazed while seeing her completely nude ,she had 32 size milky boobs, wow what a boobs she had, and started kissing the right boob and started sucking the nipples 1 by 1 to each boobs nipples at that time she removed my t-shirt also and I laid on bed again and unbutton her jeans and tried to remove it but it was very fit to her and she stand and removed and laid again she was in only in her black panty lying in front of me I jumped over her and started kissing again and rubbing her pussy over her panty which was totally wet and suddenly I put my hand in her panty and started finger fucking to her, she was moaning with pleasure aahhh yessss. She sat and started pulled out my shorts and removed my innerwear and took my semi erected penis.

Then we both went to bath and cleaned ourself and she took my penis in her hand and started rubbing it and then with tongue tip she licked the pre sperm from my penis tip and then took the whole in her mouth I was amazed when she took the 7’ totally in her mouth and started licking it for about 15 min and then I cum in her mouth n she swallowed some.

Then I carried her to bed, then I started to kiss her from toe to head and I can’t stop myself licking her pussy it so I just put my mouth to the virgin pussy and licked for 15 min and started putting my tongue in out in out in out she was moaning aaahh more yes till 30 min and in between she cum 2 times. I started to bite neck, friends it is the best place for girl together to mood. Then we laid in 69 position and started licking each other sometime. After that we slept for some time and went outside and had food, then I dropped her.

This continued for two months, 1 fine day, we both went to medikere trip, while coming back to mysore it started to rain heavily, so I parked my car at road side.. The temperature was so romantic and cold. I started to smooch her, then we both went to back seat and stated to doing sex, but I couldn’t control my desire , I told her that dear I can’t control , she said dear even I am not getting please fuck I want lose my virginity to you.

We done this for 10 mins and she said now please fuck me please so I had laid her and she directed my penis over her cunt she was so hot na what can I say she then said please don’t do this now fuck me please I agreed and started putting in but it was so tight and slippery , wet sexy na I can’t put it in easily and she was screaming so and I slowly pushing it in and put my lips over her

After 2 min I was totally inside her and now started fucking her and she was crying in pain and blood started coming out from her pussy and again I inserted inside her pussy now this time it was little easy to insert but after 5 min she started crying but now in pleasure she was saying fuck me hard please do it faster and faster fuck me I ’m all yours do it hard yeesss after some time I cum and she also cum.

Now we laid one above other and started kissing and guys my penis stated to pain since her vagina was too tight and also she was bearing pain. The rain stopped , then I stared car n went to medical store and took pain killer and gave it her , I also took one ..So guys did you like my real experience you can send me feedback [email protected]

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